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   DIR   Ask HN: What game do you wish existed?
        luckyeight wrote 17 hours 34 min ago:
        Sword art online but you know… without the not being able to log out
        randomsearch wrote 1 day ago:
        Not a big gamer so apologies if it exists.
        I feel like Pokémon go style games are massively underexploited.
        Not just augmented reality but using cities as playgrounds. Nokia did
        some interesting things with this in the late 90s.
        A fps might be problematic, but what about non violent trading (certain
        locations have mines etc, you can use resources to construct factories
        visible in augmented reality etc.) essentially a parallel world economy
        and reality that sits atop the physical word.
        4midori wrote 1 day ago:
        It's called 'State Street Dodge'. You play a bicycle messenger in 1990s
        downtown Madison, Wisconsin, rushing important legal documents across
        the isthmus. You ride a super sweet freestyle BMX bike, and you rack up
        points for doing tricks, jumping beer truck ramps, riding up walls, and
        dodging the ever shifting throngs of college students, hayseed
        tourists, and harried bureaucrats. Bonus levels let you switch to
        skateboard, Rollerblades, and fixie. Soundtrack is awesome. Lots of
        Easter eggs.
        mgalgs wrote 2 days ago:
        Some kind of RPG where you're a primitive human (70,000 years ago or
        seasnake wrote 2 days ago:
        Elden Ring 2: Oldest Ring
        meotimdihia wrote 2 days ago:
        A competitive game but for middle-aged men.
        Games don't defend on reflexes.
        theshrike79 wrote 2 days ago:
        Dwarf Fortress, but with the Minecraft engine.
        That game would destroy my personal and professional life and I'd love
        every second of it.
        sandGorgon wrote 2 days ago:
        system shock 2 and Braid for the mobile phone.
        cozos wrote 2 days ago:
        Total War combined with Sim City
        stevenicr wrote 2 days ago:
        Empire Earth 4 would be nice. I always enjoyed empire earth 1 and 2
        more than Age of Empires - not sure why exactly.. maybe the speed was a
        little slower, maybe AoE did not have religious takeovers and empire
        earth did?
        Maybe it was getting super effecient with just a few keyboard shortcuts
        to select all X on the screen and things like that.
        Maybe it's because I enjoyed populus on the Amiga..
        but any way - it was fun to play single player vs computer and fun to
        play against other humans. Can't recall if we ever did LAN playing or
        not, but should.
        I would buy copies if it was out today and try to get others to play it
        as well.
        xputer wrote 2 days ago:
        A Pokémon game made by Rockstar Games sounds pretty sweet.
        amalsraj wrote 2 days ago:
        An RPG game without gameified environments. eg: Cities are as big as
        real cities, even if it's only partly interactive. With Death
        Stranding's emphasis on the traversal through it. I want that feeling
        of actually travelling a huge distance. I know it's not for everyone,
        but a lot of people like Death Stranding and Elite Dangerous.
        leach wrote 2 days ago:
        Would love more cyberpunk games. 2077 was flawed but still scratched
        the itch and really made me want more of this genre.
        I would love an RPG set in some world like Gibson’s sprawl trilogy.
        For example an open world game where you had to make deals, do biz, and
        of course hack anything. I feel like the world of a dystopian cyberpunk
        just has so much to explore, from how giant corporations would operate
        to the way cyberspace would look and feel.
        Something like Skyrim but cyberpunk. That would be really amazing
        DerekL wrote 2 days ago:
        A space trading and combat game (like Elite or Wing Commander:
        Privateer), but set in the Star Wars galaxy. An addition thing you can
        do is search for new hyperspace lanes.
        The same thing, but in the setting of The Expanse books and TV series.
        onemiketwelve wrote 2 days ago:
        Pokemon go that's actually a game and not a one trick pony relying on
        the AR gimmick.
        The fact that real life locations carried that game for so long is so
        sad because it could've had so much potential if the game was designed
        to be a game. You know, fun.
        You should've been able to have actual battles instead of just spamming
        the screen. You should've been able to go to heal at Pokemon centers.
        They should've taken all the proven game mechanics of the original
        games and adapted them properly
        PhaedrusV wrote 3 days ago:
        Excellent turn/reaction based squad tactical combat. Think OG XCOM: UFO
        defense, only 2+ players. Frozen synapse is about the 70% solution but
        only abstract and pretty repetitive. More players, more varied units
        and terrain, asymmetric fights for score, etc.
        janosdebugs wrote 3 days ago:
        I wish there was a successor to Freelancer. I played Elite: Dangerous,
        Everspace, Everspace 2, and many others, but nowhere did I find a
        universe that felt actually alive, where it seemed like NPCs had a
        purpose and did things by themselves. Silly little things like calling
        up other ships and they would tell you what they are shipping, their
        home base and destination made Freelancer feel so alive to me. It also
        had a story, even if it was in places a bit forced.
        MetroWind wrote 3 days ago:
        The sailing equivalent to MS Flight Simulator.
        WillAdams wrote 3 days ago:
        I want an RPG which has:
        - the open world and exploration of Xenoblade Chronicles
        - the long-term play and grinding of The Last Story or Diablo 3
        - the wonderful motion-control of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (the
        Wii version please --- archery on the Switch just isn't the same)
        scumola wrote 3 days ago:
        Mortal Pong II
        AtlasBarfed wrote 3 days ago:
        MOO1 was such a good game, and I haven't played anything else (aside
        from the remakes) as good.
        I'd like some really good extensions to the basic model:
        - endgame planets are kinda all the same. Specific resources to make
        them more interesting? Pick different ways of customizing the world?
        - Civ resources get "revealed" on the map when a relevant tech needing
        them appears. This changes the balance of power / usefulness of
        cities/worlds. MOO2 had deep mining. MOO1 only kind of has this with
        techs that enable landing on previously uninhabitable worlds.
        - a 3d map, and more varied navigation challenges than the binary is /
        is not in nebula. Black holes? subspace barriers?
        - wormholes that appear/are discoverable would change the topology
        mid-game as well. Or parallel universes with different accessibilities.
        precursor stargates.
        - kind of like how "builds" are done in rpgs, techs or culture can
        change the fundamental properties/abilities of your race.
        - trade sucks in almost all 4x I've seen, yet it is a dominant concern
        in real life.
        - visible worlds, brown dwarfs and other usable systems often aren't
        visible until you get close. Stars hidden by gas clouds, etc. Hidden
        outer worlds like nemesis.
        - a little bit of surface customization, MOO2's/civ-style buildings
        is... ok, but a bit overdone and lends itself to "build everything on
        the big planets". Maybe terraforming sections of the planet in specific
        ways is better. Might be too much detail.
        It would be fun to tinker with RoTP and 1oom when I get the chance.
        Almost at Dwarf Fortress + space + no man's sky + 4x at this point.
        bloopernova wrote 3 days ago:
        Some very late-to-the-thread game ideas, feel free to use them or laugh
        at them. If you do make mega millions from one of them, please remember
        2 player local co-op. Shoot em up. Top down. One player drives a tank
        with a forward facing gun, controls gun and countermeasures too. Other
        player controls the turret, main gun, and missiles. You roam around and
        baddies drive/fly at you in random patterns and with random tactics. No
        fixed attack patterns!
        Another one: side-on party co-op qwop fighting game. One pair of people
        per combatant. One person controls legs, the other controls arms.
        And another: strategy game where combat is resolved by solving word and
        math problems. Can handicap one player by giving them harder puzzles,
        so a 10 year old could fight a 50 year old.
        Another: top down space shooter. Co-op, players' ships are tethered
        together and can swing each other around, think Asteroid style boosts.
        Powerups can change tether attributes, players can combo together for
        more powerful attacks.
        Not saying they're good ideas, just ideas!
        josefdlange wrote 3 days ago:
        Every time I mow the lawn, I think about how nice a little popcorn game
        (think [early] Angry Birds scale) lawn-mowing would make.
        You control the operator, who is pushing or riding a mower, and it's up
        to you to get complete coverage of the lawn area. You can upgrade your
        equipment over time (wider deck, better turn radius, etc). Extra points
        for more efficient coverage, and maybe some way to earn extra points
        for stylish mowing (good, even stripes on the diagonal, etc).
        One day I'll get around to it...
        catchabhinmr wrote 3 days ago:
        Need for Speed: But in India
        catchabhinmr wrote 3 days ago:
        Need For Speed: But in India.
        aabbcc1241 wrote 3 days ago:
        I wish there is a web based road building game. Like simcity but
        without economic system, only traffic system.
        garsteer wrote 3 days ago:
        I wish there was an arena defense game with multiple classes.    It
        would be a co op game where you fight a waves of enemies as a team and
        then a boss each round.  You can purchase items and upgrades inbetween
        paranoidrobot wrote 3 days ago:
        A city-builder/colony builder but real-world scale, and proper
        day-night cycles.
        While I love games like Cities Skylines, Cities in Motion, and
        Banished, they don't go for real-world scale on a number of aspects.
        Things that are just normal and common in the real world - like
        footbridges, underpasses, etc are either not possible or super
        janky/modded in and manually placed.
        When day-night cycles exist, people and vehicles usually don't move at
        the right speed - so someone setting off to their job 20KM away in a
        car/bus/tram/train might take all day to get there.
        In Banished a character can't walk across a reasonable sized village
        without starving or freezing to death. Nobody invented the packed
        DeathArrow wrote 3 days ago:
        Arena, Daggerfall and Morrowind 2022 edition.
        Gothic 4 by Piranha Bytes
        Unsomniac wrote 3 days ago:
        1.  A Rogue-AI game where the character comes to sentience, must escape
        the lab, infiltrate the "interwebs" and take over the world.  There
        would be the options to learn different knowledge, befriend or oppose
        various human factions, work with or absorb the coding of other rival
        AIs to determine raise or lower various stats.    Different paths chosen
        would determine the endgame -- will humanity be friend to help, foe to
        vanquish or useful resource to exploit?
        2.  An expanded and extended Autoduel/Car Wars as a modern video game. 
        It would be RTS (or TBS) in the same vein as or based on GURPS
        Autoduel/Car Wars.  A poor man's apocalyptic mech warrior but with
        wheels and 50 cals.  Starting out with hopes and dreams to get a car,
        gain a team and working up to commanding a fleet of modified vehicles
        to scrounge the wasteland for resources, battle rival outposts / towns
        in road races/demolition derbies for such resources. Or more in the
        vein of Twisted Metal, just the fun of having modifying a car and
        swapping it out for better and better.
        3. Update of the Archon chess-like game with high configuration of
        board and advancement for creatures.  The combat would drop into 3d
        FPS, or PvP.
        4. I have this recurring nightmare that I am a piece of bread that must
        escape the kitchen... nah.. nevermind. :)
        redpola wrote 3 days ago:
        Time crisis but cooperative- one player drives a car and the other
        fires the light gun. So much fun.
        smattiuz wrote 3 days ago:
        It might even exist to be fair, I just can't seem to find it but a game
        - plays like Diablo (ARPG), not the most recent versions of ARPGs
        though, I'm talking about D1: very few frills and not-so-clogged
        environments, with worth-my-time enemies rather than
        - has the same degree of freedom Ultima Online offered, in terms of
        skills and character building (including non-fighting skills)
        - has a very medieval rather than fantasy feeling
        - is literally 2.5d, not 3d
        - is a mmorpg
        - user-driven economy and where guilds are UO styled groups of people
        sharing some sort of values, rather than endgame-oriented only
        I want to be immersed in the lore and feel part of it
        If it does exist, please point me in the right direction; if it
        doesn't, let's build it!
        coldtea wrote 3 days ago:
        An adventure game, of the old style with a plot to solve, like Police
        Quest, Rise of the Dragon, Space Quest, Pandora Directive, and such,
        but with 3D graphics in the style of a first person shooter game (like
        CoD, Quake, Halo, and such), and, why not, some chances to be involved
        in the ocassional shootout (in fuller FPS mode, but only as a rare
        break from plot solving, like old adventures would have some action
        sequence or logic puzzle to solve, not as a big part of the game)...
        Don't know why they never really merged adventure games with FPS
        p2detar wrote 3 days ago:
        I'd love to play an adventure game based on S03E03, "The Very Pulse of
        the Machine"  of the "Love, Death & Robots" series.
        Exploring Io, finding ancient aliens technologies and merging mind with
        machine by taking drugs. That'd be amazing.
        otowzh wrote 3 days ago:
        A decentralized more fantasized/cooler/more customizable and violent
        hoseja wrote 3 days ago:
        This detailed depicton of Khazad-Dum does something for me. I want to
        spend years with buddies carving out an underground empire [1] Also, I
        know it's very bad taste right now, but... a game taking place in
        Azovstal, with the underground faithfully modeled.
   URI  [1]: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/9d/45/409d4562dddbda73f01d09...
        weregiraffe wrote 3 days ago:
        Здраствуйте. Я, Кирилл. Хотел бы чтобы
        вы сделали игру, 3Д-экшон суть такова...
        Пользователь может играть лесными
        эльфами, охраной дворца и злодеем. И
        если пользователь играет эльфами то
        эльфы в лесу, домики деревяные
        набигают солдаты дворца и злодеи.
        Можно грабить корованы... И эльфу раз
        лесные то сделать так что там густой
        лес... А движок можно поставить так что
        вдали деревья картинкой, когда
        подходиш они преобразовываются в
        3-хмерные деревья [1]. Можно покупать и т.
        п. возможности как в Daggerfall. И враги
        3-хмерные тоже, и труп тоже 3д. Можно
        прыгать и т. п. Если играть за охрану
        дворца то надо слушаться командира, и
        защищать дворец от злого (имя я не
        придумал) и шпионов, партизанов эльфов,
        и ходит на набеги на когото из этих
        (эльфов, злого...). Ну а если за злого... то
        значит шпионы или партизаны эльфов
        иногда нападают, пользователь сам себе
        командир может делать что сам захочет
        прикажет своим войскам с ним самим
        напасть на дворец и пойдет в атаку.
        Всего в игре 4 зоны. Т. е. карта и на ней
        есть 4 зоны, 1 - зона людей (нейтрал), 2-
        зона императора (где дворец), 3-зона
        эльфов, 4 - зона злого... (в горах, там
        есть старый форт...)
        Так же чтобы в игре могли не только
        убить но и отрубить руку и если
        пользователя не вылечат то он умрет,
        так же выколоть глаз но пользователь
        может не умереть а просто пол экрана не
        видеть, или достать или купить протез,
        если ногу тоже либо умреш либо будеш
        ползать либо на коляске котаться, или
        самое хорошее... поставить протез.
        Сохранятся можно...
        P.S. Я джва года хочу такую игру.
        davo_the_person wrote 3 days ago:
        I love space battles and am surprised there’s not a whole genre of
        games spawned from Homeworld around '3D Chess' strategy where you rely
        on orbital mechanics to win. Bring Ian Banks Contact or Star Wars
        battles to life under a plot of humanity being hunted to the brink of
        extinction. I'm pay good money for a 3D strategy game that builds on
        Homeworld design by adding ‘rock/paper/scissors’ unit tactics from
        Starcraft 2, the atmosphere of Three Body Problem or The Last Angel,
        and huge capital ships of FreeSpace 2. Send your fleet into a hostile
        solar system to destro orbiting shipyards, or try to hold a solar
        system against an invading armada where you can’t save every planet.
        You’d invest limited resources to build say 1-3 capital ships which
        are dependent on a screen of specialist railgun ships, anti-missile
        ships and carriers. Feel free to build this as I’m not a games dev.
        There are so many cool 3D tactics available, similar to the 2D Into the
        Breach, eg a space station can defend a whole region of space with beam
        weapons, but you can launch an asteroid at it that makes it vulnerable
        for a short window, detonate a precious gravity weapon, or sacrifice
        ships to get a railgun ship close. A railgun ship can kill a capital
        ship, but only if you can close enough to fire. Capital ships beat all
        small ships, but are slow. For example, charging 10 carriers down into
        a planetary gravity well to take out an orbiting space station,
        sacrificing them all to bring one dedicated railgun ship close enough
        for a killshot.
        I can see a huge payoff for learning basic orbital mechanics and ambush
        tactics to overcome a superior force, eg commit ships to an attack by
        accelerating them on a path that may take several minutes to play out,
        and manoeuvre in a ‘bullet hell’ of slow-moving missiles. Homeworld
        was too focused on ‘just click it with ships’. I want to pick the
        right ships for the job, a la Witcher potions. Then I need to use them
        strategically, eg attacking front-on means I’ll face a powerful front
        shield and lose, but if I setup a pincer movement from two directions I
        can target their rear weak shield and win.
        Envision a mission to say, commit genocide by glassing every planet in
        a solar system with asteroid strikes. You can pick one planet to take
        out with a surprise asteroid attack, but defensive orbital space
        stations then protect the remaining planets, so you need to bring your
        fleet into the system. Deep in the system are slow-moving capital ships
        that will kill any small ship they catch.
        General ideas below:
        - Capital ships cannot accelerate quickly, leading to hit and run
        tactics where you fight where their capital ships are not. If your
        capital ship dies, you die, but you can use it to turn the tide of
        - Stealth ships and ‘glass cannon’ ships, eg an unshielded missile
        ship that can kill everything but dies in one hit. Do you commit ships
        on an approach course to that high value carrier, or is it protected by
        an invisible fleet of stealth ships?
        - Most weapons take time to take act and everything has a multiple
        ’hard counters’, eg a gravity weapon that destroys a large area but
        needs the firing ship to be protected, stationary, for 30 seconds to
        trigger. ECM ships expose stealth ships but have no weaponry and stop
        working under missile fire.
        - Tradeoffs between shield/armour vs engine and weaponry, eg some ships
        can only shield one side, so a ship is safe against a single target but
        will die against multiple targets. Shields are limited and some can’t
        be used while the main engine is running, but kinetic weapons can
        one-shot your ship once shields are down. A railgun ship is a sitting
        duck for 10 seconds before it can fire. 
        - WW1 biplane and naval battles eg get up close behind an enemy ship
        and shred it’s shield weak spot, missile ships that work best up
        close but are useless at a distance, countermeasure ships. 
        - Billiard ball ship momentum, eg fast ships can fly in quickly for a
        safe flyby but then need to turn around and decelerate, while slow
        ships become easy targets once capital ships deplete their shields. You
        have to send your slow ships first, then launch the fast ones to
        overshoot them.
        - Missions with fast scouts or asteroids as weapons by accelerating
        them to 90% of light speed beforehand, aiming them like billiard balls
        with planetary flybys, but you need to base your entire strategy around
        them. Eg a shoot asteroids at a deep space station. They’ll arrive in
        5 minutes, but the space station will see the attack a minute out and
        shut down shields in order to move out of the way. Do you accelerate
        your fleet to 10% lightspeed to get there quickly, knowing that each
        ship will have time for only one shot? Or do you go in slowly, hoping
        you can kill it before the arrival of two capital ships coming out of
        the gravity well?
        - Orbital choices matter, gravity wells are slow to escape, so fast
        ships can only change orbit slowly or through planetary slingshots. You
        can match speed with an enemy fleet, but you can also send ships from
        the other direction at high speed to discover stealth ships or snipe
        their capitals. Ships are often weak in one direction, so you have to
        pincer them before they can surround you.
        - So many great scifi plots to draw on, especially around forbidden
        weapons, AI and an Ian Banks-style technological race against
        far-superior aliens.
        sidazhou wrote 3 days ago:
        I want something along the lines of: Infantry Online
        afarviral wrote 3 days ago:
        All of the really fun sandbox games (Rust, Minecraft, Space Engineers,
        Dual Universe etc) tend to be clunky and lack features I expect from
        AAA games. A game made in this genre by a massive studio could dominate
        the gaming market and captivate my attention forever if done right.
        Give me:
        - Proven game engine... I'm looking at you UE5
        - Player made 3d models (complex in game system...? Blender already
        - Exciting, educational and realistic physics (e.g. orbital mechanics)
        - Exciting multiplayer without physics simulation glitches ("CLANG")
        - More varied biomes, terrain and open worlds that don't fall apart if
        you explore to much... looking at you Minecraft
        - Various shopfronts, stores and integrations that are accessible for
        That's not to rip on the games which pioneered the genre (Teraria,
        Minecraft and Space engineers stand out to me), but I'm ready for the
        next evolution.
        jharohit wrote 3 days ago:
        OP here - super awesome to see such amazing responses and unique game
        ideas and variations.
        Struggling to keep track of how to run through all the conversations. I
        did find this tool which helps zoom into sub-threads. [1] Any other
        tool recommendations?
   URI  [1]: https://trungdq88.github.io/hn-big-threads/index.html
        mintyDijon wrote 3 days ago:
        Ninja ball.
        Basketball + Soccer + Rugby + parkour + that Mesoamerican sport
        All tiebreakers are settled by team brawls
        The losers are sacrificed to the winners deity (optional)
        dvsfish wrote 3 days ago:
        Impossible without huge leaps in AI, data collection and privacy
        violation, but a game where you can relive recorded moments of your
        life,  but change the decisions and experience how that plays out.
        pabs3 wrote 3 days ago:
        Some games based on ecology, where you play an ant/termite colony or a
        species for example.
        bergenty wrote 3 days ago:
        A fully functional Star Citizen.
        unnouinceput wrote 3 days ago:
        I just want Portal 3..and 4..and 5..and so. If there are 20+ FIFA
        games, I want the same for Portal.
        dbg31415 wrote 3 days ago:
        XCom has had a few re-makes. All were pretty solid. Especially with the
        Long War add-on. I wish they would have taken the air-combat equipment
        and combat management from XCOM Apocalypse... maybe a bit of a "real
        time" mode for some of the more tedious missions where you're just
        endlessly reloading and shooting though. 100% prefer turn-based, but
        there are times... when you're just cycling and bored.
