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   URI   Architecture in Music: looking inside musical instruments
        MrsPeaches wrote 2 days ago:
        > This is part of a series I'm undertaking on the internals of fine
        instruments. I use a special technique called focus stacking which has
        the effect of making these small spaces seem vast. This is a simple
        optical illusion. Our brains are wired to expect close up macro shots
        to have a shallow depth of field. By combining dozens, sometimes
        hundreds, of shots I ensure that the photo is sharp from front to back.
        This tricks the mind into believing that the image is of something much
        larger than reality.
        ansgri wrote 2 days ago:
        I’m pretty sure these photos were enabled by the Laowa Macro Probe
        lens ( [1] ) — one could construct something exotic before for this,
        but this lens is what made this kind of photography accessible.
   URI  [1]: https://www.venuslens.net/product/laowa-24mm-f-14-2x-macro-pro...
          srg0 wrote 2 days ago:
          Yes, indeed, if you click any photo, there is a description which
          mentions the lens.
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