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   URI   Landlords are less likely to reply to applicants with Black and Latino names
        stormdennis wrote 7 min ago:
        Similar trends exist in the buyer’s market. Research has found that
        homes in Black and Latino neighborhoods are persistently undervalued by
        appraisers, further widening the racial wealth gap.
        That sounds nonsensical to me.
        Isn't something only worth what people are prepared to pay for it.
        Appraisers take local past sale prices into account when calculating a
        If properties are undervalued by appraisers then they will attract more
        potential buyers. They will bid the prices for the area up, which will
        then be reflected in later appraisals unless the appraisers want to go
        out of business.
        Brigand wrote 9 min ago:
        Why is this relevant for HN?
        lancebeet wrote 13 min ago:
        Why does the text "persistently undervalued by appraisers" link to an
        article about high speed rail in the UK? Is "Chicago business" a real
        news site?
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