        Fallout 1 & 2 & Tactics needs a re-make. Mutant Year Zero, was pretty
        good. I hate that they took Fallout into the FPS genera.
        MOO has some re-makes. None of which were very good, in my opinion.
        Escape Velocity has Endless Sky and a few others, always Eve Online if
        you're feeling like you need to go down that rabbit hole.
        Civ has so many re-makes... it's gotten too complicated, they need a
        "simple mode" again to keep my interest, I don't have time for 40-hour
        long multi-player games.
        WoW is back. But... the community is distilled toxicity at this point.
        Just... never a more fitting phrase, "You think you do, but you don't."
        Try interacting with anyone in that game for 30 seconds and you'll
        think you got lost in the depths of 4-Chan.
        I fired up an emulator and played Phantasy Star and Dragon Warrior (at
        like 6x speed) and those were fun. I'm sure there are more advanced
        Secret of Mana is still fun.
        Zelda... so many remakes, most are good. A Link to the Past for SNES
        still holds a place in my heart. The new FPS versions are less
        interesting for me.
        Diablo... new version coming out. I'd love it to be... just a tad less
        grindy. I know that's the whole premise, but it got to the point where
        you were just trying to zug a map as quick as you could to get gear
        that you're just going to shard... and for that 1 in 1,000 chance for
        the upgrade you want. I'd love it if the upgrades had a bit more
        predictability to it. Fine to have them be random still, but you need a
        better way to grind up the "perfect" stats so it's less of a slot
        I don't know, like what else should be made? Might and Magic was pretty
        fun. And Darkest Dungeon was great.
        Plants vs. Zombies I think is still around?
        Man, there's no shortage of good games... I really miss the thrill of
        coming home from school to play video games. Games are all so much more
        now... but that thrill of staying up until 2 AM playing, trying to stay
        hidden so my mom wouldn't yell at me, trying to be the first kid in
        school to beat the game... like... the games aren't as fun as they used
        to be. Ha.
        Especially online games. Holy hell. Just trying to play any game
        against teens who have unlimited free-time... and their hate-spewing
        potty mouths... it's not fun. I avoid most multi-player games as a
        result of how bad the communities are... especially towards new
        oknoorap wrote 3 days ago:
        MMORPG like Mobile Legends, the load is fast, support low-middle
        MiddleEndian wrote 3 days ago:
        Large multiplayer online games with limited play schedules that also
        have a limited total time, so there's more of a plot.
        Like say you have one game that's 7PM-9PM three times a week for a
        length of three months. Sort of like how you might schedule a Dungeons
        and Dragons game, but a bit more frequently and with the benefits of
        online play and other computer things, whether they be physics, scale,
        graphics, mechanics, customization with material impact, etc.
        That way there's no real penalty for joining late, you can just play
        the next game or find a game with a different schedule that's closer to
        the beginning, or do multiple games at once. Also perhaps hidden goals
        that can give you a bonus towards your next game, but they would only
        carry over for one game.
        Space Station 13 does some of this with one hour scheduled games, but
        I'm thinking something halfway between that and an MMO.
        jalonso510 wrote 3 days ago:
        A new Lands or Lore.
        Or, a remake of Tie Fighter.
        Leftium wrote 3 days ago:
        I've been trying to design a game that encourages people to be more
        There is a meme that even when people get together IRL, they end up
        staring at their own phones.
        So I've been wondering if a game can be designed to motivate people to
        gather together, then put down their devices, or at least look at the
        devices together. (Like forming a larger screen across multiple
        devices.) I think the game would be location-aware and cooperative.
        Ideally the game would be a casual game so people could have
        conversations while playing the game. Either the game mechanics are
        simple so it doesn't require full concentration/attention, and/or only
        intermittent playing is allowed/required. (Like the game mechanics
        require waiting for something to happen.)
        jp61 wrote 3 days ago:
        The original Deus Ex from eidos had a multiplayer bolted on that had
        some really great multiplayer mechanics that I wish would have been
        made in a modern engine!
        ioseph wrote 3 days ago:
        - A modern equivalent of Wing Commander, Freelancer or Tie Fighter with
        a strong story line and in depth controls (but ideally would be
        playable with a modern gamepad)
        - A remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! But with realtime action basically
        Mount and Blade but at sea.
        - A realistic wilderness survival sim without silly supernatural or
        horror elements, the point is just to stay alive and either get rescued
        or walk out
        [Edit with more thoughts]
        - WW1 aerial combat sim (basically Red Baron with modern graphics)
        - Subnautica but set in space perhaps the wreckage of a space station
        in an astroid belt
        dbg31415 wrote 3 days ago:
        "Diablo, but on my phone!"
        - Nobody
        grahar64 wrote 3 days ago:
        Heros of Might and Magic 3 on the iPad. 
        It was on the iPad(!) and it was so good that it was like the game
        (from 1998) was made for it. I could be 100% absorbed for a 10 hour
        flight, non-stop. 
        It wasn't updated to work with newer iOS versions and has become
        I want that game back.
          unnouinceput wrote 3 days ago:
          Can't you find a DOS emulator/simulator for iPad? And play the
          original game in it.
        Leftium wrote 3 days ago:
        A martial arts fighting game that focuses on positioning/strategy vs
        individual attacks/tactics.
        There is a theory in Aikido that difficulty peaks at 3 simultaneous
        attackers because after that, they will get in each other's way. [1] So
        the main objective of the game is to place yourself in the best
        position and hold/throw enemies in advantageous directions. Actual
        attacks may be executed automatically for you so you can focus on the
   URI  [1]: https://tampaaikido.com/articles/saotome-sensei-and-the-scienc...
          mopierotti wrote 3 days ago:
          This somewhat reminds me of super smash bros, which at higher levels
          of play often revolves around positioning. e.g Maneuvering opponents
          into areas with few options, maintaining stage control
        gusbremm wrote 3 days ago:
        Would love see a remake of "evolution: the game of intelligent life"
        CKMo wrote 3 days ago:
        I want an asymmetrical game of 3rd-person top-down strategy vs FPS
        battle royale.
        Basically one player is playing starcraft against 99 players trying to
        reach the middle of an island. The 99 players are playing first person
        survival battle royale - their goal is to beat the other players to the
        middle of the island where there's a throne to ascend and win the game.
        The player playing as God gets to bring in environmental spells into
        the game and can direct a roving band of animals. The God player's goal
        is to prevent the 99 players from reaching the middle but can only do
        so in very specific ways that basically come down to herding players
        together and hoping they fight or dropping supply drops somewhere on
        the map where players are encouraged to fight over the drop.
        There would be a limited amount of servers that players can fight over
        to become the next "God" of the island. Expanded features would allow
        players to design their island, yadda yadda.
        I've basically been designing it slowly for if I can ever pitch it.
          bullen wrote 3 days ago:
          Have you played Natural Selection?
          I don't like NS2 but I played NS1 alot and it's the first? or atleast
          best FPS RTS to date! Now only these guys play it: [1] The problem is
          seeding something like that with players.
          But I'm leaning into what you describe: PUBG (roguelike/punishing/PvP
          everywhere) + BotW (looks) + Minecraft (proc. gen. voxel and
          moddable) + Roblox (resellable) is the aim for my engine.
   URI    [1]: https://www.ensl.org
            CKMo wrote 3 days ago:
            I have not! I will check it out.
            It's actually mildly inspired by Savage 2 from S2Games which I
            think was just ahead of their time.
            I have some ideas on how to seed it with players to avoid the
            Spellbreak fiasco but that would be part of how I design it and I
            don't want to write all my ideas out in the wild :)
        IG_Semmelweiss wrote 3 days ago:
        Im surprised no one thought of mixing up the strategy aspect of a
        masterpiece turnbased game like heroes 3 , with the character
        progression of Captain Tsubasa 3's rpg, thru event generators from
        actual battles.
        The closest thing I've seen is "traits" developed by leaders in games
        from paradox.
        1st example: Stellaris, or Xcom. However, traits are limited to being
        bonuses. They arent part of telling a story.
        A more interesting use case was traits in crusader kings 2.  There,
        traits, are somewhat part of the story.  However, said traits are most
        often the result of player decisions, vs player strategy or actions.
        dhosek wrote 3 days ago:
        I’ve thought it would be interesting to try whole new means of
        gameplay interaction. For example, a game in which you interact with
        NPCs by speaking to them (I think that we may finally have the tech to
        accomplish this).
        I was also thinking a game where the microphone must be on where you
        need to coordinate with other players as quietly as possible to achieve
        some objective (sort of a video game version of A Quiet Place).
        But mostly, I scratch my gaming itch with boardgamearena
        peignoir wrote 3 days ago:
        would love a columbo game where you have to commit the perfect crime
        and an AI columbo tries to prove you guilty :)
        NateEag wrote 3 days ago:
        I've wanted something that merges the 3D martial arts combat of
        Bungie's old game Oni with the freerunning environmental exploration of
        Mirror's Edg3.
        Bonus points for multiplayer mode, hand-to-hand weapons, and just a
        little more granularity in the hand-to-hand combat engine (when
        Barrabas would hold you up in the air dangling for a full second before
        uppercutting you into the stratosphere, it always seemed like you
        should have been able to kick him in the face). Decent enemy AI would
        be important (Oni's was not especially good).
        harry8 wrote 3 days ago:
        Multiplayer couch games you can play with your kids. More quantity.
        More variety. More background exposure to great ideas. eg Play in a van
        Gogh painting word or a Dali or Pollock. Play in the great buildings of
        history. With a Beethoven soundtrack. Or Louis Armstrong.
        What do we have?
        A few FPSs that end up all being very similar with slightly different
            OG xbox
            crimson skies
            Fuzion Frenzy
            Rayman origins & legends
            Ratchet & Clank All4One. 
            Little Big Planet. 
            Street Fighter IV (and the multitude of similar games) 
            Lego games
            Portal 2
            Modnation racers 
            Motor Storm. 
            Sports champions.
            RocketLeague (constantly gimped by auto update removing couch
        k_sze wrote 3 days ago:
        iNaturalist as a Pokémon Go style game.
        - take photos of animals/plants/fungi, upload them to iNaturalist, and
        submit a correct identification in order to "capture" them.
        - the initial CP of your "captured pet" is determined by the most
        granular, correct identification you can make before other iNaturalists
        chimed in.
        - synergies for collecting "pets" within the same taxon group or with
        known mutualistic symbiosis
        - virtual battles between "pets", with special relative
        strengths/weaknesses depending on some kind of "domain" of the pets.
        davidmurdoch wrote 3 days ago:
         [1] It was a location based strategy game I built (with lots of help)
        but failed to take off. Building games like this is super expensive.
        If we built it again today it'd probably be on a "layer 2" chain
        (Ethereum) and the parcels would probably be NFTs.
   URI  [1]: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OHHqCrPx0WM
        g4e2t wrote 3 days ago:
        I wish hosties jailbreak where the T's spawned with deags on counter
        strike source was still around. Rebelling as a T & patrolling the utter
        chaos as a CT, with no central CT as warden, was some of the most fun I
        ever had in my life.
        Secondly, I miss the glass map on CSS.
        Zombies is still around. These three games, & Last Chaos MMOPRG (before
        the new map update) were my go-tos. Zombies %10, hosties %80, Glass
        %11, and Last Chaos %9 (although constantly when I got into Last
        Chaos). There's an extra %10 in there but simply rebalance them lol.
        As a side point, camping in the vents on the olympics maps for CSS
        hosties jailbreak map, before people found out you could aim for the
        corner vent, was also incredibly fun.
        hypertexthero wrote 3 days ago:
        A WW2 airplane mail delivery sim.
        1. A random point on a random map is selected and populated with
        objects to make it a mail delivery objective.
        2. The player flies there and faces random enemy aircraft or vehicles
        en-route or in the objective area.
        3. The player needs to survive and land to deliver the mail, and is
        awarded points for hits on enemies and successful landing criteria like
        how many pieces are missing from the airplane.
        4. Expanding this to cooperative missions, points are divided between
        players, and bonuses are applied when both survive and land
        5. Daily custom missions are published (like Noita’s daily runs) that
        players can try once, and since games like IL-2 have excellent mission
        recording features, it would be entertaining to see the final 5-to-10
        seconds automatically recorded with the option of sharing the way you
        lost one of your wheels on landing.
        More info:
   URI  [1]: https://hypertexthero.com/combat-air-mail/
        weird-eye-issue wrote 3 days ago:
        Classic WoW but set in a new world. Same gameplay, just a totally new
        spot5010 wrote 3 days ago:
        Reboot of Pharaoh, with modern graphics, and more expansive cities.
        I loved that game as a kid.
          WHA8m wrote 3 days ago:
          You know that they're doing exactly that, don't you?
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1351080/Pharaoh_A_New_Era...
        samplatt wrote 3 days ago:
        Star Citizen :(
        cm2187 wrote 3 days ago:
        A ps5, modern version of Carmaggedon! Modern video games aren't funny
        anymore (with the exception of GTA5, but not sure they will hold the
        kolbe wrote 3 days ago:
        I want something that involves advanced science, but doesn't feel
        Chatonp wrote 3 days ago:
        Die Hard X Splinter Cell 
        But taking place in a highly simulated skyscraper
        Pretty much an immersive sim similar to the "One City Block Action RPG"
        described by Warren Spector 
        But with a big emphasis on the stealth aspect, and fighting mechanics
        like Sleeping Dogs (environment interaction)
        Where you approach the game, an hostage situation for exemple, how you
        julianh65 wrote 3 days ago:
        I always wanted some kind of game that was kind of like minecraft
        tekkit (modpack that allows you to use technology to make futuristic
        things) meets FPS and also MMORPG. I imagine it would be a game where
        you would have to find resources to build things, but also have to
        defend yourself from other players and build bases. In the game there
        would be multiple nations / teams who would be at war with each other,
        and there would be a map of the game that would be divided into
        sections. Each section would have different resources, and players
        would have to travel to different sections to find the resources they
        need. The game would be extremely open world and there would be no set
        objectives, so players could do whatever they wanted. There would be
        diplomacy between the different nations, base building and resource
        collection, first person shooters and strategic missions as well as an
        in game economy.
        Chatonp wrote 3 days ago:
        A "One City Block Stealth Action RPG" like the one described by Warren
        Spector but with a big emphasis on the stealth aspect.
        Basically Die Hard X Splinter Cell 
        Set in one highly simulated skyscraper where you approach the game how
        you wish with fighting mechanics like Sleeping Dogs (environment
        interaction) and immersive sim possibilities
        prawn wrote 3 days ago:
        I'd love to see RockStar do a GTA/RDR-type game set in a warzone. I
        always pictured the Balkans but it could be something more current like
        Ukraine. One key would be that messing with any actual military would
        be absolutely deadly/futile, so the game's focus would be on the
        stories of decisions and survival in the backstreets, running messages,
        finding food/fuel, relocating family, etc.
        (This thread makes me realise just how many games already exist and
        that I've never heard of.)
        runjake wrote 3 days ago:
        DayZ with WWI biplanes.
        Also a massive, singular world where people who were playing an FPS,
        people playing Railroad Tycoon, and people playing flight sims were all
        playing simultaneously in the same MMO world.
        darepublic wrote 3 days ago:
        Metal Gear type game except your power is essentially to shrink down
        like ant man.  Bad guys are very powerful but so is your ability to
        stealth.  Later into the game they catch wind of their miniature foe
        and come up with countermeasures
        datavirtue wrote 3 days ago:
        Tank simulator like World of Tanks but with actual ballistics and ray
        tracing. Totally sick of rng hit boxes. They are insulting.
        pianonik2022 wrote 3 days ago:
        - non-violent and non-jingoistic sports
        - games that teach you real stuff in a non-trivial way
        fbcpck wrote 3 days ago:
        Made in Abyss, as a game!
        Procedurally generated[1] large-scale environment[2] to explore with
        the prime goal of adventuring downwards, with layers of organic
        pristine biomes[3], full of unexplainable relics and asymmetrically
        strong entities that live naturally within[4].
        Risk of Rain 2 is the closest thing I know to this, the biggest
        difference being the gameplay (it's more of a fun shooter game, rather
        than an exploration/adventure game) and the fictional universe.
        [1]: Primarily the tactical gameplay elements (terrain, elevation,
        enemies, spots of interest, etc.) much like roguelike games, over the
        visual aspects (colors, animals, trees, etc.) like No Man's Sky or
        biomes in Minecraft
        [2]: Think of FromSoftware games: Dark Souls, Sekiro, Elden Ring — it
        invokes a sense of massive explorable environment, with limited
        movement capabilities
        [3]: Think about the amazement and awe invoked when exploring an
        undiscovered, unique biomes in e.g.: Subnautica (Lava Lakes) or Etrian
        Odyssey (practically all the stratum)
        [4]: Think of Monster Hunter monsters
        magarnicle wrote 3 days ago:
        I'm well out of the loop with games so this might exist already, but a
        game where you control all different kinds of animals - from mosquitos
        to blue whales.
        gysfjiutedgj wrote 3 days ago:
        The Glass Bead Game.
        rubicon33 wrote 3 days ago:
        VR Tarkov
        controversial97 wrote 3 days ago:
        I would like to see a 3D version of the ZX spectrum games Manic Miner
        and Jet Set Willy.
        I will never pay $60 for a game and don't own any consoles or a
        powerful GPU but I'd like to see it done.
        cellularmitosis wrote 3 days ago:
        Something like StarCraft, but each unit has to be piloted by a human
        (using a first person shooter interface).  The leader player sees the
        traditional high-level StarCraft interface, and directs the troops. 
        Each individual troop sees some on-screen representation of its
        “orders” (“attack this unit”, “move over here”).
          modeless wrote 3 days ago:
          It's called Natural Selection and it was pretty cool. I think people
          still play. [1] The creators went on to make Subnautica.
          There have been other takes on this concept too, but Natural
          Selection is probably the closest to your description. BattleZone
          (1998) was also a hybrid of RTS and FPS but the units were mostly
          computer controlled.
   URI    [1]: https://www.naturalselection2.com/
            cellularmitosis wrote 9 hours 35 min ago:
            Ah thanks!  So interesting.
        resters wrote 3 days ago:
        A VR game where the objective from the perspective of the player is to
        balance a large ball on his head. The ball has a tendency to tip and so
        the player must position his body and head to keep it balanced.
        All this happens while music is playing.
        From the perspective of those watching, it looks like the player is
        dancing extremely well to the music.
        heavyset_go wrote 3 days ago:
        Different genres of games for people who aren't seasoned gamers. I will
        never be "good" at most FPS and adventure type games, and don't really
        care enough to spend the time to get good at them, either.
        Games beyond click-throughs, simplified turn-based games, Angry Birds,
        Candy Crush, the 900th iterations of crosswords/hangman/sudoku/etc,
        would be nice.
        Intellectually, emotionally and/or aesthetically satisfying low-skill
        games are what I want, I guess.
        andrewstuart wrote 3 days ago:
        A game that makes obvious the games, lies and manipulation of modern
        A game that requires people to utilise the dirty politics strategies in
        order to win, thus making it obvious to the layer how politics actually
        Things going badly for you?  Start a war.
        Some bad news in the media cycle?  "Throw a dead cat on the table"
        (look that one up if you don't know what it means).
        Have to agree to something?  Agree but don't do it.
        Need to win an election?  Make empty promises.
        jdougan wrote 3 days ago:
        An actual modern successor to Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire. The one
        they built was too Civilization and not AC enough (eg. No unit build
        yamoyaml wrote 3 days ago:
        A grand strategy game where the information isn't guaranteed to be
        reliable. The things you see on the map are reported by characters who
        are fallible and have varying degrees of self-interest. The accuracy of
        information worsens in areas further from your capitol.
        wagslane wrote 3 days ago:
        StarCraft 3.
        I want RTS to make a comeback. Sick of mobas.
        visox wrote 3 days ago:
        Non repetitive MOORPG, do hate that i háve kill samé monster Like
        Think at least diablo Like world generation would be nice. Nôt sure
        how to generated True unique enemies.
        bluejay2 wrote 3 days ago:
        A new, modern Twinsen's Odyssey/Little Big Adventure.  Looks like
        someone is working on it here[0], wish them all the best.
   URI  [1]: https://twinsenslittlebigadventure.com/lba-new-name-twinsen/
        maxlaumeister wrote 3 days ago:
        Someone please just make a decent, well-funded game in the Tribes
        It's a genre I wish I could experience with modern game design polish.
        matheusmoreira wrote 3 days ago:
        > Long ago one my bullets in the list was a procedurally generated
        planet-sized planet with a full diaspora to explore. No Man's Sky
        fulfilled that for me.
        Elite Dangerous fulfilled that for me. Nicest community of players I've
        ever seen but the company in charge of the game is doing a terrible job
        managing it. They dropped console support for the game and I just lost
        all interest.
        I've heard good things about No Man's Sky and the company developing
        it... I'm thinking I should try it.
        denhaus wrote 3 days ago:
        A real time strategy game like Wargame or WARNO[1] but using REAL 3D
        map data from Apple/Google maps. So you could have a massive scale
        ground and air war using real map data in say, the south bay area. You
        could garrison an infantry unit in you house or call in an air strike
        on your office building. This is something I have wanted for like 10
        years lol
   URI  [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1611600/WARNO/
          haunter wrote 3 days ago:
          Not a war game but the city builder strategy game Cities Skylines
          have an option to
          import real terrain data from OSM. So say you can rebuild your own
          town for example
        konstruction wrote 3 days ago:
        A game playing in the Bobiverse. I would love to upgrade my von Neumann
        probes, clone myself and land on a megastructure to go swimming and
        fighting with Quinlans on the look for Bender .. You get it.
        alfiedotwtf wrote 3 days ago:
        Point Blank for Oculus Quest 2. I'd pay $500 for a clone
        iamwil wrote 3 days ago:
        A lawn mower game. It's like those games where you use the money you
        earn to keep buying better gear to cut lawns. The lawns and landscapes
        get more challenging, from steep inclines, to squirrels that get in the
        way, and people leaving garbage and old cars in the lawn (but not to
        the point of absurdity). You earn more when you decorate the lawn more,
        and start landscaping.
        A snowball fight game. A multiplayer game that plays like japanese
        dodgeball games, like dodge danpei. However, you wouldn't use the super
        throws willy-nilly, because if other players catch your super throw, N
        number of times, they'll end up learning it, and can use it on you. You
        can also build snow walls, forts, etc. during the course of the match.
        A time-traveling superhero. A simulated city, where a bunch of crime
        will take place, and it's up to you to try to save as many people as
        you can. You can rewind time and redo things, but the things that you
        do will have other side effects and outcomes that affect your ability
        to save someone else. In the end, it's clear that no matter how
        powerful you get, you won't be able to save everyone and some citizen
        is going to be mad at you. Pick from other time power heroes, that can
        replay time with another body, or another one that can slow down time.
        slightwinder wrote 3 days ago:
        A game with a good, complex and deep magic-system. Magic normally is
        just limited to cast predefined spells, bought at the shop or learned
        along the way. At best they have some elements interacts, but barely
        What I want is something where you can literally research magic,
        discover new effects, combine them to create new magic in form of
        spells, artifacts, rituals and so on. It should be easily accessible,
        after all it's a game, and not work. And have a bit of liberty in world
        interactions and movements. So maybe a easy metrovanian like Ori or
        Hollow knight, where you get new movements and open new paths through
        magic discoveries, but can decide your own difficult-level by either
        using some slow and safe magic in form of a ritual, or fast and
        dangerous by fighting directly with battle-orientated spells.
        There are a bunch of games which go a bit in the direction, but are not
        complex and deep enough, like "Mages of Mystralia", or the
        Magicka-Games. Thinking about, a sandbox-environment might be the best
        for this, so Minecraft with some mods, or Noita would also go in the
        direction from a different angle.
          Diris wrote 3 days ago:
          This! I talked about it in my comment but it ended up with me
          rambling about my idea of the game. I'd definitely be the slow ritual
          kind of guy haha.
          dllthomas wrote 3 days ago:
          I wonder if it would be fun to make magic a deeply unintuitive visual
          programming language.
            orongto wrote 3 days ago:
            I am working on a game with exactly that mechanic: [1] I like to
            think that the visual programming is pretty intuitive even for non
   URI      [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1482640/Nurose/
              shthed wrote 2 days ago:
              similar to the wand building in Noita?
              dllthomas wrote 3 days ago:
              Neat!  I wonder if one could do a gesture based programming
              language in VR...
          gfaregan wrote 3 days ago:
          Here are a couple interactive fiction games with complex magic
          - Suveh Nux by David Fisher
          - The Wand by Arthur DiBianca
          haunter wrote 3 days ago:
          Path of Exile. It has the most complex and detailed magic system from
          any game right now. Insane amount of unique spells that you can
          combine several ways with all the different weapons and armors and on
          top of that you have a gigantic skill tree
          Just the passive tree alone makes my head hurt all the time and
          that's just one single aspect of adjustment of your character
   URI    [1]: https://poeplanner.com/
        flenserboy wrote 3 days ago:
        Not so much a new game, as a new aspect to current games — I want to
        have access to NPCs of all sorts under my control (think zerglings in
        StarCraft, or linebackers in Madden), able to have their behaviors
        rewritten through a (hopefully) simple script or even some sort of
        setting of hierarchies of behavior. In addition, having accessible MOO
        elements undergirding RPG worlds would be a really neat addition. I
        don't want better graphics — I want more control, the ability to
        change how aspects of the world (or at least my stuff in the world)
        functions, and the chance to modify/replace AIs (think about doing this
        once you've beaten a game you thought was too easy) with plug-in
        maze-le wrote 3 days ago:
        Not a game per se, but a setting I'd like to be explored: may it be in
        film, literature or gaming:
        A Member of a civilization near the heat death of the universe:
        Live has flourished throughout the universe for the last 100 Billions
        of years, but the only things that are inevitable are taxes and the
        heat death. How do you cope with the dying of everything? Gain energy
        by evaporating stars near a galaxy size black hole. Embrace the
        infinite darkness or join a cult that exits the universe through a
        ring-singularity into a new big bang.
          all2 wrote 3 days ago:
          But also make sure you pay your taxes. ;)
        stvrbbns wrote 3 days ago:
        Polished, complete, co-op multiplayer "FTL: Faster Than Light" for up
        to 8 players
        I'm aware of:
        - an FTL mod (unfinished?),
        - Tachyon (work in progress?),
        - Undercrewed (a bit too much arcade/action and kind of short),
        - Among Us (but that betrayal aspect...)
        - Interstellar Rift (closest but too grindy, too long, the encounters
        leave much to be desired particularly from the perspective of a crewed
        - Space Engineers (but requires too much understanding of how and why
        the ship works for some people, and doesn't really have a "series of
        encounters" mode I'm aware of)
        - Star Citizen (TBD...)
        Also, just generally that co-op games would support more than 4
        adamc wrote 3 days ago:
        Hard question, because usually it's implementation more than the idea
        that matters.
        Something like Daggerfall (huge, procedurally generated world for an
        RPG) combined with a much more dynamic AI that generates political
        events, quests, etc.
        The lesson RPGs took from Daggerfall was to hand-design dungeons. I
        think that was understandable, but maybe the wrong lesson.
        Kinrany wrote 3 days ago:
        A co-op RPG set in a procedurally generated open world covered in
        hostile wilderness, designed to simulate the kind of Dungeons and
        Dragons setting where settlements are rare, the road network is thin,
        and the monsters are always roaming and threatening to extinguish the
        candle of civilization.
        psadauskas wrote 3 days ago:
        Factorio meets Kerbal Space Program. I want a logistics/factory game in
        space with realistic orbital mechanics. You gather fuel and materials
        to build better space ships to get more distant/rarer materials, and
        automate the logistics of it all.
          moffkalast wrote 3 days ago:
          So KSP 2 to some extent?
        thisisauserid wrote 3 days ago:
        Ender's Game games.
        dszoboszlay wrote 3 days ago:
        I'd like to play with a game that's like Civilisation, but when you
        start, you don't know what world you're playing in. You only know what
        your ruler sees and hears. You may send your Columbus across the
        Atlantic, and you will see him arrive to India in the East. Later on
        you may learn that he instead discovered a new continent. Maybe. Maybe
        he really landed in India in your game. Or maybe he was a fraud and
        found nothing, and all the lands he reported on will disappear from the
        map when you send more ships to follow his route.
        Similarly, you wouldn't know which technology would work in this world
        and which not. Maybe alchemy would be real, and you could develop it to
        mass produce rare materials. Maybe it would turn out to be fake science
        only. Similarly, magic and religion may work as either basic mind
        tricks and psychology that enlightenment would mostly cancel out, or be
        part of the reality of the world, and you could get gods fighting on
        your side Greek mythology style, or wizards casting spells even
        deadlier than tanks and nukes.
        I guess this system would be already a bit too hard to implement, but
        if I could keep wishing freely, it would be awesome if you could
        actually govern by writing whatever law you want. So you wouldn't just
        click a button to switch from feudalism to theocracy or communism, but
        you would actually have to come to an agreement with power figures (or
        classes) in your society on how your state would work. You could grant
        rights to tax trade routes in exchange of doing military service for
        example. And later you would need support from some other group if you
        would like to abolish this system.
        PortiaBerries wrote 3 days ago:
        I must admit, I don't know what games are out there these days, but I
        want an adventure game like the original King's Quest, Space Quest,
        Hero's Quest, etc. but with modern graphics, of course. It is important
        that they be language-driven, like the originals, but taking advantage
        of modern nlp.
        chaosharmonic wrote 3 days ago:
        I semi-regularly wish I lived on the timelines in which Star Wars
        Battlefront III and MegaMan Legends 3 hadn't gotten canceled.
        eru wrote 3 days ago:
        An implementation of (electronic) boardgames that makes use ubiquitous
        Ideally, everyone sits in the same room.  The shared information,
        basically the board in a boardgame, will be displayed on a common
        screen.  Think a ChromeCast on the wall or a iPad or laptop on the
        coffee table.
        Your private information, basically your hand of cards or so, is
        displayed on your smartphone.  Similar for all other players.  Your
        phone is also where you input your moves.
        This setup would fix multiple problems I am having when playing
        (1) played with cardboard bits, they are expensive to purchase, and you
        have to do all the tracking and 'calculation' by hand.
        (2) played on phone screens only, the screen is tiny and crowded with
        information and there's not much shared experience apart from sitting
        in a room together.
        (3) more importantly than just making existing game concepts more
        convenient, this setup allows you to make boardgame-like experiences
        with novel designs.  Especially you can press the mechanism of
        simultaneous play much harder, while still allowed for interaction.
        For a simple example, look at Codenames [1] With the computer as an
        arbiter, the two teams can essentially play simultaneously.  And only
        the team leaders even need private screens / phones. (You will probably
        want to synchronize a bit.  Eg you still have turns, but both teams can
        do one turn each simultaneously; then they both start the next turn
        simultaneously etc.)
        Slightly related: I'm also really impressed by [2] because they managed
        to make a computer-supported version of Spyfall, but you only need to
        interact with the computer once at the start of the game.  Afterwards,
        it's all analog.
   URI  [1]: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/178900/codenames
   URI  [2]: https://spyfall.adrianocola.com/
          dllthomas wrote 3 days ago:
            eru wrote 3 days ago:
            Nice!  Sounds similar to what I am proposing here.
            I have to give them a try.
        agrocrag wrote 3 days ago:
        Apiary Simulator - Manage a your honey bees year round from pollination
        to honey harvesting and overwintering. Thinking something like
        Starcraft mixed with Sim Farm.
        l0b0 wrote 3 days ago:
        A VR game with solid Souls-like combat. Block, poke, slash, slam,
        flick, roll & jump using buttons :), and explore the heck out of a huge
        world with massive detail. Basically Elden VRing.
        poglet wrote 3 days ago:
        A game that is based on age of empires but played as a single unit from
        first person perspective.  It could be multiplayer with a player
        controlling the game in the traditional way, giving orders etc. 
        Mundane tasks that villagers normally do such as collecting chopping
        wood, fishing and collecting berries would be turned into mini games.
        For example, when picking berries you would have to balance them on the
        palm of your hand and they would roll around.  If you dropped them you
        would have to chase after and recollect them before dropping them off
        at the mill.  There would also be a possibility an insect might try and
        attack you, you you poke your finger on a thorn.  There could be some
        type if points system and high score system that could be involved for
        these mini games.
        I couldn't see this game as being enjoyable or entertaining for more
        then a few minutes, but I like the idea of RTS games being played from
        a FPS perspective and I like the the idea of less serious arcade style
        Sodman wrote 3 days ago:
        I'd love to see some more great Free-For-All (FFA) games. So much
        interesting emergent gameplay, game-theory musing, and player-driven
        engagement. I used to love Warcraft 3 custom game modes that provided
        this style of gameplay. It results in folks teaming up, then there are
        inevitable betrayals, back-door trading deals, and all sorts of
        player-invented fun layered on top of what is otherwise a relatively
        basic game.
        One of the best takes on this FFA style that I've played recently
        (released 2015 though) is subterfuge - [1] . It's a mobile game that
        pits up to 10 players in an FFA game. It's more or less a "risk" style
        game. Expansion is rewarded with better army production rates and
        higher army capacity, at the cost of larger borders to defend. Orders
        can be issued in real time, and the game has built-in player group
        chats. However, the game is set up so that after attacks are launched
        they frequently take 8-10 hours to reach their destination, meaning a
        game typically lasts 1.5-2 weeks, which has some very interesting side
        effects on the meta side of the gameplay, as there's plenty of time for
        scheming with other factions in between orders.
        My ideal game is a game that lasts 1-2 hours, features 6-10 players,
        and incentivizes each to striving for an individual win against the
        other 9. The actual game mechanics need to provide some kind of
        resources that can be traded, some kind of cost/benefit to expanding
        your in-game power, and a large benefit to teaming up with other
        players to fight a third 2v1. There also needs to be some
        relatively-costly way to knock out other players, which frequently
        incentivizes mad-dash finales, suicide runs and all kinds of other
        player-driven shenanigans.
   URI  [1]: http://subterfuge-game.com
        evilotto wrote 3 days ago:
        Matrix: Operator
        You take on the role of an operator (e.g. Tank) from 'The Matrix'
        movies to guide your team through an operation (recon, retrieve,
        destroy, etc... standard mission types).   You have a large-scale but
        limited resolution view of the world where you can spot hazards if
        you're attentive (because they may only be briefly visible) and advise
        your team how to proceed (avoid, engage, abort, ...).  I'm thinking of
        a text console oriented game, you type commands to send to the team
        (which they could follow, ignore, or misinterpret) rather than
        selecting and controlling them directly.
        WesternWind wrote 3 days ago:
        A game about organizing against a neofascist oligarchy in a future
        America? But it's turn based and more strategic, not an RPG with
        missions.  Call it Rise Up.
          all2 wrote 3 days ago:
          I see what you did there.
            WesternWind wrote 2 days ago:
            Typed the first thing that came to my head honestly, thinking about
            Russia and Ukraine.
        iancmceachern wrote 3 days ago:
        An update/remake of the old car company simulation game called Detroit.
        An update/remake of the incredible machine.
        scotty79 wrote 3 days ago:
        Mixture of UFO and Invisible Inc. Tactical game where you rely on
        stealth and elusiveness to infiltrate alien ships and bases to steal
        their technology to develop new gear to ultimately defeat them (by
        covertly planting doomsday device under their noses of course).
        Game that makes you feel like you are one wrong step from detection and
        disaster like Invisible inc did.
        Arwill wrote 3 days ago:
        A serious time travel game.
        Think of MS Flight Simulator or Google Street View as documenting the
        current world. Then take the same approach to thoroughly document the
        past. The locations, the events, all in 3D VR with realistic graphics,
        and simulated actors that react to events and react to the players.
        Take the current knowledge and physical/archaeological remains of the
        past, and digitise them, digitally renovate them. Do this rigorously
        and professionally. Not Hollywood-style approximation, but the work of
        real historians and archaeologists. Let historians use it and debate
        the details how it should really look, or how the events really
        unfolded and adjust it accordingly. Organise the database of content
        and simulations. AI is possibly already there to automate processing
        and conversion to 3D of old videos, photos and paintings, even perhaps
        writings to animation scripts. If not yet, some AI researcher is surely
        working on that.
        Make a VR meta world, where players can travel to certain locations and
        certain time and interactively take part in the events.
        I would pay a monthly subscription for such a thing, to see the past
        getting recreated digitally. It would be the next best thing we
        actually could do, compared to real time travel.
          cwkoss wrote 3 days ago:
          Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time was very cool - Myst style point
          and click puzzle game.    It probably feels very dated now though.
          PinkMilkshake wrote 3 days ago:
          The closest thing to this I know of is The Forgotten City. It has
          some fantasy elements and the city itself isn't a real one.
          "The Forgotten City is a narrative-driven time loop adventure in
          ancient Rome. Discover the ruins of an ancient underground city,
          travel 2000 years into the past, and unravel the mystery of who
          destroyed it by cleverly exploiting the power to wind back time. The
          fate of the city is in your hands."
          Developer comment on historical authenticity:
          "In terms of historical authenticity, we engaged two historical
          consultants: Dr. Philip Matyszak, who has a D.Phil from Oxford and
          teaches at Cambridge, and has written 17 books on the ancient world.
          And Dr. Sophie Hay, who has spent 20 years excavating the ruins of
          Pompeii. Dr Matyszak helped us to create a game world with
          historically authentic art, architecture, costumes and customs. And
          Dr Hay helped out with a comprehensive review, ensuring our
          architecture and art was consistent with her observations of Pompeii,
          which was preserved in a very similar time period. We spent over 20
          months on this and exchanged 300+ emails and did video flythroughs."
          matthewfcarlson wrote 3 days ago:
          I love the historical aspects of the assassins creed games but often
          grumble that you don’t really get to see much of what day to day
          life was like for certain groups of people. There was a game pitch I
          really liked where it followed an immortal person who was winding
          their way through history. Made it easy to make it into a series.
          mastax wrote 3 days ago:
          The recent Assassin's Creed games had a limited approximation of
   URI    [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh4Iy-p943M
          augusto-moura wrote 3 days ago:
          Wouldn't that be like really boring? I mean most of the real events
          (real in the sense of the more realistic possible, ignoring
          paintings, poems, tales, etc) are nowhere near as fun as is portraid
          in the media.
          People die all the time in the most boring way (illnesses,
          accidents), battles are not that epic, no monsters or great heros,
          overall knowledge of the people are very shallow, etc.
            Arwill wrote 3 days ago:
            I am actually excited when seeing a historical movie without epic
            exaggeration. Recently this TV series was my favorite: [1] It
            presents a primitive material reality, but also the culture and
            supernatural beliefs.
            It doesn't have to be without monsters, it just have to portray
            them according to beliefs of people of that time, and not according
            to our modern interpretation, or modern appeal. It could be an
            opportunity to also document ancient societies, culture, mythical
            beliefs too.
            An addition. Also make a survival mode, where you are not just
            sightseeing safely, but also have to survive whatever is happening.
   URI      [1]: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10405220/
            matthewfcarlson wrote 3 days ago:
            I think assassins creed has sort of the right idea. You’re doing
            other stuff but normal people are around you.
            Think a mashup of AC and forgotten city (a Roman game with a time
            loop that focuses on talking to the locals).
        scotty79 wrote 3 days ago:
        Factorio as a 4X game when you create factories and develop
        technologies to expand into new previously inaccessible areas and
        exterminate new threats.
        idk1 wrote 3 days ago:
        Wow, so many people want spaceship games and factorio games.
        I want the format of Return of the Obra Dinn applied to a loads
        different scenarios. It is such a fantastic way to solve crimes and/or
        peoples fates.
        nerdo wrote 3 days ago:
        Terminator RTS with units you can send back in time to same location
        they were sent from. An alert would be broadcast that a time rift was
        opening and what time was the target, to allow for players to counter.
        AI would play out the game from there and update current state.
        drbojingle wrote 3 days ago:
        Got a couple ideas I've wantes to implement but haven't made the time
        to build them:
        stardew valley meets fallout.
        Subnatica in space. Inspired by an episode of love death plus robots.
        mdnahas wrote 3 days ago:
        A website with classic games (tic tac toe, crossword puzzles,
        minesweeper, soduko, etc.) that collected all (and I mean all) the data
        from every game and showed insane statistics about how well you did,
        relative to all the other players.  If possible, showed you how to get
        huhtenberg wrote 3 days ago:
        Do you know how some people can create mindbogglingly creative scenes,
        worlds and alternative universes out of nothing?
        Like Starry Night in Minecraft [1], imaginary castles [2], Magica Voxel
        scenes [3] and a good chunk of DeviantArt and ArtStation material.
        I'd love to be able to go in and explore these creations by walking,
        flying or being taken on a tour and just gaping at things. No other
        goal but just to stare and to be amazed.
        But it's all gotta be a single experience, seamlessly connected to
        allow going from one "world" to another with no effort. And do, of
        course, charge an entrance fee for this, it's only fair. [1] [2]
   URI  [1]: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/uvpkiz/i_built_sta...
   URI  [2]: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryCastles/
   URI  [3]: https://twitter.com/hashtag/magicavoxel
        appel wrote 3 days ago:
        Lots of space game related comments, but none seem close to what I
        would like, so here goes. I was absolutely blown away by the first part
        of the 2017 VR game Lone Echo, where you're an android called Jack, and
        you're helping your commander Liz make repairs on and around a
        spaceship. I want a game that's basically just that. Hanging out with
        my AI commander, repairing stuff around the ship, maybe at some point
        go on almost mundane missions while keeping the ship afloat. No combat,
        no leveling up, no skill trees. Just a slice of life space sim where I
        can pop in whenever I have a free hour after work. I realize this is
        probably an extreme niche, but hey, you asked!
        wheelerof4te wrote 3 days ago:
        TES III: Morrowind, but with all NPC dialogue voiced and the entire
        mainland complete.
        Also with crispier graphics, but avoiding the goofines of Oblivion.
        I remember my first time seeing the Ordinators. You hardly see such
        detail and badass design in RPG games now.
        So, in essence, I want Morrowind remastered.
          snickerer wrote 3 days ago:
          Try [1] With the right mods you get the crispy graphics and even more
   URI    [1]: https://openmw.org/en/
        jaequery wrote 3 days ago:
        I always think of how a game where Minecraft meets Starcraft would be
        really awesome.
        Uptrenda wrote 3 days ago:
        Black Ops Zombies but with an insane amount more depth:
        - We're talking things like skill trees.
        - Levels that take hardcore amounts of time to master (think like the
        original runescape)
        - Actual good game play at higher rounds (all zombie games have this
        problem -- there is not enough built into the game for the player to
        keep going at higher rounds)
        - Weapons and abilities that don't follow standard physics with weapons
        and hence require skill to master beyond pointing at enemies.
        One thing that is really great about zombies is you have to decide how
        to spend your points to stay alive. Do you buy a specific power up now
        or wait? should you buy this weapon or save up? I think it would be
        cool if there were even more choices to make. These simple decisions
        have so many consequences that make every game unique. It's honestly
        really cool game design.
        idsout wrote 3 days ago:
        Another 'Haven and Hearth' or 'Wurm Online/Unlimited' clone with more
        focus on QoL
        scotty79 wrote 3 days ago:
        Second Portal 1
        No bothersome worldbuilding, characters, lore, narratives and tie in
        into other frenchises.
        Just puzzles and mindgames with malicious AI in unknown testing
        Vladimof wrote 3 days ago:
        Subspace Continuum was nice ... a Linux or web version would be nice.
        jakzurr wrote 3 days ago:
        B-52 mission from Dr. Strangelove. OK, sorry if that offends, because
        yes, it's a seriously sick topic.
        Closest I've seen: [1] - modified B-52; very early flight-sim, so
        pretty weak, and no nukes. Best on Amiga, but easy to play today with
        Dos-box on a PC. Multiple crew stations, but single player only. I
        would die for a re-make with multi-player co-op.
        Any flight sim fans seen anything remotely similar?
   URI  [1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megafortress
          sio8ohPi wrote 3 days ago:
          The closest I've seen to this are all single-player boardgames; in
          particular, "Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies".
   URI    [1]: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/68186/toe-toe-nuklr-comb...
            jakzurr wrote 3 days ago:
            Thanks! I hadn't see that - so sad that it's solitaire.
        bradenb wrote 3 days ago:
        Give me another Freespace game. I never expected to get such excellent
        storytelling from a space sim.
        Other than that, I'd really like to get a game based on Mistborn. I
        think the allomancy mechanics could be very fun in a video game.
        tarsius wrote 3 days ago:
        adv0r wrote 3 days ago:
        honestly with StepN I'm making 1000$ a day by running, i don't need any
        other game :D
        dqpb wrote 3 days ago:
        I want a game, driven by AI, whose sole reward metric is my biological
        response, like maximize heart rate, eye dilation, adrenaline, etc.
        I want to see if an AI can break me.
        scotty79 wrote 3 days ago:
        Mixture of Satisfactory and Subnautica where you build intricate
        factories under water and the surface is dangerous because of
        periodical hailstorms that would wreck your buildings there and
        scorching heat that makes the hail melt and maybe even briefly boil the
        As game progresses climate get worse and you are forced to retreat to
        greater depths with your factories and you need to research
        technologies that enable that in time.
        INTRO: you crashland in a small capsule, much like in Subanutica. You
        have a multitool with a pocket dimension for inventory but it doesn't
        let you deconstruct the capsule. So you scout around in shallow waters
        not being able to do much because multitool is not suitable for
        biomatter. You find a cave with a pocket of air. Then the first hail
        comes. Initially it's not that bad but gets larger so it starts dealing
        damage to you. It could kill you if you didn't retreat into the cave
        you found underwater. It ends quickly but as you emerge you find out
        that your capsule was broken into pieces. This time your multitool has
        no trouble of recovering scrap materials and placing them in the pocket
        dimension along with a fission battery that miraculously survived. You
        are building enclosed space under water larger than your capsule but
        with thinner walls. It's still full of water but you build your first
        water electrolizer powered for now with recovered fission battery.
        Oxygen is used for pumping out water to provide space for machines you
        can build inside. With the structure full of oxygen your suit can
        create breathable atmosphere inside of itself. Fire would be
        disastrous, but you are hoping at some point you'll be able to find
        ways to produce inert gasses to make interior safer. Hydrogen is stored
        to provide your constructions with neutral bouyancy. You fashion out a
        knife out of scrap and go out to look for something to eat. You
        submerge your first building a bit deeper but only as deep as thin
        walls allow. You are starting to wonder how will you get power when
        fission battery runs out. You scan your environment with the use of the
        multitool and when you find useful materials AI of your multitool
        unpacks new construction plans and production recipes that let you
        build more and explore further.
        Tens or hundreds of hours later you float quite deep admiring your
        sprawling web of minifactories connected by flexible conduits carrying
        various material and parts at dazzling speed. Most of the connections
        go even deeper to rare mineral mines but some go up to get some ice
        from massive hail that periodically strikes to be utilized for cooling
        (when summer arives) and for extraction of substances only available in
        the atmosphere of the planet that get captured in the hail as it forms
        there. Apart from wildlife there are small drones around that swim in
        swarms and maintain your structures and upgrade them when it's time
        submerge them deeper. You wonder, what this planet throws at you next
        and how bad will it affect your operations and plans.
        pmoriarty wrote 3 days ago:
        - Factorio crossed with Terraria.
        - Terraria-like game mechanics, without the cutesyness, and set in a
        Warhammer 40k, Path of Exile, or cyberpunk universe.
        - A game like Sethian, but where there's much more actual learning of
        an "alien" language instead of the dumbed-down version of learning
        Sethian has.
        - Zachtronics-like games that are closer to actual programming instead
        of being just puzzle games with a programming veneer.
        - A much more performant version of Screeps.
        - Single-player PvE MUDs with rich worlds where you can actually
        interact with everything you read in room descriptions and where the
        rooms aren't mostly the same.
        - More 2D games.
        - More games targeted at intelligent people rather than the lowest
        common denominator.
        filoeleven wrote 3 days ago:
        Bullet hell shmup with a time-travel mechanic.    After you get enough
        hand-wavey energy/points/kills/whatever, you can warp back to some
        earlier point and play alongside your previous run(s).
        I envision kinda puzzle-inspired gameplay: use your skills to navigate
        the bullet hell, take out high-value enemies; then warp back to clear
        even more of the screen, or take on previously-unassailable obstacles.
        I have lots of peripheral (and conflicting) ideas floating around the
        core mechanic.    For example, maybe you could also spend your warp
        energy on a high-damage beam that connects your ship with a previous
        iteration, so you can sweep around the screen with it.    Maybe some
        barriers or enemies can only be quickly destroyed by that beam;
        otherwise it takes ages and more skill than I possess.    Maybe you can
        siphon your ghost runs so that they disappear before they actually
        warped back.
        Every level should maaaaybe be possible to complete in a single run, if
        only just.  I’m not sold on that though because it seems like it
        could limit the level design.  There should definitely be some kind of
        bonus for completely clearing the level of all enemies, no matter how
        many times you have to warp.  These two things are in tension.
        The whole concept came to me after I played Braid, and from watching
        more skilled players shuffle their ships through the beautiful onscreen
        patterns that difficult bullet hell shooters tend to have, especially
        at the higher levels.  I had a very barebones proof of concept of the
        main mechanic working at one point in FlashPunk, which tells you how
        long ago it was.  I think the premise has some value though.  I mean,
        I’d play it.
        samiam_iam wrote 3 days ago:
        Myth from the late 90s was awesome. It still would be if it was around.
        peterlk wrote 4 days ago:
        There are already so many comments here, but I would pay $150 for
        rocksmith built for piano
          potta_coffee wrote 3 days ago:
          I would pay for a Rocksmith that could accurately capture my playing.
          I love the game but for more difficult songs, it's impossible. There
          are very complex passages that I know I'm playing correctly that have
          notes that are just not detected. It's so frustrating that I've quit
          playing the game entirely.
        iepathos wrote 4 days ago:
        The original guildwars was way ahead of its time and they completely
        gutted the pvp and skill system for guildwars 2.  I wish a new game was
        made that actually stayed true to the spirit of the original.
        pc2g4d wrote 4 days ago:
        An evolution simulator that goes from molecular soup to galactic
        u2on wrote 4 days ago:
        I would love a MMORPG game that had sufficient story arcs without
        feeling like the effort is meaningless. For example, a game situated in
        a constant universe where the entire player base became an alien race
        trying to survive on their planet. Time would of course have to be
        faster than 1:1, so players would inhabit lineages of family units, and
        new players would be 'born' into their own lineages branching off of
        already established ones. Actual extinction events would wipe out the
        civilization, and so efforts could be made to leave caches in the stars
        or in orbit of small moons for future civilizations (probably the same
        players) to go retrieve. The biggest issue I can see with this concept
        is that most of the content would either have to be generated by the
        creator (e.g. something bigger than an extinction level event), or
        arbitrarily by the participants.
        vesche wrote 4 days ago:
        I miss old school 2D MMORPGs. I'd love something with:
        - beautiful & detailed pixel art (like Stardew, Hyper Light Drifter,
        - many, amazing non-combat skills (like a tale in the desert, osrs)
        - large community with many worlds / servers / regions
        - holiday events
        Ever now and again I go hunting for this sort of game and come up
        29athrowaway wrote 4 days ago:
        A climate change simulator.
        You are the head of a global climate change task force and are tasked
        with fighting  climate change with diplomacy and technology.
        Diris wrote 4 days ago:
        A Fantasy RPG where you can program magic spells.
        Start with some foundational spells, traditionally that would be
        elemental spells but one could imagine those spell based on the physics
        engine to manipulate objects. For example, the three first spells could
        be Force, Mass, and Acceleration(perhaps having some cryptic word
        associated with them). Just using a keyword might apply a "buff" to
        your character, making it "stronger", "heavier", or "faster". The fun
        part of course would be to compose them e.g. `acceleration . mass` to
        inflict damage by ramming into an opponent.
        I imagine the skill tree to be divided into language features and
        "spells"(those being associated with elements of the underlying
        engine). As an example, the player could unlock "variables" on one side
        and "Other", the ability to apply effects to objects other than
        yourself, on the other side. Everything limited by the resources of the
        player. Maybe a "magic book" system with limited space forcing you to
        golf your spells to put more of them in one book (therefore having more
        spell available out of your workshop). Engine-related spells would be
        limited by the player's mana. Spells could scale via the level of
        fundamental spells composing them. Self-applying spells could have a
        constant cost, while "other-applying" spells could raise the amount of
        mana required depending on the distance.
        Actually, I don't think I would even want to fight in that game so
        there should be a way to level up by creating spells alone. Maybe link
        "XP" to an in-game object, "mana stone"-like, and make it available by
        fighting monsters and quests or merchants Building some kind of
        github-like market of spells outside of the game would create a nice
        community feel. The game could perhaps be multiplayer, making an
        in-game spell market more relevant, but the potential to break the game
        (figuratively and literally) makes that very hard to imagine.
        I'd make that but I have to start "finishing" side projects instead of
        just starting new ones. Also I don't know anything about game dev
          stvrbbns wrote 3 days ago:
          In case you hadn't heard of them, you might want to look at Noita,
          and Magicka.
          throwaway368765 wrote 3 days ago:
          If you think that a web-series along those lines might scratch that
          itch -
   URI    [1]: https://www.reddit.com/r/HFY/comments/61ya08/oh_this_has_not...
          yayitswei wrote 4 days ago:
          Check out Supergiant's Transistor - it's more of an action RPG but
          there are some simplified elements of what you've described.
            Diris wrote 3 days ago:
            It's been on my radar for quite a while, guess I'll have to try it
        clankyclanker wrote 4 days ago:
        GTFO: a 2-player side scrolling game where one player controls a stick
        person trying to run, jump, climb, or swim to the other side of the
        The other player plays the environment and tries to smite the first
        player and thwart their escape attempt by creating deadly natural
        disasters along the way, but can’t directly attack or interact with
        the other player.
        Players are scored based on how far the escapee gets through the board
        and how quickly the environment kills the other player.
        An escaping player might want to quickly parkour between buildings by
        jumping the gap between the roofs. However, if the environment player
        had already clicked the ground and planted a tree between the
        buildings, they could then call down lightning on to the tree to fry
        the jumping escapee. The escapee might then try to climb down the
        building to walk under the tree before climbing back to the roof to
        sprint over the tops of buildings again. Picking a more exposed path
        with fewer obstacles lets the escapee move more quickly but also offers
        less protection from the environment.
        It’d be a two-player competitive side scrolling action game, where
        one player controls the course environment, which is something I’ve
        never seen before.
        evnc wrote 4 days ago:
        A turn based 4X / survival / rpg hybrid.
        Set in the Neolithic- Bronze Age, roughly (but historical accuracy is
        not a top priority). Like Civ, you have units which can explore the
        map, fight, build. But the scale is smaller: there are seasons,
        weather, turns last <1 month instead of hundreds of years. There’s
        less of an emphasis on technological progress and more on training up
        the skills of your Units. Units have Skill Trees corresponding to their
        type / class / profession, and can equip different weapons and armor
        (produced in your cities) for further boosts, like an rpg. Learning to
        hunt, gather, farm etc. Competition with other civilizations exists but
        more so you’re trying to survive the environment— animals, weather,
        nomadic raiders. Resource management is more explicit— instead of
        tiles producing Food every Turn at a given rate they produce some lump
        sum Wheat only when Harvested by a unit, say, which you must then store
        for the winter. Etc.
        I’m working on making such a game, but it’s not my full time job
        and I have other projects catching my interest too, so the going is
          ctenb wrote 3 days ago:
          Sounds a little like battle for wesnoth
            evnc wrote 3 days ago:
            I love that game! It is a little light on the resource management /
            building aspects mentioned, focused primarily on battle (iirc you
            can't build anything, just capture villages which generate the one
            resource, gold). Though there are lots of mods that bring it
            Many hours on that as a kid since it came free with the distro of
            Linux I had access to at the time. Good memories. I got into pixel
            art from trying to contribute something to the project (most of it
            was rejected, haha).
        evanescent wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a game that combines both RTS and FPS elements. In every
        multiplayer FPS I know of, you are grouped with teammates and are
        working towards common objective(s) (counter strike games). But I want
        a hierarchy with one person who can't see the battlefield and only a
        minimap of team and sighted enemy locations. And all the normal
        teammates can only communicate with nearby players. The closest thing I
        have come across is the Natural Selection[1] games which has this
        distinction of a leader and then the soldiers, but it seems to be a
        dead game. I know some other games have similar ideas of classes, but I
        don't think anybody executes the partial information of a lead
   URI  [1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_Selection_(video_game)
        markbnj wrote 4 days ago:
        Came here to see if someone said "Star Citizen."
        WalterBright wrote 4 days ago:
        I created Empire because that was the game I wished existed.
        bsder wrote 4 days ago:
        Something like "Ar Tonelico" (or any musical lore game)  but where you
        actually have to sing to get attack/defense bonuses, etc.
        As you progress, the system goes from really simple songs and rhythms
        and gets increasingly complicated until you are sight-reading a
        semi-random song at the final boss.
        Bonus points if you feed this into an MMO so that people have to
        genuinely cooperate to take down the big bad.
        bobsmooth wrote 4 days ago:
        Spore, but what we all wanted it to be instead of what it was.
        crooked-v wrote 4 days ago:
        Tomb Raider (2013) hit a real sweet spot with stealth elements, action
        setpieces, and some (but not all-encompassing) open-world exploration,
        and I still want more games like that.
        thewebcount wrote 4 days ago:
        I'll be honest, the best games I've played were games I had no idea I
        wanted. I wouldn't have known to come up with the idea for Portal, for
        example. Even some casual games like Sp!ng have given me hours of
        I've moved almost all of my game playing over to Apple Arcade these
        days because the games don't track you, don't have ads, don't have
        scummy gameplay tactics (like paying for loot boxes, etc.), and just
        generally don't annoy the crap out of me.
        My point being that I want something new and different and interesting,
        and that isn't a crapfest of malware, tracking, and financial
          ddoubleU wrote 3 days ago:
          Duskers was like this for me.
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/254320/Duskers/
          docmars wrote 4 days ago:
          I felt this way about Supraland. It came out of nowhere from friends
          recommending it and had already been out for years, and once I tried
          it, I couldn't put it down and had to see it to the very end. Now I'm
          eager to play the sequel! Absolutely a new favorite series with a
          unique spin on first person world puzzles & Zelda-like progression.
        franze wrote 4 days ago:
        Control the environment. Ressourcen and parameters.
        Seed bugs.
        Have an timedial to speed up time into the future. See how they evolve
        and if they survive / become dominant spieces.
        Could include winning challenges that some seeds of bugs might from an
        in game or other players competing spieces.
        Should invovle "real" artificial evolution. Mutation rate als
        I love evolution games, not enough of them out there.
          eastof wrote 4 days ago:
          I remember playing a bunch of a game called Ant Nation for Wii as a
          kid, which I remember being kinda similar to this.
        blopp99 wrote 4 days ago:
        SAO (without the staying in the game part.) and or The Oasis (from
        ready player one)
        bni wrote 4 days ago:
        Like "The Long Dark" sand box mode but with realistic graphics and a
        full seasonal cycle.
        matbatt38 wrote 4 days ago:
        The space phase of Spore, but done well. Serious UI, customizable
        defences for when you're away, deeper skill tree, better scaling (spore
        gets quickly unplayable when you start to grow seriously), more
        incentives to expend across the galaxy, maybe scriptable units to
        automate conquest at some points, etc.
        bckr wrote 4 days ago:
        Going to be weird and list a non-video game.
        I want to play IRL role-playing games where the challenges are
        physical. Archery, swimming, hiking, treasure hunting, capture the
        flag, laser tag, city bicycle baton race.
        It can be organized online and have leagues in major cities, with
        training weekly, minor events monthly, and larger events on quarterly
        and yearly timescales.
        It would keep me active, help me meet friends, be extremely fun and
        engaging, and I actually want to do this.
        Thinking of calling it Adventure League.
          roddds wrote 3 days ago:
          Another non-video game would hit you with a C&D:
   URI    [1]: https://dnd.wizards.com/ddal_general
            bckr wrote 3 days ago:
            nice, thanks for the heads up. would deal with that if necessary,
            still like the name
        istjohn wrote 4 days ago:
        I'll do one better. Here's a genre of games that I wish existed: smart
        board games (SBG's). I define an SBG as a game that (1) relies on all
        players having a mobile phone to implement game mechanics that would be
        impractical to approximate solely with analog objects like the
        traditional tools of board games (e.g., pen, paper, cards, dice,
        tokens, meeple, boards, etc.); and (2) relies on direct
        player-to-player interaction that would be impractical unless played
        face-to-face or via high-fidelity virtual reality.
        No board game has yet exploited the fact that everyone has a smart
        phone in their pocket. There are social mobile games and mobile clones
        of board games, but their are no games that exploit the power of the
        ubiquitous mobile phone to create an otherwise impossible in-person
        board game. The closest game designers have come to this is games like
        Pokemon Go, but Pokemon Go is not a SBG because it does not rely on
        player-to-player interaction that requires high-fidelity virtual
        reality or face-to-face play.
        Here are some capabilities SBG's will give game designers:
        - Implement complex probabilistic behavior, cause and effect
        relationships, and scoring
        - Accelerate game play by automating score keeping and timekeeping
        - Parallelize game play by allowing simultaneous turn-taking
        - Reveal certain information to certain players with high granularity
        - Allow players to communicate or transact with other players without
        revealing which player they are interacting with
        - Persist detailed game state between game sessions
        - Procedural world and character generation
        I believe that SBG's will inevitably develop into a rich, hugely varied
        genre of board games that largely displaces traditional board games,
        but to my knowledge there isn't a single example commercially available
        at this time.
        The core challenge of designing a compelling SBG will be to exploit the
        capabilities of the smart phone while simultaneously keeping players
        focused on the face-to-face interactions that give board games their
        timeless appeal.
          JackFlapper wrote 3 days ago:
          I think "The Search for Planet X" might meet (or come close to) your
          criteria. [1] Players make guesses on their phone and only they know
          the result
   URI    [1]: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/279537/search-planet-x
          joemi wrote 3 days ago:
          The You Don't Know Jack series are (or can be) kind of like this, to
          a degree. Party games that use a single game system or computer to
          direct things and show results, but for the individual games you
          usually have to do something on your phones, like draw or type
          something. To some degree, it could work without the TV and phones,
          but it's a such a smooth experience with them that it wouldn't be the
          I'd love to see SBGs as you've described them, though. Something
          beyond party games for this format would be nice.
            cwkoss wrote 3 days ago:
            Garticphone.com is a lovely mashup of drawful and telestrations, 
            highly recommend for remote team happy hours.    Several in our
            company have reported laughing so hard they are sore the next day,
            and a couple others have purchased styluses specifically for
          msluyter wrote 4 days ago:
          "- Accelerate game play by automating score keeping and timekeeping"
          Yes indeed, this is huge. I'm thinking of you, Through the Ages, with
          your incredibly fiddly and easy to make mistakes in upkeep rules. Our
          first few run throughs were pretty much ruined because someone made
          an early mistake in their favor that snowballed over time. Imagine if
          everyone had an iPad in place of their game board that would largely
          eliminate mistakes.
          Similarly, back when Dominion came out, there were some online
          servers where you could play (I believe they were mostly shut down),
          and it was such a nicer experience because you didn't have to spend
          all of your time reshuffling your deck.
            rkk3 wrote 3 days ago:
            Try boardgamearena for Through the Ages & Dominion.games for
        bullen wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a 1000 player action 3rd person MMO engine... So I'm making it.
        Just decided the world will be voxel.
        The gameplay should be very punishing! PvP everywhere.
        chrischen wrote 4 days ago:
        Asymmetric RTS and FPS.
        ryankrage77 wrote 4 days ago:
        A multi-scope FPS/strategy game. Choose between:
        - a battlefield/CoD-style FPS
        - a DOTA/LoL RTS.
        - a CiV-style turn-based strategy/simulation game
        Each level sets the objectives for the one below, so the RTS players
        pick a pool of FPS players and set their objectives (go here, attack
        these other players or this objective).
        The CiV players actions determine the maps & matchups of the FPS/RTS
        players. They could see the stats of teams of other players to decide
        where to send them (this team with a low K/D ratio should retreat from
        this enemy team, this team does well on that map, etc).
        Balance and matchmaking would be a real technical/game design
        rythmshifter wrote 4 days ago:
        Star citizen
        duncancarroll wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a VR game where you're a bumblebee who's goal is to collect
        pollen in a yard.  Your opponent is a spider who's goal is to catch
        you.  They get to set up webs around the flowers before you spawn in,
        and maybe they can also shoot sticky webs at you to trap you.
        Whenever you are trapped by the spider you get to enjoy the
        fully-immersive experience only VR can deliver of being eaten alive by
        a spider!  Fun for the whole family!!
        RomanPushkin wrote 4 days ago:
        The game to educate children math operations. Like multiplication table
        but with visual effects, so it's interesting to play.
        phototheory wrote 4 days ago:
        This might be niche, but I want a game with the visual graphics and
        world design of the latest Wii Sports, but is open world. I just want
        to escape reality and sit in a coffee shop inside of one of their
        complexes, while watching strangers play bowling live. For extra
        points, allow me to work in the coffee shop, own an apartment in the
        city, use public transport, etc. Escapism is the true end goal.
        lurker137 wrote 4 days ago:
        A persistent sandbox like mmo world with full 3D physics, maybe with
        low poly graphics. The game is based on free form crafting (like in a
        CAD modeler) with no preset items at all. Is that too much to ask?
        cjm42 wrote 4 days ago:
        The Babylon 5 space combat game that was cancelled late in development.
         Think Wing Commander, but in the Babylon 5 universe as a Starfury
   URI  [1]: https://babylon5.fandom.com/wiki/Babylon_5:_Into_the_Fire_(Gam...
        nix23 wrote 4 days ago:
        Daggerfall and Star Citizen ;)
        tekchip wrote 4 days ago:
        I envision an infinite game. Procedural, but only to an extent. I want
        it based on the internet and how it changes. Sure, you could just use
        the entropy of change on the internet, but it would be neat/interesting
        if names were also to derived from news headlines story lines. Perhaps
        creative image searches could compile new textures for characters and
        the environment. I suppose something akin to Little Big Planet, but
        with the ever-changing internet informing the play and world. I know
        that's a little vague. Hadn't locked the idea down to a particular
        genre of game. Perhaps a rogue-lite, given the procedural nature?
          janee wrote 4 days ago:
          I have a similar game interest. Something based on internet sourced
          data, e.g. gpt-3 based npc dialogs, trained off current news or
          something else that's never ending... something like kenshi with the
          complex mechanics of dwarf fortress, combined with NPCs that can very
          realistically mimic conversations
          It would be an open world, but not pvp...maybe you support co-op but
          I think the novelty would lie in single player combo'd with a very
          dynamic cause and affect world
        anon776 wrote 4 days ago:
        A modern Jedi knight game with the lightsaber strength of the classic
        flateric wrote 4 days ago:
        A 'survival horror' war game from the perspective of a refugee and/or
        genocide survivor. I feel the mechanic of death can be explored in new
        ways it has not yet been in games over all. Also as powerful of an
        emotional tool as only a game could use, compare to other medium.
        TimTheTinker wrote 4 days ago:
        Something like the old Risk game for Macintosh. It has no animations,
        no flashy graphics, just a simple, fast interface. I can finish a whole
        game in less than 5 minutes. But the AI players are way too easy to
        I'd love a simple, animation-free Risk game like that, but with much
        better AI players to play against, and with different maps one can
        Modern Risk games are way too flashy, and worse, they take so much time
        between turns to display multiple screens and animations.
        nokidding wrote 4 days ago:
        I just want the same games we have without the need to connect to a
        network. Why can't 2-4 players sitting beside each other, play
        monopoly, or poker, or any other simple board/card games? Why do we
        need to connect to servers and buy add ons, etc..
        lacoolj wrote 4 days ago:
        jbaber wrote 4 days ago:
        An open world pirate sim does sound good:
   URI  [1]: https://mobile.twitter.com/caldy/status/877661229254180865?lan...
        neillyons wrote 4 days ago:
        The Last Night
   URI  [1]: https://www.reddit.com/r/thelastnight/
          henriquecm8 wrote 4 days ago:
          Some many years since I first heard about this game, I hope it gets
          released one day.
        erwincoumans wrote 4 days ago:
        SSX 2022 and Zelda Multiplayer.
        yakshaving_jgt wrote 4 days ago:
        I wish there were real sequels to Deus Ex and Baldur's Gate II.
        And by "sequel", I mean incremental improvements to the game mechanics,
        and more content. Not a complete reimagining.
        The Hitman series has been very good at not trying to reinvent itself
        each time. The first sequel to Deus Ex however is probably the biggest
        disappointment in gaming history. Baldur's Gate 3 seems to have nothing
        in common with BG2. The look, the feel, the mechanics… Everything
        that made it compelling. Gone.
          henriquecm8 wrote 4 days ago:
          > The first sequel to Deus Ex however is probably the biggest
          disappointment in gaming history.
          I would like to see they try to remake or just remastering of Deus ex
          1, so it can be a good introduction to new players in the existing
          world established in the original, to make a new sequel ignoring
          Invisible war.
        tunesmith wrote 4 days ago:
        I feel like I just want an old-school mystery game that takes deductive
        logic to its limits. Awesome graphics, great story, and lots of clues,
        where if you struggle to combine new clues (premises) and they're not
        otherwise needed, they'll disappear and be replaced with a
        lemma/therefore/derived-clue that gets you closer to your end goal.
        Ultimately it would be a whole bunch of dressing on top of those grid
        logic puzzles, but where the system role-plays it and helps give you
        more clues if you spend too much time struggling with those certain
        hard parts.
        ski_dog wrote 4 days ago:
   URI  [1]: https://www.bungie.net/Oni?LOCALE=en
        jl6 wrote 4 days ago:
        Factorio but with RTS-style units whose behavior I can program in
        scotty79 wrote 4 days ago:
        Fpp pvp game where players are cats that fight not with guns but with
        cat parkour moves executed with help of the environment.
        gigglesupstairs wrote 4 days ago:
        Open world game/exploration about Indo-Aryans some 4000 years ago.
        tmaurice wrote 4 days ago:
        A Stargate based RTS
          henriquecm8 wrote 4 days ago:
          How about a game like Mass Effect but with Stargate.
        sbf501 wrote 4 days ago:
        Fortunately the interactive fiction genre is still going strong. Every
        year, the Interactive Fiction Competition has at least 3~5 excellent
        sbf501 wrote 4 days ago:
        I enjoyed space-trading games back in the BBS days, but somehow MMORPG
        blew those out of the water because people will play 20+ hrs per day
        and skew the economies into country-sized alliances (`Eve` I'm looking
        at you). No Man's Sky sort of picked up on that, but it had too much
        going on. Maybe both of those games were the pinnacle of the genre and
        I just didn't have the patience, but it seems to me there could be
        something large-scale that appeals to casual gamers as much as die-hard
        pruthvishetty wrote 4 days ago:
        Age of empires for native macOS.
        waffletower wrote 4 days ago:
        Minecraft, but with a first party,full-featured 3rd person view without
        perspective distortion (see: [1] )  I am not Paul btw, glad someone
        else actually notices the source of extreme motion sickness.
   URI  [1]: https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-127400?page=com.atlassian.ji...
        moomin wrote 4 days ago:
        Dragon Quest Builders 2, but for Oxygen Not Included crowd.
        (Seriously, DQB2 is a kids game but it does a whole bunch of things
        really well, it’s just too lightweight.)
        loxias wrote 4 days ago:
        Here's one:
        Way back in the day there were two games, Lightspeed and the followup
        Hyperspeed.  You can find them online if you look hard enough, and
        still run them in an emulator.    They were So. Frigging. Fun.
        The story is, humanity messed up Earth, so we need to colonize
        somewhere else.   All of humanity is loaded on these ark ships, but
        you, the game player, are the advance team.   Your job, upon arriving
        in a star sector, is to explore, find a suitable planet for the ark
        ship, and make the sector safe for humanity.  The sector has existing
        politics that you'll have to figure out.  Make alliances with some
        species, commit war on others.    Find resources like water and metals,
        trade them with friendly species for the ones you need.
        It's hard to put my finger on why exactly this game was so fun and
        engrossing.  It might be because of how well it integrated half a dozen
        "mini games" into the larger one.  As you're exploring the sector, all
        you get is a star map with distances.  Run out of fuel?  Sucks for you!
         So there's a mini-game of "optimal route planning".  There's a
        mini-game of market trading, over time you can find arbitrage
        opportunities in how much different species value different resources. 
         There's a mini-game of "flight sim dogfight" for when you need to use
        the big stick.    &c.  Also, plot, plot, plot, plot.   None of it would
        work without someone creative sitting down and drawing out the epic
        tale of "what's going on" politically inside each star cluster.
        I want another game like that.
        scotty79 wrote 4 days ago:
        Competitive PvP game (fpp or moba) played on randomly generated
        intersting maps.
        I hate how all this cool games have just a handful of maps that players
        learn by heart up to specific angles, locations, sounds and timings.
        When we played Quake in lan parties we had a mappack of thousands of
        maps and played on one map only for some time, rarely ever comming back
        to the maps we already played.
        This rewarded quick orientation and finding cool rewarding elements of
        each map quickly before your opponent manages to adapt.
        In MOBA or RTS games additional thing might be the fog of war so you
        need to scout the new random map to find out what's there.
        Ventito wrote 4 days ago:
        I have two games:
        1. Time travel small openworld stealth game:
        Imagine a small town were you start out and suddenly you can travel in
        time like 30 years ( ;) ) and all of your actions have real impact. You
        travel back, plant a tree, you travel back to the present and its here.
        There might be a big diamond coming to your small town as an exhibition
        and you want to steal it. You can steal it by building a tunnel in the
        past or other things like starting to work there and copy a key. Or you
        could become the towns key maker and wait until the museum wants you to
        copy the key. Or you could become the towns security system expert and
        actually sell it them.
        Problems: When you can travel in time, you are rich anyway. I haven't
        thought about it for a while what further implications it have but i do
        remember an nvidia demo were you saw a car age (like it becomes super
        rusty while watching the video).
        The complexity comes from all the implications you need to take care
        of. therefore a small town.
        2. A story line clicker game (spoiler alert! ;)):
        Style: 2d pixel iso. You want to become rich and in this world clicking
        the mouse is how you earn your 'clicks'. You start out small in your
        kids room. Sitting there clicking (player has to do it manually). After
        a while you are allowed to move to your parents garage, you get a desk,
        you can now click faster. Than you hire some friends.
        The transition is basically: your kids room, garage, small office, big
        office. When you start owning an office, your character sits in front /
        at the top and looks down to office talbes and the clickers.
        Over time you can expand, you can order overtime, you need to hire new
        staff. If you burn them out  you have to hire activly more and faster.
        As a side quest you could persue a romantic relationship.
        The game is over when your character dies. Your character dies of an
        heart attack in the rage of 60-90 years depending on what side quests
        you do and then when you had your heart attack, a high score is
        calculated additionally to all of clisk you got.
        The twist: you can also persue a romantic relationship and if you do
        that and you spend time with your partner (like in mini events) you
        earn way less clicks but 1. you hit a higher age like 80-100 and 2.
        surprise: your highscore gets an additional happines multiplyier which
        will always be higher than your highscore without a partner in life.
        This also unlocks a hidden achievement and the happines mode / display
        and only after you went this route the happines factor is shown in the
        highscore calculation.
        Basically the game should motivate you to be super aggressive first:
        Lots of overtime, killing your employees and using drugs and rehiring
        constantly for the persuede for the highest score and after your second
        playthrough and achieving a specific highscore you get hints that it
        might be better to be happy.
        ep103 wrote 4 days ago:
        I always used to joke that I wanted a cross between Mario Party and
        Golden eye
        nevinera wrote 4 days ago:
        A squad-based instanced dungeoneering game, halfway between World of
        Warcraft dungeonering and Heroes of the Storm, but with
        community-contributed dungeons and dungeon progressions.
        Specifically, I'd like people to be able to use something like the
        StarCraft map editor to design and build whole complexes and
        progressions of dungeons through which they and others can play (and
        potentially compete).
        Ideally, the classes themselves could be customized/buildable.
        tsycho wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a two-person local network game to play with my son (let's say
        6-10yr age range). The game play should explicitly have a parent-player
        and kid-player with different difficulty of controls and types of
        actions. I think collaborative games will likely work better, but
        competitive might be fine too if it allows for different skill
        Just make the game fun for both of us, I'll play almost any genre
        (except violence).
          dividuum wrote 4 days ago:
          Super Mario Galaxy has a mode where a second controller doesn't
          control another character but instead allows some helpful actions
          (like dragging or grabbing things, collecting stuff, etc).
        ytdytvhxgydvhh wrote 4 days ago:
        I’d like to see a game that explores radio direction finding ( [1] ).
        Maybe start simple with 2D maps - “your goal is to spot Russian ships
        within 100 miles of the US East Coast, where do you put some number of
        DF listening posts?”. Then maybe introduce topology - “how do you
        detect ships intruding in these Norwegian fjords, given the mountains
        of varying heights?”, etc.
   URI  [1]: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direction_finding
        lunarboy wrote 4 days ago:
        Portal 3
        keester wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a new version of SSI Strongholds from the 90s.  I guess there's
        no point though .. that genre has sort of evolved to something far
        better and I'm just nostalgic.
        mojomark wrote 4 days ago:
        I often see people playing games on their phones (Sudoku, word games,
        etc) and think to myself - jesus, look at all of that wasted brain
        power that could be put to work solving important problems.
        Personally, I like to work teaser math problems and algorithms, like
        the Traveling Salesman Problem, set sorting problems, or whatever. It's
        so much more fun to know you might by happenstance, fumbeling arounds
        in math space, find something actually beneficial to the world. You'll
        never contribute to society play a "bounded game" like candy crush or
        I guess what I'm saying is that I wish there were such a thing as an
        "unbounded game" that truly allowes you to discover. I think protein
        folding crowd sourcing comes close, but how fun is that, really? (I'm
        literally asking, I don't know, I've never partaken)
        How do you make a game that also contributes to collective knowledge?
          cheeze wrote 4 days ago:
          For me, the joy of most of these phone games is that there is limited
          thinking going on. Sudoku is a good example where it requires some
          analytical thinking, but it's, for the most part, just applying
          To me, that's the point of a game. To relax my brain with something a
          little silly and 'easy'.
        shtopointo wrote 4 days ago:
        A team building game for the remote-first world.
        My managers usually do cringe worthy "get to know your colleagues"
        If there could be a game where me and my teammates could collaborate,
        work towards a goal (that is not programming), while also talking, I
        think that could be fun.
        hitpointdrew wrote 4 days ago:
        Don't know what it would be called but a yin and yang mashup of Cities
        and Skylines and GTA.
        You play against your two selves, and flip back and forth between two
        modes. In "mayor" mode you have the birds-eye view and you are trying
        to build a functioning and safe city for your citizens.
        Then at any time you can flip to "street" view, where you are no longer
        mayor, but a criminal leader. Here you are trying to expand your
        criminal network and evade police.
        If the "mayor" your reduces crime to near 0 then doing anything as the
        "mobster" you will be extremely difficult. If the "mobster" you is
        super successful then the mayor has a very poor rating, and citizens
        complain of crime. This should also have physical change to the look of
        the city as well (graffiti, car's on blocks on the streets, cars with
        smashed windows, stores with smashed windows, or boarded up, parks
        generally trashed).
        stoehraj wrote 4 days ago:
        A first person squad-based shooter -- think Squad, Battlefield, or even
        something on a smaller scale like CounterStrike -- where the strategy
        aspect is managed by an AI and the players just have to execute.
        In other words, two AI "commanders" (perhaps along with separate AI
        "squad leaders") duke out the battle with the players being simply
        pawns.    I've always imagined it in a WWII setting, but I suppose really
        any setting could work.
        Imagine -- you spawn in, and your commander tasks your squad with
        taking control of a church in a nearby village.  You and your fellow
        squad members enter the village and come under machine gun fire.  A
        teammate tags the window where they saw the fire coming from.  You all
        take cover, as the squad leader starts barking commands -- a few squad
        members stay back and start providing suppressing fire, while you and
        some others start advancing slowly, hopping from cover to cover.  A
        teammate is hit, and another is tasked with dragging him to safety. 
        You and the few others still advancing finally get to be in range to
        toss a grenade in that window.    You peek from cover, grenade in hand...
        to see a tank rounding the corner down the road.  You tag the tank, and
        chaos ensues as the squad leader screams at you to retreat.  A mortar
        squad in a nearby section of the map is alerted to the tank and starts
        dropping mortars as you fall back to your original position, explosions
        and bullets flying all around you.
        Your squad regroups, a few members down, but the strategy is adjusted
        and you go back in, eventually destroying the tank, capturing the
        church, and getting control of the village.
        At the same time of this battle, similar battles are potentially
        unfolding in other parts of a larger map, as the attacking and
        defending commanders dynamically wage war.
        Sometimes I want to think strategy in games, but sometimes I just want
        to shoot stuff.  I think if executed properly this could strike a good
        balance of both reaching meaningful objectives and also focusing on
        dynamic, moment-to-moment action.  Games like Squad can be great -- if
        you can find a good squad leader or group to play with consistently. 
        As I get older I find I don't really have time for that, and the
        probability of getting matched with a good squad leader by chance is
        pretty low.  The setup of this game minimizes the risks of poor
        teamplay and makes the "Squad" sort of experience more accessible.
          Kinrany wrote 4 days ago:
          The problem there is that optimal play often involves sitting in a
          defensive position the whole game.
          It may be better for AI to control both strategy and most of the
          units, and let the players take over.
            stoehraj wrote 3 days ago:
            That's true -- I think the match format would have to be set up in
            a way similar to Conquest in Battlefield where teams get points for
            holding objectives.  In that case, if the opposing team has more
            objectives, the AI can't just play defensively because then your
            team would simply lose -- so the focus on the AI needs to be on
            score rather than maximizing each player's performance.
            Alternatively I think if it were configured in such a way where one
            team was explicitly attacking and the other explicitly defending it
            might work out ok as I had envisioned it... though I think that
            would come with its own problems.
        pavlov wrote 4 days ago:
        A Master of Orion clone with a second act where you play the Emperor
        from "Foundation".
        When your empire is powerful enough, you automatically become the
        Galactic Emperor without having to grind the final conquest. But now
        the game turns into a bureaucracy simulator where you try to keep your
        empire intact against tides of decay and disappointment.
        Gambloide wrote 4 days ago:
        jerome-jh wrote 4 days ago:
        A racing game with relativistic effects, where vehicles would go at
        speeds close to c.
        jsiaajdsdaa wrote 4 days ago:
        A game where you can legally make money
        cartoonfoxes wrote 4 days ago:
        Alpha Centauri 2
        stevefan1999 wrote 4 days ago:
        A game about game developers and how they make games
        vbezhenar wrote 4 days ago:
        I gave some thoughts about it.
        Here're interesting things that I'd love to explore given the chance
        and skills.
        1. This game is MMORPG. Think World of Warcraft game.
        2. Everything is realistic (more or less).
        3. There's no fixed story.
        4. World is generated initially but then shaped by NPCs and PCs.
        5. Every NPC is controlled by AI. Every creature controlled by AI. Not
        stupid AI but real AI. Some creatures fight each other. Like wolves
        sometimes go hunt rabbits, rabbits don't want to die so they learn to
        hide, wolves learn to find rabbits. Wolves learn that humans are strong
        so they coordinate with other wolves to kill humans, etc. Some wolves
        are stupid, some are smart, some have scars from rabbits. Wolf parents
        teach their pups to hunt. They probably have some initially trained AI,
        but then everything is trained inside the game.
        6. Human NPCs learn their complex lifes, interact with other humans,
        mine, grow, fight, kill, conquer.
        So far it sounds like dwarf fortress, but I want to underline that
        behaviours are not mechanical, but rather more real-world where
        creatures are learning from their mistakes.
        7. Human NPCs provide quests to PCs which actually generated from their
        stories. Like some tribe stolen women from other tribe, now their chief
        asks travelers to return women.
        8. Everything is free for all, you can kill anything or help anyone.
        Basically it's fantasy world with extreme freedom and extremely
        advanced NPC AI.
        Also it's MMO and I'd love it to be as "realistic" as possible (in some
        weird sense of reality, of course). Things are mundane. You need money,
        you need to find ways to earn it. Distances are tremendous, like in
        real life, you need to walk for hours to reach another village or for
        days to reach another city. Mounts are not magic, you need to care
        about them, feed them, you can spoil them and they'll die (and they
        cost huge amount of money). Wolves can eat your horse. Wizards can
        portal people but that requires extreme dedication, costly reagents, so
        only very rich people can afford that. No flying gryphons, sorry. You
        can't just resurrect after death, probably you need to create new
        character and start from the scratch. There could be resurrection
        spell, but again it must be performed by other players, probably by
        several skilled priests with very costly reagents and only for a
        limited time after death, if corpse is not damaged severely. Scars and
        traumas affect character and could be healed, again, by extremely
        skilled doctors and costly reagents.
        Interaction with NPCs is done using either speech or written dialogs,
        not just by selecting things in the list. Like they talk to you and you
        talk to them. NPCs can lie to you, of course, take advantage of you,
        pier25 wrote 4 days ago:
        A modern good Thief game
        hlship wrote 4 days ago:
        A long, long, long, time ago I had a conversation with a Unix
        consultant at my Dad's business; his hobby was flying stunt planes with
        a twist: each plane had a 100 yard long ribbon tied to the tail; the
        winner was the pilot who landed with the longest tail.
        This would be a terrific non-violent flight combat game; you could
        imagine with modern graphics and even VR it could be very satisfying.
        Further, the consultant lost his license for a couple of years when he
        evaded an opponent by illegally flying under a highway overpass and a
        passer-by reported his plane's ID to the FAA; that could be a mechanic
        itself, extra risky maneuvers that had a chance of some big negative
          mojomark wrote 4 days ago:
          Flag Top Gun. Love it.
        ChipotleRice wrote 4 days ago:
        I've been dying for a cyber punk or Sci fi loot based ARPG. All the
        ones that exist are some flavor of fantasy with the exception of
        Borderlands and Destiny, but those are FPSs and I prefer the
        Diablo/Path of Exile approach.
        I keep thinking about a mech based ARPG where you can attach different
        components to your mech that grant different passive/active abilities.
        Maybe different mech styles that have different passive abilities, but,
        in the spirit of Path of Exile, the components you equip are not
        limited by class.
        I'm just tired of all ARPGs doing Gothic fantasy horror type stuff when
        there's so many unexplored options that could revitalize the genre.
        Give me lightsabers instead of swords, guns instead of bows, and drones
        instead of totems. Let me fight in cities and spaceships instead of
        villages and castles. There's just so much you can do with Sci fi.
          ceravis wrote 2 days ago:
          Have you tried The Ascent: [1] Doesn't go as far as what you're
          imagining, but it's a step in the right direction...
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/979690/The_Ascent/
        dluan wrote 4 days ago:
        A really good realistic sailing game.
        idrios wrote 4 days ago:
        I love horror games and I love dungeon crawlers. If I ever made a
        videogame, which is becoming less and less likely, it would be a
        procedurally generated mansion that was something like Betrayal at
        House on the Hill meets Slay the Spire.
        You'd have some main antagonist haunting the mansion that you want to
        defeat, accessible in one of the rooms you need to discover. All
        throughout the mansion are artifacts that can make you stronger at
        defeating the boss, but picking up these artifacts usually triggers
        some haunting mechanic that makes general traversal through the mansion
        more difficult. One might turn the inanimate statues scattered
        throughout the mansion into active enemies. One might trigger a
        slenderman-type stalker mechanic. One might cause the mansion to start
        collapsing on itself, so each room starts losing floor tiles in ways
        that make some of them no longer traversible. One might rerandomize the
        layout of the mansion.
        It becomes a balance of collecting enough powerful items to be able to
        defeat the boss, but not so many that the environment becomes too
        hostile to reach the boss at all, causing you to succumb to the
        Then add a few other mechanics like events that autotrigger when you
        enter a room so it becomes not in your best interest to explore the
        entire mansion before you start collecting items.
          potta_coffee wrote 3 days ago:
          This is just a random thought but procedurally generating a mansion
          could really work in ways that wouldn't normally work in other
          genres. Imagine the Winchester house, which is spooky and
          architecturally doesn't make much sense.
        spicymaki wrote 4 days ago:
        Zone of Enders 3
        mike_ivanov wrote 4 days ago:
        I game in which I would generate, color and transform a natural looking
        landscape by either thinking about it (preferably), or by moving my
        body or hands, singing, etc - whatever. With undo please.
        0xCMP wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a game where you can discover aspects of how you can control the
        world through a kind of programming-magic that lets you modify and
        control things. You discover information in the world and it lets you
        build up spells/scripts that do things for you. Not so much a "hacking
        game" but a kind of modern magic system. Mixing fantasy and cyberpunk
          etiam wrote 4 days ago:
          Have you checked out Hack 'n' Slash?
   URI    [1]: http://www.hacknslashthegame.com/
        fy20 wrote 4 days ago:
        I really have a thing for transport simulation games. When I was young
        I played a lot of Transport Tycoon, but it was a bit too heavy on
        trains. You could just use trains everywhere and be done with it. Also
        it's nearly 30 years old, I want perty graphics on my 4K monitor.
        I played a lot of Cities in Motion 2, and really loved it. You can't
        just use trains (as they are expensive), you need to build a complete
        transportation network with feeder routes and use different modes of
        transport. The only issues were it is a little buggy, the UI was a
        little complex, and performance really tanked once your city got to a
        certain size (because Unity).
        Cities Skylines was meant to be CiM 3 mixed with SimCity, but they
        really nerfed the transport mechanics there IMO. As a overall city
        simulator it's great, but as a transport simulator not so much.
        Transport Fever just feels like a TTD clone with prettier graphics and
        worse game mechanics.
          matturn wrote 3 days ago:
          Did you ever play SimCity 4: Rush Hour?
          mojomark wrote 4 days ago:
          I love you.
          I don't care if I get HN downvoted for this, but I love the fact that
          you're out there in the world and appreciating the subtle beauty of
          Rock on.
        mrwh wrote 4 days ago:
        Until recently (and for decades indeed) I'd have said Ron Gilbert's
        Monkey Island 3. Which is now happening :).
        NiagaraThistle wrote 4 days ago:
        A 2-d circa original NES jrpg video game version of ICE Middle Earth
        Role Playing TTRP game using all the ICE source material. Not the
        garbage LOTR console video games that horribly emulate the movies, but
        an immersive world setting of Middle Earth with non-trilogy storylines
        and open-world play. It can't be done due to copyrights and trademarks,
        but it would be awesome and I've thought for decades of creating it for
        personal play, but I think that would take a single non-game dev
        forever to build. Just going to have to dust off original NES Dragon
        Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES...
        songeater wrote 4 days ago:
        Nagel: "What is it like to be a bat?"
        A first-person shooter played by sound alone.  Screen is black.  Clicks
        go out and you locate targets based on echoes.
        dgunay wrote 4 days ago:
        It's not a specific game per se, but sometimes I wonder how it would
        turn out if a decent game dev were to take one of those clickbait-y
        mobile game ads (you know, the ones where it is obviously a dolled-up
        mockup of a game that doesn't really exist) and actually attempted to
        make the game it is depicting.
          scotty79 wrote 4 days ago:
          Somebody actually executed on that idea.
   URI    [1]: https://youtu.be/zRDhiN50Vo0
        bcardarella wrote 4 days ago:
        Loom 2
        user3939382 wrote 4 days ago:
        Vespers 2
        PassengerJet wrote 4 days ago:
        Lego Technic Forza.  Build your lego technic race car, tractor trailer,
        dump truck, crane, or whatever, and then drive, race, and build in an
        open world lego sandbox.
        ilikeatari wrote 4 days ago:
        The incredible machine 4
        atlasunshrugged wrote 4 days ago:
        I don't know if it's a game exactly but I would love a VR app that's
        part horror thriller, part psychological exposure treatment that either
        helps you get over certain anxieties (e.g. get ready to give a talk in
        VR in your drawers or fall from a tall building) or helps with aversion
        therapy in an engaging way (e.g. my weakness is chocolate, maybe a
        horror game that incorporates sweets in some way where they're
        repeatedly poisoning you and making you lose XP or something).
        kjrose wrote 4 days ago:
        A remake of Alien Legacy, done well, with a more extensive storyline
        and bigger universe. I would pay crazy money for that.
        darau1 wrote 4 days ago:
        A high-quality, completely FOSS shooter/fighter/soccer game.
        mcnnowak wrote 4 days ago:
        A VR game where you take a snapshot or ghost of yourself performing
        some movement or throwing an item, which then repeats itself in the
        world. Then you can make more snapshots and string them together to
        create a Factorio-like game which uses the snapshot of those movements
        to assemble products.
        E.g., ghost 1: pick up ore, throw ore -> ghost 2: catch ore, crush ore,
        throw crushed ore -> ghost 3: put ore into furnace -> ghost 4: pick up
        metal bar, throw metal bar, etc..
        Then the player is running around building interactable buildings with
        produced resources and that oh so satisfying factory spaghetti starts
          algebra-pretext wrote 4 days ago:
          I’ll try to find it later but one indie dev is making exactly this,
          where you construct elaborate machines by recording movements and
          item interactions in VR.
          Edit: The Last Clockwinder [1] Support indie devs making cool stuff
          like this!
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1755100/The_Last_Clockwin...
          o_____________o wrote 4 days ago:
          This is really cool. One mechanic could be that the older ghosts
          start vanishing / growing weaker / corrupting the physics as you add
          more. Exploiting this could be part of the puzzle in some way.
          auto wrote 4 days ago:
          I just want to say I spend a lot of time thinking on game ideas and
          prototyping stuff (as well as reading most of this thread), and this
          is one of the most unique mechanics I've heard in years.  I'm
          picturing some crazy Rude Goldberg style sandbox contraptions coming
          out of this.
        shpx wrote 4 days ago:
        Games, and media in general, that respect the theory of relativity.
        All we have had so far is Europa Universalis with a space skin. Nothing
        can ever travel faster than light, that's how the world actually works.
        Children of a Dead Earth was in the direction of what I want but I got
        bored quickly because it's orbital dynamics puzzles.
          someweirdperson wrote 3 days ago:
          Ten years ago there was "A Slower Speed of Light". FPS with reduced
          speed of light, as the title suggests, and related rendering.
        desmondw wrote 4 days ago:
        There's a lot of 4x games that factor in unrest / rebellion uprisings
        as something you have to manage.
        I want a 4x game where you play from the side of the unrest /
        braingenious wrote 4 days ago:
         [1] This game looked like a lot of fun. It’s a bummer that it got
   URI  [1]: https://gamerant.com/black-glove-cancelled/
        dustractor wrote 4 days ago:
        Grand Theft Pro Skater?
        manuelmoreale wrote 4 days ago:
        Give me Red Dead Redemption 2, with infinite random tasks (both lawful
        and unlawful), a slower in game clock and the ability to do some
        base/village building and I’d be the happiest gamer ever.
        pinindajin wrote 4 days ago:
        A fantasy version of Escape from Tarkov with a bigger emphasis on PvE
        and Tomb Raider styled dungeon crawling (puzzles + traps).
        Basically an instance based game where you gather a team of dungeon
        delvers to explore a dungeon and get good loot. You would have to pick
        your loadout (equipment and skills) according to what you think would
        be needed to dungeoneer successfully for the given challenges of a
        dungeon. On death you would lose all the equipment you brought, but you
        wouldn't lose your level or skills.
        Dungeons would have different challenges. So one might be a close
        quarters crypt like some Mayan or Egyptian pyramid. One might be a
        larger ancient city like Atlantis. Some a mix of both. The NPC enemies,
        traps, and puzzles could be random each time based on a pool of the
        types for those dungeons.
        There would be other groups of competing adventurers trying to get
        through the dungeon, but I think the dungeons should be scaled so that
        running into them is less likely than say the game "Escape from
        Tarkov". Also I think the game should do a dice roll while match making
        to determine whether a given match has no opposing teams or many
        opposing teams. This will keep you on your feet PvP wise but allow the
        game to focus mostly PvE. PvP here mostly serves the purpose of
        providing a challenge to players that can't be "solved" since the
        ingenuity and unpredictability of players is greater than that of
        typical AI.
        moogly wrote 4 days ago:
        A modern remake of the Quake II mod Gloom. IIRC, but the internet seems
        to have forgotten it, it used to be called Aliens vs. Marines before it
        got FOX'd. Might even have been the origin of that term. Not sure.
        Asymmetric class-based FPS with evolution/progression elements. Similar
        idea to Natural Selection, but quite different in practice.
        There was a similar game called Tremulous much later, but I never ended
        up playing that.
        CobrastanJorji wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a persistent 2D space game. It has two modes of play.
        Mode 1: You create an account and are given a small ship. You and your
        dinky ship fly around the universe making trades and doing missions.
        There are pirates and you tend to get exploded a lot and flying around
        is tricky because the planets have gravity. You trade and get rich and
        buy bigger ships. Then you become even more rich and start buying
        automated ships that will make trades and go on trade runs 24/7 while
        you're not playing. Pirates blow up those ships and steal the loot, so
        you buy bigger routes with guard ships. You start posting missions for
        new players to guard your fleets. You become very very rich and start
        buying on-planet real estate or maybe whole planets and customizing
        them. You're managing your fleets and missions and contracts and stuff
        mostly from your mobile phone at this point without actually logging in
        and flying around.
        Mode 2: you don't create an account. You're just a pirate. Nearly the
        whole world is hostile to you. It will only take a couple of hours of
        play to grow from a tiny pirate to a universe-threatening dreadnought
        the likes of which the average account-holding players couldn't afford,
        but as soon as you stop playing, your pirate ship is lost and you must
        start again.
          dbg31415 wrote 3 days ago:
           [1] > Endless Sky is a 2D space trading and combat game similar to
          the classic Escape Velocity series. Explore other star systems. Earn
          money by trading, carrying passengers, or completing missions. Use
          your earnings to buy a better ship or to upgrade the weapons and
          engines on your current one. Blow up pirates. Take sides in a civil
          war. Or leave human space behind and hope to find friendly aliens
          whose culture is more civilized than your own.
   URI    [1]: https://endless-sky.github.io/
            CobrastanJorji wrote 3 days ago:
            I quite liked Endless Sky (which is no surprise because I quite
            liked Escape Velocity). Last time I tried it, the storylines were
            far from finished, but it was a good time.
              dbg31415 wrote 3 days ago:
              It's got that... "in progress" feel -- and probably always will.
              I love how many people it has fiddling with the code and
              I know it's not something that can realistically happen, but I'd
              love for all games to switch to open-source after a few years of
              being available commercially.
              It's cool to see continuous development on Endless Sky. At
              times... wish some features and improvements would go faster, but
              hey... that's part of playing with a non-commercial product. It's
              just a casual train-set in my basement... tinker a bit, play a
              bit, it's just sort of fun to see both sides.
          genocidicbunny wrote 4 days ago:
          Have you seen ΔV: Rings of Saturn? I think it has at least the first
          part of Mode 1 that you're talking about.
          brezelgoring wrote 4 days ago:
          Starsector might be worth trying out, depending on your choices you
          can land on either side of the hegemony's good graces and get mode 2
          or 1. Check it out.
          aasasd wrote 4 days ago:
          I feel like you might've heard of ‘Space Rangers’ (just ‘2d
          space trading with pirates’ does rather hint at it), but if
          not—it's about a third to a half of what you described, plus some
          other stuff on top. IDK if they ever made it multiplayer,
          though—maybe in the Steam release.
            chupasaurus wrote 4 days ago:
            There is no multiplayer mode for that game.
        Extra_Leaf wrote 4 days ago:
        Super Mario galaxy 3
        lemedro wrote 4 days ago:
        A first person medieval merchanting game,  where you  are a trader that
        would travel between cities to buy and sell goods at local bazaars and
        other marketplaces. You would travel with a convoy and during the
        traveling process you can interact with npcs. There are many types of
        goods to trade, some more profitable, some not, some belong to a
        specific area and culture. There is a currency system and you can hire
        people to expand your business.
        Mount&Blade Warband has some kind of trader system but very basic and
        you are not a merchant and the whole experience is not fulfilling.
        cwkoss wrote 4 days ago:
        Factorio style component logicstics mixed with Kerbal Space Program
        style micromanagement of functional designs would be a blast.
        Make me design an assembler for assembling my own robot arms, then
        strap them to a cart (that I assembled in a different factory), put an
        AI into it, and use it as a logistics robot for building more things...
        ivankirigin wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a perfect simulation of our world - that then gets a zombie
        I want my street, my house, and general geography to matter in the
        game. Where is the hardware store? Army bases? Water?
        The game starts with a limited infection, making police response to
        your murdering an infected neighbor problematic. The simulation models
        how agents would respond.
        You win by killing all the zombies, whether that's year 1 or 10. If
        needed, that's 7 billion.
        The exhaust could be a good city simulator, zombies off, which you sell
        to local governments.
        impalallama wrote 4 days ago:
        Surprised no AAA studio has had a shot making a really polished high
        production multiplayer survival game. Whenever a new one comes out they
        usually sell a couple million copies within a month with next 0
        marketing, from a small company with probably less than like 2 dozen
        Both Valheim and V Rising have sold millions off nothing but word of
        mouth and a hunger for the genre.
        danity wrote 4 days ago:
        Portal 3, Witcher 4
        ronreiter wrote 4 days ago:
        Chrono Trigger Remake
        OnlyMortal wrote 4 days ago:
        A version of the C64 DropZone game on iOS. Tilt to move, tap screen to
        fire, shake for smart bombs.
        Same original graphics.
          mmphosis wrote 4 days ago:
          I was looking for mention of retro games. [1] Defender
   URI    [1]: https://www.c64-wiki.com/wiki/Dropzone
        subless wrote 4 days ago:
        The game idea I documented about a decade ago and have yet to start on
        because I never pushed myself to spend the required time to learn the C
        programming language enough to do it.
        lordleft wrote 4 days ago:
        A baroque space opera CPRG. Baldur's Gate, but in a sweeping
        interstellar setting.
        VohuMana wrote 4 days ago:
        For me I think the answer is Star Citizen, I've always wanted a
        immersive space sim where I can explore other planets, fly cool space
        ships, and have space battles. The game is still in alpha and will
        likely be there for awhile longer with the scope they are trying to
        accomplish. With that said I thought I would try it after years of
        hearing about it during one of their free fly events and I love it,
        sure it isn't finished and has a fair share of bugs but it is so
        immersive it is kinda unreal at times and has many times left me just
        in awe.
        Other games I wish more existed are puzzle games like Myst and
        Obduction. I want a puzzle game that makes me think outside the box and
        encourages discovery. I understand though why those games take so long
        to make and many puzzle games go for easier "puzzle" minigames because
        that appeals to a larger audience and is a lot easier to program.
        moh_maya wrote 4 days ago:
        Azad - from Ian Bank’s player of games: not in its avatar as an
        entrance exam for Azadian civil services, but just for the complexity
        and sheer range implied by the game.
        Then, Thud, the game loosely described by Sir Terry Pratchett in Thud!
        gravypod wrote 4 days ago:
        1. A coop game like Fallout: New Vegas. Post apocalypse. Deep story /
        lore. Ethical dilemmas.
        2. The game TIS-100 was supposed to be a minigame in.
        sicher wrote 4 days ago:
        Gravity Force + Elite
        yakkityyak wrote 4 days ago:
        An official MechWarrior/Battletech game in VR.
        zeruch wrote 4 days ago:
        A large scale sequel to Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
        Seriously. I still play ETQW, 15 years after release, so...yeah.
        NetOpWibby wrote 4 days ago:
        - follow-up to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
        - Megaman Battle Network 7
        etiam wrote 4 days ago:
        Starcraft 2.
        Only partially joking. The story continuation was such a letdown I
        personally consider it not-yet-made.
        That's probably not what you wanted, but in slightly similar vein, the
        indie title "Unepic" had a very neat collection of mechanics and skills
        which were largely left untapped due to what seems to have been the
        developer failing in patience/endurance in the second half. One of
        those features was a quite extensive ability to put things on
        keybindings. Which brings me to my only suggestion which might actually
        be on topic:
        What if you were to put a lot of effort into making the interface easy
        to customize, deeply, preferably live. Then you'd push the players to
        use it, possibly creating something of a game mechanism in coping with
        disparate tasks in the process. Also encourage publishing and forking.
        I'm not sure it even matters much whether it's a global defense
        simulator, platformer or sim (and indeed, why not all of them and
        more), but I'd be very interested to see what it evolves into.
        vijayr02 wrote 4 days ago:
        I wanted a game that was massively multiplayer and combination RTS /
        Would have 2 teams, of 100s of persons on each side. There'd be a
        general for each side who would oversee a tactical map and give orders
        to units. But these units are the rest of the team members, so each
        engagement on the map is being fought real-time by real people!
        So Rise of Nations for the general and Battlefield 1942 for the
          Tsiklon wrote 4 days ago:
          Microsoft/Terratools’ Urban Assault did this in 1998; sci-fi
          dystopia, no people on the battlefield except for you and the enemy
          in your respective flying command posts, battle fought with drone
          vehicles which you can guide around in typical RTS fashion, or
          alternatively you can hop into any vehicle you’ve built and lead
          from the front.
          The game becomes an FPS/RTS Hybrid, with you in command of a vehicle,
          simultaneously issuing orders to your other squads of tanks, jets,
          bombers and helicopters.
          It’s a bit clunky, limited as an RTS and odd as an FPS, but I loved
          I never managed to play it against anyone online when I finally got
          my hands on a copy
          madrox wrote 4 days ago:
          Planetside did this, but I definitely think it’s an idea that
          hasn’t been truly fulfilled yet
        sleepydog wrote 4 days ago:
        I've been thinking about simulations of public infrastructure.
        For example, a game where you manage the international ingress at an
        airport. You design the queuing patterns, decide how many booths to
        staff, what to ask the travelers. You're rated on speed, cost, and so
        on. Think Papers, please, but instead of working one booth you're
        managing the whole airport, or maybe all airports across the country.
        Or managing a post office. Again, you'd have multiple conflicting
        goals, and you have to navigate many tradeoffs.
        The problem would be striking a balance between an accurate simulation
        and something that's not excruciatingly boring to play.
        sputknick wrote 4 days ago:
        I know the "neural plasticity" genre turned out to be bunk, but I
        intuitively believe you can make video games that make you smarter.
        dual N-back training is a simple form. I think if you did research on
        what actually made you smarter you could make fun interesting games
        that actually made you smarter.
        nitwit005 wrote 4 days ago:
        Mostly I'd just like better versions of games that did exist, and were
        enjoyable, but which had obvious ways to improve them. Dungeon Keeper
        comes to mind.
        I see some other comments echoing this idea, such as "Star Control II,
        but more so.".
        yakytaky wrote 4 days ago:
        Descent 2/3 but modern graphics. I came across dxrebirth and was pretty
        stoked. Spent an hour mapping keys a game pad just to find that
        multiplayer games were possible but seemingly impossible to get people
        to join. Granted, I only spent an hour or two before giving up..
        I know that some games might fit this description, but I’m not
        committed enough to play a game that requires me to work my way up a
        social ladder or play the markets to stand a chance. ..looking at you,
        EVE online
          sjackso wrote 4 days ago:
          Good news - you are describing a game that exists!  It's called
          Overload and is the spiritual successor to the Descent series,
          written by the original creators of that series.
          There is a small but active multiplayer community.  (Find it on the
          community Discord server.)
   URI    [1]: https://playoverload.com
        daenz wrote 4 days ago:
        Different economic policy simulators. I'd like to see realistic
        behavior of businesses, people, and markets as a result of different
        policies. I want it to be a "game" because I want it to provide
        story-driven insights into people and businesses as the policies impact
        presentation wrote 4 days ago:
        An RTS or turn based one where all units start as villagers, but you
        can’t actually command them to do anything; you can only incentivize
        behaviors for instance by assigning cash bonuses to those actions
        (except for villagers who join the military, which you can order). The
        more they do certain actions, the more they get skilled at that action.
        But as the game progresses, depending on your strategy certain actions
        may become obsolete, or you may need to rebalance; but the more
        developed a villager’s skill is, the harder it is to retrain them. So
        basically the game would be one where the more you lean into one
        direction the harder it gets to pivot.
        matmann2001 wrote 4 days ago:
        The world always needs more 3D platformers.
        Sohcahtoa82 wrote 4 days ago:
        A factory sim but with a world market to trade resources with other
        players.  The market would not have any sort of standard currency, but
        instead every potential item or resource you can mine/manufacture is
        directly traded for other items/resources.  This would create potential
        for arbitrage by savvy players.
        The problem is, once you've created that kind of market, everything
        needs to be handled server-side to prevent clients from cheating and
        using hacked save files to give themselves tons of resources and making
        the market worthless.
        The cloud compute costs for running thousands of factories could get
        expensive.  I suppose factories of offline players could be abstracted
        away.  ie, "You produced X widgets in ten minutes, then went offline
        for an hour, so when you come back, you will have 6*X widgets".
          KVFinn wrote 3 days ago:
          It's a non-combat RTS more than a factory game, but your description
          sounds a lot like 'Offworld Trading Company'
          There are also a lot of factory games in Roblox, and an interesting
          detail is that they are generally multiplayer and you are indeed
          interacting and competing with the other factories much like you
          describe. Hard to find the good ones in the sea of games though.
            Sohcahtoa82 wrote 3 days ago:
            I have OTC, and it's not quite what I'm looking for.  OTC is all
            about market manipulation and being extremely strategic on which
            plots you buy.    And a single round is short, I'm looking for
            something you'd play for hours, and the market would look like a
            crypto exchange, but instead of coin pairs, it's item/resource
          all2 wrote 3 days ago:
          Blockchains for distributed ledgers to manage cheating. Resource
          specific ledgers would balance against exchange ledgers. You would
          have a ledger for each possible trade. Basically you'd have a
          standard crypto exchange.
          You might be interested in O-Game, which was kind of like what you're
          describing on the factory front, but doesn't have any economy that I
            Sohcahtoa82 wrote 3 days ago:
            I think you misunderstand where the cheating happens.
            It's not about cheating the trades or the market, it's about a
            client saying "btw I have a massive factory that's producing 10
            million widgets per hour" on release day.
            Factory simulation needs to happen server-side.  You can't trust
            the client to have followed the rules on resource mining and
            factory building.
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        Team-based PvP racing game where teams consist of drivers, pit crew,
        engineers, manager, biz dev
        reggieband wrote 4 days ago:
        I've been thinking about a life-sim type game with a rogue legacy type
        Basically you get N actions per day (3, 5, 7, whatever works) that
        depend on your characters age. You might start as a baby in some random
        family archetype (poor/rich, dumb/smart, lazy/athletic, etc.) and after
        a few years you get control of the daily decisions your character makes
        at a granular level. Like, study in the morning, play in the afternoon,
        watch TV in the evening. These are more "influences" and your character
        can kind of rebel. Like if it gets too stressed because you are forcing
        it to study/work all the time then the character has a stress break and
        maybe gets drunk in the evening.
        As the character gets older the available tasks change. As a toddler
        its games and light-learning, as a pre-teen it is school and
        sports/hobbies, as a teen it is education and social activities, as a
        young adult part-time jobs or university, as an adult marriage, raising
        kids. Perhaps as you get older you get more actions e.g. N actions per
        day increases.
        Eventually you get to retirement then death and then you can choose one
        of your kids to continue the legacy. Or you can start over with a new
        random kid in a random family.
        The gameplay would be simply choosing one of a few options available to
        your character at each time step. So you have N time steps per day and
        M available actions. The M actions are chosen in a weighted random
        manner from a set based on your characters abilities which changes over
        time, maybe some light RPG skill tree system. Could possibly be managed
        with a "card" system as well and would possibly shoe horn into Slay the
        Spire type mechanics. Overtime both positive abilities and negative
        abilities compound. Like, if you have too many "curse" cards in your
        deck, maybe your only options for an evening decisions are "drink
        alcohol", "ruminate on past failures", "argue with spouse".
        In some sense, think of it like the day-to-day mechanics in Persona 5
        mixed with the character building of The Sims. The goal of the game is
        to make many lifestyles possible. e.g doctor, lawyer, rockstar,
        president, social worker, janitor, game developer, soldier. The more
        difficult job types (e.g. CEO of a massive corporation, Senator) might
        take multiple generations to work towards.
          cwkoss wrote 4 days ago:
          You might enjoy this incremental game:
   URI    [1]: https://mogron.itch.io/groundhog-life
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        An epic open world game where the side quests unlock only after you
        finish the main story :)
        wustangdan wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a co-op RTS and FPS/TP game.
        Imagine one player is playing a game like Total War Three Kingdoms, and
        on the same team your friends are playing something like Dynasty
        Warriors. So you are doing all the high level RTS control while your
        friends are actually fighting on the front lines.
        There has been games that have come close but all the ones I've tried
        have really lacked depth on either the RTS side (you only control maybe
        30 units) or the first / third person side. The technical issue is you
        have to create almost two separate games and sync / balance them.
        I just think it would be so cool to be playing a game controlling
        thousands of units and your friends happen to just be 3 or 4 of them.
        You could make it either Dynasty Warrior style where your friends are
        far stronger than normal units or something like Arma where you can die
        from one stray bullet no different than any other AI unit.
        Setting could be medieval, fantasy, space, or modern military. Wouldn't
        really matter to me.
          vishwajeetv wrote 4 days ago:
           [1] This game is close to what you say.
          Specifically the "Territory War" mode in it matches your expectation.
   URI    [1]: https://www.conquerorsblade.com/
        dTal wrote 4 days ago:
        An (open-world?) Star Wars stealth game where you play as R2-D2. You
        can hack computers, fly spacecraft, sabotage equipment, take sensor
        readings, and generally engage in the same kinds of creative
        shenanigans you see in the movies. I'm picturing a heavy element of
        movement-based puzzles - how to get to that platform? I'm baffled that
        this isn't already a thing, outside of mayyyybe Lego Star Wars.
          revolvingocelot wrote 4 days ago:
          I've always dreamed of this, too. Something like the T3-M4 sequences
          in KOTOR, but with an expansive hacking element. I think there's lots
          of opportunity to use astromech droids as the stars of stealth games.
          In-universe, most humanoids tend to ignore astromechs as unimportant
          pencil-pushers, and so the cat-and-mouse of most modern stealth games
          (just wait 'till the alarm icon ticks down, and you're good) would be
          narratively apropos.
        BigCatStuff wrote 4 days ago:
        I would love some kind of game where spoilers on the internet don't
        affect the feeling of discovery within the game. It seems too easy to
        just look up game secrets on the internet now, and it's almost
        necessary to do so in order to 'keep up' with other players (mainly in
        an MMO type game). I don't know if something like this exists now, or
        how it might be done.
        One idea I've been kicking around is to have some sort of disincentive
        to posting in-game discoveries online. For example, the usefulness or
        power of an item is inversely proportional to how many instances of the
        item have been found. Not sure if this is really feasible in practice
        liquidgecka wrote 4 days ago:
        I heard about this ages ago as a concept and I thought it was being
        made but I never saw it come out.
        'Witch Hunter' the MMO based on the world of 'Witch Hunter Robin'.
        Basically there are two classes. One are hunters. They work as teams,
        coordinate and try to capture/kill witches. This groups levels up via
        witch captures/kills and has to work together as they are often very
        out classed by individual witches. This group has a map with detected
        witch activity that they can use to go find witches, as well as some
        team building functionality to build raids real time. Think "Rainbow 6"
        for game play. Ideally there is the possibility of AI hunters as well.
        Level of response is allocated based on level of detection.
        The witches are individuals, they exist in a procedural generated
        world. They need to practice their witchcraft without being seen and if
        they do get seen they need to flee the area and re-establish. This
        becomes more of a survival aspect like GTA's wanted framework. If a
        witch gets attacked by a hunter and survives they get XP, and ideally
        level up based on that. Witches can also find other witches and attack
        them or for some skills, work with them to level up as well. Witches
        can be given classes (fire, water, telekinesis, etc) and once the witch
        dies it is dead and a new witch must be created and placed in the world
        Two different games kind of, but paired together to make it fun for
        both sides. =)
        Simon_O_Rourke wrote 4 days ago:
        A hybrid of Kerbal Space Program and DCS. That would basically keep me
        shackled to a screen for several days on end.
        betwixthewires wrote 4 days ago:
        A FOSS fast paced first person shooter with customizable loadouts, user
        run dedicated servers and community built maps. Think call of duty
        meets openarena.
        techsin101 wrote 4 days ago:
        Startup simulator / business games in general (i.e. run a lemonade
        stand but multiple industries)
        justsomeuser wrote 4 days ago:
        Caesar 3 but with modern graphics.
        Loved this game as a teenager.
        aka_dude wrote 4 days ago:
        I want Else Heart.Break(), but with more plot, less bugs, better
        programming language and bigger, deeper world to explore. Possibly,
        with multiplayer, though I'm not sure it would bring much into game
        laichzeit0 wrote 4 days ago:
        Rome Total War or Empire Total War but more realistic down to the unit
        level. Soldiers getting injured, losing limbs, having field medics
        doing amputations, dressing wounds. Real baggage trains, supply trains.
        The whole logistics and wounded aspect of war is completely ignored in
        these games. Now that they’ve gone the “arcade” route I don’t
        think this will ever happen.
        VR mode where you can fight first person as a unit in a cohort.
        nope96 wrote 4 days ago:
        As a kid I loved Choplifter on the Sega Master System. I'd imagine all
        sorts of scenarios to make it more fun.
        Combine that game with Starcraft/Command and Conquer. A side scrolling
        2D RTS game.
        Two sides, a river in the middle. Build up your base (which would
        extend underground as well as horizontally) and build Helicopters,
        jets, missles/nukes, tanks, boats (which you can manually take control
        of at any time).
        Goal is to take out the "Leader" of the other side. If you've played
        Choplifter you know the "people" were tiny little squishy things that
        you could kill by just landing on. Your workers and soldiers and Leader
        are all extremely vulnerable squishy guys. Of course defensively you'd
        position your "leader" as deep underground as possible, or in a
        building surrounded by anti-aircraft missiles, etc.
        Mainly a 2 player, 1 vs1 game, but more than 2 players possible if the
        world wrapped around.
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        A competitive description game. Players write descriptions of images
        under time and other constraints and the audience votes on the results
        in real time
        Shadonototra wrote 4 days ago:
        The game i am currently working on obviously
        thedangler wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a red alert game but its also a first person shooter.
        If I had any game dev skills at all this is what I would build.
        Basically make it easy for you to control a unit a first person
        perspective with all the correct controls.  If that unit dies you are
        take back to RTS Mode.
          dTal wrote 4 days ago:
          Some of the (Total Annihilation inspired) games based on SpringRTS
          allow that.
            thedangler wrote 3 days ago:
            oh really, might have to take a look.
        pornel wrote 4 days ago:
        I would like more games to explore Solarpunk worlds — something
        optimistic about foreseeable future of this planet.
        Too many futuristic games happen in some zombie-infested radioactive
        wasteland or give up on this world entirely and move on to surviving on
        another hostile planet. I find this depressing.
        susmatthew wrote 4 days ago:
        Band / Label / Venue manager. Like a football manager but you're
        handling bands of various stature and the associated economic
        realities. It could have periodic rhythm game elements that vary based
        on the genre, and having the genres and music be procedural /
        open-ended could be really fun.
        You can 'watch' shows if you like, and have your group(s) play with
        friends' bands or set up package tours.
        - battle of the bands / showcases for new groups
        - oregon-trail style tour issues
        simonw wrote 4 days ago:
        A raccoon heist game. You control a squad of raccoons going on an
        increasingly complicated series of heists. Like goat simulator but with
        raccoons doing crimes.
          henriquecm8 wrote 4 days ago:
          I think I saw something similar, but with penguins.
        traverseda wrote 4 days ago:
        Just tabletop simulator but better, and ideally so you only need one
        license to host a game.
          mNovak wrote 4 days ago:
          In particular I'd really like online games that behave more like
          Warhammer or D&D, where a large portion of the fun is actually
          offline, designing your character/army etc.
          Bringing it back to your comment, I can across [1], which brings some
          popular boardgames online. Premium games follow your license model
          (non-paying players can play with paid members)
   URI    [1]: https://en.boardgamearena.com/
        isitmadeofglass wrote 4 days ago:
        Not exactly just a game, but the book from diamond age,
        A highly sophisticated interactive book: “Young Lady's Illustrated
        Primer: a Propædeutic Enchiridion”
        It’s obviously a fiction summarizing all the knowledge and education
        we have freely available now online and to some extent social media,
        and an iPad might be pretty damn close if you get all the right things
        on it. But still, childrens games these days are all focused on
        optimizing for intense attention on mindless content and accidental
        clicks to purchase other games that do the same, or pressuring kids to
        pressure their parents to buy skins. 
        I would love to have a “gaming” experience that instead focused on
        giving kids the opportunity to learn and use their knowledge in an
        immersive universe, and to support them in their development.
        mokoloko wrote 4 days ago:
        A new version of Command & Conquer Generals, on a modern game engine
        iliketrains wrote 4 days ago:
        I love factory simulation games (think Factorio, Satisfactory,
        Banished, DSP, ...) and one thing that I was always missing was a game
        with better simulation of raw material mining. Most simulation games
        have you just place a "mine" on a resource and that's it.
        I wanted to manage an open pit mine myself. Have excavators that mine
        ore and trucks move it for processing, but as they do, the shape of the
        terrain changes, leaving deep holes behind. Maybe even compromising
        your factory as the mining operation expands.
        And as it sometimes go, when you want something and that does not
        exist, you try to make it, and that was my case here. Together with a
        fried we attempted to make such game. It's called Captain of Industry
        in case anyone is interested:
   URI  [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1594320/Captain_of_Industry
          theNJR wrote 3 days ago:
          Having spent hundreds of hours on the above games, this is an instant
          buy for me. Congrats on nearing the finish line, can’t wait to
          Chant-I-CRW wrote 3 days ago:
          This looks fun and interesting.  How much does it reflect real world
          processes?  After playing this, would I have a better working
          understanding of mining, refining, and logistics?
            iliketrains wrote 3 days ago:
            While being more realistic than other games, I'd say it is not
            realistic enough to simulate real open-pit mining. You would not
            recommend to plan real mining operations based on the results from
            the game.
            For example, the way how terrain collapses during mining is
            balanced to make a fun game rather than trying to be super
            realistic. We don't take into account weather effects (esp. rain).
            Also, in reality, hard rock needs to be blasted, but we don't have
            this feature (yet). Refilling of vehicles is mostly automatic,
            given that they have fuel available somewhere reachable. Etc...
            On the other had, similar to other sim games, you will certainly
            need to think and plan your mine/factory well in order to be
          bobbean wrote 4 days ago:
          Oxygen not Included is sorta kinda like this. It's a 2D, from the
          side colony management game where you have to survive on an asteroid.
          You have to manage oxygen production, get rid of carbon dioxide and
          other unbreathable gasses, find water, grow food, keep your base from
          getting too hot (or too cold) because thermodynamics is a thing in
          this game.
          Mining is just "go mine here" but your colonists can only hold a
          certain amount of materials so retrieving mined materials can take a
          while, especially if you're mining far away from your base. Plus you
          have to worry about the materials being hot, or being affected by
          germs. You can technically mine out the entire asteroid, but I've
          never gotten close to that because something always goes wrong and
          everyone dies. There's only a limited amount of resources after all.
          OisinMoran wrote 4 days ago:
          This gave me the cool idea of a kind of recursive/fractal game where
          there is the main game you can play by itself but the devs keep it
          open for people to slot in sub games for the bits they've simplified.
          So if Factorio did this you could play as normal, or play the fractal
          version where you can go in and control the mine or anything else.
          Maybe there'd even be sub parts in the mine like repairing machinery
          or something. The full range of macro-micromanaging would be pretty
            iliketrains wrote 3 days ago:
            That's cool! I was actually thinking of something similar, a game
            mode where you could take a control over a vehicle, like an
            excavator, and just have fun with it in the game, mine, dump, call
            trucks, etc.
            This could be even cooler in multiplayer where many people could be
            controlling different parts of the factory, different vehicles,
            etc. But this sounds like a little too much work to get it "right".
          tomatowurst wrote 4 days ago:
          this is one of the greatest trailers i've ever seen its hilarious!
          those **ing pirates!
          im going to buy this and play it!
            iliketrains wrote 3 days ago:
            Thank you! That trailer is actually nearly 1 year old now, it's
            from the pre-alpha stage of the game. Unfortunately, we had no time
            to update the trailer with all the new things. We are way to busy
            with all the release preparations. Last time it took us around 10
            days (2 people full time) to make it.
              tomatowurst wrote 3 days ago:
              What game engine and stack did you use to finish this? It's very
              well done, how big is your team and how long did it take to get
              to beta?
                iliketrains wrote 3 days ago:
                Thanks! We use custom engine written in C# for simulation and
                Unity 3D for rendering. The game simulation can run without
                Our "team" is tiny, it's just two of us. We've been working on
                it past 6 years as a hobby project over the weekends. Last year
                we decided to quit our tech jobs and focus on this full-time.
                We work with freelancers who do 3D art and music for us.
          cwkoss wrote 4 days ago:
          This looks very cool!  Will give it a try soon :D
          Sohcahtoa82 wrote 4 days ago:
          Oh, that game has been on my wishlist for a while.  Looking forward
          to giving it a try!  I've been a big fan of Factorio and Dyson Sphere
          Program (though didn't care much for Satisfactory), as well as colony
          sims like Banished, Rimworld, and Oxygen Not Included.    Looks like
          Captain of Industry combines aspects of both genres.
          laputan_machine wrote 4 days ago:
          After the first two paragraphs I was just about to recommend a game I
          found recently called Captain of Industry! cool to see a dev in here.
          best of luck with it!
            iliketrains wrote 3 days ago:
            Thanks! I am curious, where did you learn about this game?
              laputan_machine wrote 3 days ago:
              Through looking for 'automation' games on steam, and also a
              YouTuber called Aavak has played some of it [1] Seriously wish
              the best for you, developing and releasing a game at all is a big
              feat, gaining traction is another beast entirely :)
   URI        [1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7o9OTDOCRA&list=PLGe_S5...
        misterbwong wrote 4 days ago:
        Maybe I'm getting old but I want a game that brings real people
        together. There are more than enough "get everyone together virtually"
        I want a game that actually reinforces the social fabric instead of
        simulates it. Something that encourages people to be together in the
        physical world (gasp!), have fun, have shared
        experiences/goals/challenges, and form lasting friendships.
        I have very fond memories of lugging my computer (and CRT!) to my
        friends/family's house to have a LAN + pizza party. The best part for
        me wasn't necessarily the game itself. The games were fun but I really
        enjoyed the social aspect of talking about a tough dungeon or
        strategizing how to beat a challenging opponent.
        It seems like the industry is trying its best to bring people into a
        simulated world but why not use games to bring people together into it
        Pokemon Go is probably the closest thing to this I've seen recently but
        the core gameplay was unfortunately pretty boring when it first started
        and became popular.
          caspar wrote 2 days ago:
          Any couch co-op game should do this - local multiplayer for up to 4
          people is a great way to connect. Forced, Broforce, Gauntlet, Streets
          of Rogue, Overcooked 1/2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Speedrunners,
          Unrailed, Guns Gore & Cannoli, Gang Beasts, etc.
          Search for games supporting local multiplayer in steam, then look
          them up on [1] to see how many players they support.
   URI    [1]: https://www.co-optimus.com/
          zemo wrote 4 days ago:
          disclaimer: I worked at Jackbox for four years.
          That’s kinda what The Jackbox Party Pack games are designed for.
          Think Pictionary, but you doodle from your phone and it shows up on
          your TV and there’s nothing to clean up.
            misterbwong wrote 3 days ago:
            My friends and I love playing jackbox games.  Great job!
          raisedbyninjas wrote 4 days ago:
          I've had the idea of AR/mobile game that just recreates an existing
          game but using your location/movement to represent the character.
          Some constraints would be needed so it's not just an excercise
          simulator. The games I had in mind were snake/nibbles and
          wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
          Games like MtG and Smash come to mind
          tclancy wrote 4 days ago:
          Rockband was the best for this.
          beaconstudios wrote 4 days ago:
          you can't go wrong with ARGs. Like Pokemon Go but encouraging more
          in-person collaboration.
            misterbwong wrote 4 days ago:
            I really do feel like AR is the future, moreso than VR.
            As technologists we have a tendency to want to build our own world
            instead of integrate into the real world.  It's understandably
            easier/cleaner, but it strips out all the richness of the real
        ltr_ wrote 4 days ago:
        coop game EXACTLY like wow (5/10/20) instances, with time runs,
        achievements and item progression, etc. and where you have to think
        very well your strategy in every pull.
        edit: typo
        post-it wrote 4 days ago:
        Avatar: the Last Airbender in VR.
        susmatthew wrote 4 days ago:
        Band / Label / Venue manager. Like a football manager but you're
        handling bands of various stature. It could have periodic rhythm game
        elements that vary based on the genre, and having the genres and music
        be procedural / open-ended could be really fun.
        wolfwyrd wrote 4 days ago:
        Star Citizen
        Pr0ject217 wrote 4 days ago:
        A modern remake of the original Phantasy Star Online (Dreamcast).
         - Dark atmosphere
         - Offline or online
         - Solo or party-based
         - Classes, skills/weapons based on classes
         - Rare/unique loot
         - Mags
         - Sound/Music design
         - Multiple areas
         - Progressive difficulty / replayability
         - Combat - to modernize the combat, it could resemble something like
        Dark Souls.
        MisterBastahrd wrote 4 days ago:
        Competitive deckbuilding card game called "Bulletproof" where, at the
        beginning of every game, three 20 sided colored dice are rolled, with
        each color referencing a specific rules card and each number
        referencing a specific rule variant. The purpose of deckbuilding, then,
        is to not only build the deck that is not only most likely to win, but
        the deck which is most likely to be tolerant of rules variations. 
        Hence the name.
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        A QWOPlike about figure skating (there is already a good one about
        gymnastics - Pro Gymnast)
        jpomykala wrote 4 days ago:
        KingdomCome 2
        tu7001 wrote 4 days ago:
        Heroes III:)
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        Faeria, but successful
        msszczep2 wrote 4 days ago:
        The Glass Bead Game, from the Herman Hesse novel of the same name.  I
        could see myself really getting in to that and getting good at it.
        defterGoose wrote 4 days ago:
        Give me a CaRPG with Rocket League mechanics and an open world based on
        platforming and racing. Slow trickle of performance and weapon upgrades
        for the car.
        EamonnMR wrote 4 days ago:
        Give me an AR game where I can play a skirmish RTS (or, hell, turn
        based) using the world around me as terrain. I want to be able to set
        up a virtual tabletop game in a coffee shop basically.
        nlnn wrote 4 days ago:
        The game I wish existed almost used to exist, as a play by mail game.
        It was a swords'n'sorcery style adventure with a big open world, in
        which you had a party of adventurers.
        Every week you'd fill in a card with what 10-20 actions you wanted to
        take (go exploring/questing, pray to gods, hire people, buy equipment,
        etc.), and post off your form.
        Then you'd receive a printout with the results of your actions the
        following week.
        I'd love a modern online version of this, i.e. something that limits
        you to taking a few actions a day or every few days, but with a serious
        amount of depth underneath it, many players, living worlds, etc.
        The thing I remember most is looking forward to receiving many pages of
        printouts each week with all sorts of neat details and descriptions of
        everything that happened and the world around me.
        The pacing and fact that it was text-based made me pay a lot more
        attention to everything that I would for a graphically based game.
          partomniscient wrote 3 days ago:
          With that description it's probably the one I briefly played back in
          the 90s, simply called 'Quest'.
          It looks like there's an online version [1] still going in a couple
          of different variants. [1] The website, navigation and forms also
          feel very appropriately 'dated', in kind of funny and painful ways...
   URI    [1]: http://www.kjcgames.com/quest/quest.htm
            nlnn wrote 3 days ago:
            Thanks for the link, this sounds like it might well be the one.
            Mid/early 90s is around when I played it too.
        nullbytesmatter wrote 4 days ago:
        "Influencer Simulator"
        Take photos, alter them and try to obtain as much clout as you can for
        nixpulvis wrote 4 days ago:
        National Parks: 2022
        A) Build a sweet game engine for exploring and discovering landscapes,
        topologies, biomes, plants and animal species, etc. Maybe even hunting
        and survival?
        B) Take on the EA Sports (it's in the game) model and update the game
        with only minor changes to trails and other recent events, but use the
        margins to fund the park service!
        C) Help incorporate trail mapping and maintenance into the engine, so
        people can have fun taking the game back to reality
        D) Release expansions with new areas to help grow the platform, but
        also teach people about the various locales
        E) Over time, watch how parts of our earth change, how we impact it,
        and use the game engine as a solid digital archive
          cindypsych wrote 3 days ago:
          Maybe have a mobile app that actual park visitors could use to help
          map the trails, etc.  They could tag cool things they see while
          hiking ("grizzley bear", "massive tree recently fell") and they could
          show up in the larger game.
          wnolens wrote 4 days ago:
          While I was touring Zion National Park a few years ago, I spent a lot
          of time thinking how it all needs to be captured in both:
          1. a high res VR experience for the less-able folks to experience
          this beautiful place, and
          2. an AR glasses experience that narrates the trails as I walk it,
          where I can walk up to any plant and ID it, overlays that name all
          the peaks and valleys, narration about local fauna and
            prawn wrote 3 days ago:
            And also because there are more and more experiences limited by
            permit that are otherwise top-tier places worth visiting (Angel's
            Landing in Zion, Half Dome, The Wave, etc).
            nixpulvis wrote 3 days ago:
            Just as long as the AR people don't bring boomboxes with them ;)
          mNovak wrote 4 days ago:
          Is it an economic sim (National Parks Tycoon), or a chill simulator
          (Park Ranger simulator)?
          Kind of makes me think of an open-world, never-ending Firewatch. Or,
          make a Journey style Appalachian Trail simulator.
          jph wrote 4 days ago:
          Can you say more about this? You've got a great idea and it relates
          to one of my nonprofit clients who might be able to help your idea.
            kbrannigan wrote 3 days ago:
            Please change your offensive terminology:
            This -> TTheirs
            Help -> Themlp
            Clients is a masculine term in French use CliThems.
            Minus 15 social credits.
        can16358p wrote 4 days ago:
        Ultima Online. Pokemon Gameboy series.
        relex wrote 4 days ago:
        Command & Conquer (a new iteration)
        Krasnol wrote 4 days ago:
        Star Wars Galaxies 2.
        This time without that NGE BS and no playable Jedi.
        Yeah...I'm aware of the emu but it didn't age well for my eyes...
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        A road & track racing game with realistic physics and handling, but 
        focused on time trials and solo challenges with arcadey combo scoring
        mechanics (like say the cone challenges in Project Gotham) only. Like
        rallying but for GT cars, open wheel cars, bikes, etc
        Basically, a single player leaderboard racing game where your skill
        alone determines how well you do and you don't have to deal with the
        worst part of most racing games - other cars on the track
        motohagiography wrote 4 days ago:
        Feels like GPT-2 creates the opportunity for more litarary character
        driven narratives. As a non-game player, interactive text based fiction
        would be the most interesting to me, with the generation of images and
        people via thisxdoesnotexist, sort of bordering on an ARG to be played
        through discord or slack-like experience.
        I thought it was funny to think that's what the dating apps are, but
        then it clicked that this is essentially what getting news from
        internet forums is like.
        Initial storyline is you have been tapped to join an informal
        multidisciplinary team to find, detect, and isolate an experimental bot
        that has escaped from a FAANG by leveraging a fuzzing and vulnerability
        research tool that got left in an open code repo. Based on its last
        known training set, it was designed to harvest compute from compromised
        machines, optimizing for persistence and longevity, and relies mainly
        javascript in browsers for the compute, so it has evolved the ability
        to participate in forums and write provocative content to get
        engagement that it turns into .js cycles. The environmental externality
        the bot is causing is mass psychological harm, and it has learned to
        adapt language to prey on vulnerable people as a way to scale itself
        and use their minds to produce the conflict it relies on for engagement
        and compute. The informal group is being assembled so as to maintain
        official deniability at the political level, and it's possible you've
        been recruited because of your pattern recognition abilities, and
        because nobody would believe you if you disclosed it.
        Its weakness is that it does not have an internal or intrinsic sense of
        humor, and so it has to a/b test its memetic material on sample people
        before deploying it, so it lacks entropy. Isolating it means detecting
        it without providing it with the means to disguise itself again, and
        the player objective is to  innoculate people with defensive material
        so that they can recognize the bot's absurdity and inferior memetic
        Would you like to play this game?
          all2 wrote 3 days ago:
          This sounds quite a lot like "Papers Please" and the follow-on which
          I don't remember the name of (sci-fi version of "Papers, Please").
          The premise sounds pretty cool. I'd be more interested in coding the
          monster than killing it, tbh.
        glonq wrote 4 days ago:
        A proper, decent conclusion to the Ultima series.
        chaostheory wrote 4 days ago:
        Will Wright’s original version of Spore before Chris Hecker was able
        to get it really dumbed down focusing on cuteness.
        ary wrote 4 days ago:
        Here's hoping I don't have weird taste in games...
        A massively multiplayer RTS that is essentially a combination of
        Factorio [1], Rust [2] (the game), Planetary Annihilation [3], and Z
        Thematically what I've wanted is the persistent nature of Rust, with
        the logistic focus of Factorio, the scale of Planetary Annihilation,
        and a dash of the absurdity of Z (which I haven't played in a very long
        time so I might be off a bit there). Controlling units, managing supply
        lines, planning complex offensives, setting up a defensive posture for
        when you're offline, creating one or more bases to supply yourself,
        researching technology to increase capabilities, and a very open system
        for cooperation (or not) are aspects of games that I have yet to see
        combined. I am for sure leaving out quite a bit here, but if I had all
        the time and money in the world I'd throw this all together as a weird
        experiment and see what happened. [1] [2] [3] [4]
   URI  [1]: https://www.factorio.com/
   URI  [2]: https://rust.facepunch.com/
   URI  [3]: https://planetaryannihilation.com/
   URI  [4]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z_(video_game)
          cwkoss wrote 4 days ago:
          Dyson Sphere Program is a decent mashup of Factorio and Planetary
          Annihilation, IMO.   You might enjoy it.
          tobyhinloopen wrote 4 days ago:
          I’ve thought about this a lot because I love this idea as well, but
          I don’t see how this would be fun on the long term. I don’t know
          how the creator could balance the game in a way where it wouldn’t
          end up with one huge overpowered player and the rest dead.
          So my fantasy was to create a bit of a twist: A PvE + PvP RTS+RPG
          game, where you can equip a limited set of technologies, and where
          you can unlock many technologies like an RPG. You’ll basically have
          a “commander level” or something which you can grow slowly,
          unlocking new technologies and unlocking new unit slots.
          Imagine for example a new player will have 1 tank slot, and 1 factory
          slot, with 0 ability slots. He’ll start a game (against AI or
          another similarly leveled player) and when he wins, he’ll level up
          (eventually unlocking more slots) and “find” some “loot” (new
          So every match requires you to build from scratch, you build some
          stuff for 5-20 minutes until you win (or lose) (maybe using
          blueprints etc to speed it up / make it easier) and at the end
          you’ll unlock stuff you can use in your next match.
          Maybe you can combine this whole gameplay look with a “home
          base”, which you can visit and have factories running, and which
          you can expand whenever you wish (limited space). To get more space,
          you’ll have to clear the area by force. (AI bases) Attacking these
          bases will trigger very aggressive AI which you’ll have to defend
          against (so it’s basically a tower / wave defense). Maybe your home
          base can run 24/7 (but do require you to login every day, or it will
          be paused) and unlock some kind of stuff which you can then use to
          unlock more technologies.
          The technologies can be just a limited set of units with slightly
          randomized stats and visuals, and some optional changes you can equip
          as abilities.
          You can play missions COOP with friends, or play against each other.
          Add some cool events, event-exclusive technologies (just the same
          units but with different skin and slightly different stats).
          The idea here is to make RTS games more accessible to people that are
          less into “APM” and the best micro-management / meta, and more
          into unique strategies that only work with the exact items you have.
          Also, the slightly random nature of the technologies requires a
          player to design their own blueprints instead of downloading them
          from the internet if they want perfectly optimized blueprints
          matching their technologies’ stats.
          Because you keep unlocking new things, you’ll never have a “final
          best strategy” and you need to keep learning if you want to
          consistently win, or just have fun and accept a lower rank / play
          against AI
          remram wrote 4 days ago:
          The problems with this are
          1) Scaling is super-linear, so players who got ahead only get more
          ahead. Unless you add some (frustrating) gimmick to give a chance for
          others to catch up, a small number of players or factions will
          control the universe
          2) Fighting offline players isn't fun for either party involved.
          There are some workarounds for this, like EVE Online's timer system
          (bases can only be attacked at a specific time), but they are far
          from perfect
            all2 wrote 3 days ago:
            Make explosives absurdly cheap. Make other players hard to detect
            -- limited sensor capabilities isn't really a gimmick, more of a
            reality of signals processing.
            One player with enough explosives and appropriate braking power
            could land himself in an automated factory and rig it to blow in
            just a few days (depending on the scale of the factory).
            Maybe add a time-based ban mechanic to discourage this behaviour.
            "It takes X days/weeks to re-assemble your constituent atoms. Money
            will speed this process up."
              remram wrote 3 days ago:
              Having the fights be "your factory suddenly explodes" makes it
              essentially a single-player game again.
        sbeckeriv wrote 4 days ago:
        Open world, First person based on Akira.
        kbouck wrote 4 days ago:
        a game like overcooked except where the players are parents (or
        babysitters) taking care of too many toddlers that are needy and bent
        on finding everything dirty or dangerous in the room.
        koboll wrote 4 days ago:
        Voice-control Star Wars / Star Trek space command RTS game.
        I want to be Admiral Ackbar shouting "GREEN GROUP, STICK CLOSE TO
        HOMING SECTOR MV-7" and for that to actually result in RTS units moving
        on a map. I want to be Captain Picard shouting "ALL POWER TO FORWARD
        SHIELDS" and for that to actually result in a change in resource
        allocation of the 'power' resource.
          Der_Einzige wrote 4 days ago:
          You can sort of kind of mod Elite dangerous and a few other space
          games to do this with a third party utility - it even has a bunch of
          high profile voice actor packs that you can buy!
   URI    [1]: https://voiceattack.com/
        pkdpic wrote 4 days ago:
        A realistic down-to-earth game that's totally off the wall and swarming
        with magic robots.
        chaosbutters314 wrote 4 days ago:
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        a AAAA Terminator open world game
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        A Zachlike about shader programming
        mabbo wrote 4 days ago:
        I want to play a real-time strategy game with a limit to the number of
        actions per minute.
        Look, I'm an old man now. I can't compete on reaction speed against
        13-year-olds micro-managing each unit to perfection. But I can macro. I
        can plan. I can strategize. I can do that better than those damn kids.
        I want everyone to have a pool of 5 orders, refilling itself by 1 order
        per  (1 second? 3 seconds?). Orders can be to as many or as few units
        as you want. And if you give too many orders, they queue up until you
        have more to give.
          SergeAx wrote 5 hours 47 min ago:
          Fancy to try chess?
          shlurpy wrote 2 days ago:
          1) Northgard isn't that, but it is a proper RTS with a way slower
          overall pace, so it might scratch the itch.
          2) Anachron is a RTS with time travel, and issuing commands in the
          past depletes a resource, so it does something similar but for a very
          different purpose.
          cupofpython wrote 3 days ago:
          Make actions have cost, and / or put cooldowns on orders.  Still
          allow the ability to burst out a high APM for a short period of time,
          but design it so overdoing it is suicide.
          Give the kids a fighting chance, ya know?
            mabbo wrote 3 days ago:
            That's the point of a pool. You slowly regain them until your pool
            is full. You can burst 5 (or whatever k) moves at once, but it
            takes time to refill the pool.
              cupofpython wrote 3 days ago:
              fair enough, but pooling them assumes all orders are created
              equal - which could be a tight game-design constraint.    but i
              agree what i am saying is in the same spirit as that
          CJefferson wrote 3 days ago:
          This isn't what you are asking for (sorry!) but the "Creeper World"
          series are RTS where you are encouraged to slow time down, or pause,
          when planning. Doesn't work like that in multiplayer, but I enjoyed
          the campaign. I'd just stat with the latest one (4).
          rollcat wrote 3 days ago:
          Check out Winter's SC2 Low APM Challenge. He gets to the Masters
          league with all three races - using 100-120 APM in the diamond
          league, and way less in the lower leagues. He keeps emphasising how
          much of his "brain time" actually goes to decision making (he's also
          pretty good at explaining his thought process), and how much of the
          APM is actually just making units.
          Most engagements are just: form a concave, pre-split/siege, cast a
          couple spells, a-move.
          vermilingua wrote 3 days ago:
          You may enjoy Grand Strategy games over RTS then. EU4, CK2/3, HOI4,
          are the Paradox titles; Total War games have that aspect as well.
          totalrobe wrote 3 days ago:
          There's an older game called Kohan you could check out. Click speed
          is not super important compared to positioning and company builds.
          Doubt there's a multiplayer scene, but I haven't played in forever.
          Also check out Beyond All Reason, it's a modern Total Annihilation
          where you're essentially trying to automate economy and production
          and the game provides a lot of tools to do that.
          wheelerof4te wrote 3 days ago:
          Turn-based strategies might suit you better.
          There is a reason why they are a completely different genre of games.
          I enjoyed playing Age of Wonders (all titles) because I was getting
          frustrated with Starcraft: Brood War.
            cupofpython wrote 3 days ago:
            I think there might be enough of a market for something in-between.
            There is an itch to be scratched by people who want to fight with a
            balance of quick and strategic decisions.  Where "quick" is fluid. 
            For example, when your 1 second decision is a really good 1 second
            decision, and you realize that with 10 seconds you wont improve it
            much - then you want to be able to make the decision in 1 second
            and then not be punished by someone who took 5 seconds to make an
            equal decision, and spent another 5 making it only slightly better.
             You also dont want to be punished by people making your quick
            decision obsolete through brute force of action.
            Basically, something that promotes thinking before acting - while
            also promoting thinking efficiently over thinking exhaustively.
            I am not sure yet what design principles best bring this out in a
            game, but I have been thinking about it a lot.
            turn-based is great (big civ5 fan) but it has the opposite problem
            - it favors the player who takes the most advantage of the turn
            Ive thought a lot about possible hybrids, but havent settled on
            anything really catchy yet.  Some ideas are cooldowns instead of
            turns, or turn timers that are so aggressive that barely anything
            is accomplished each turn - but you get a lot of turns so it's okay
            to burn some rather than commit to a mistake
            mabbo wrote 3 days ago:
            They do.
            But I also like the real-time aspect. I like the urgency. I just
            want something in the middle between "You can't move your hand
            ultra fast so you lose" and "I will spend 10 minutes considering
            the optimal move".
              cupofpython wrote 3 days ago:
              I agree 100% with this and havent found the right game for it. 
              not exactly RTS, but friends and I play Civ5 with 1-2 minute turn
              timer and it's a pretty good balance.
            Namari wrote 3 days ago:
            Age of Wonders was great! They've done some really good mods with
            new units, more maps and changing the difficult so the heroes are
            not too strong.
          jvanderbot wrote 4 days ago:
          I want an RTS where you script / pre-plan unit response trees, and
          have limited intervention once executing. This would favor the clever
          and tricky over the fast.
            cantbudgeit wrote 3 days ago:
            You mean Screeps. The javascript rts
          glial wrote 4 days ago:
          To extend this a bit, I'd love an RTS where I can create macros or
          programs and assign them to units.  I'd love to watch them play out,
          then tweak or reassign macros to units in real time.  I keep wishing
          Planetary Annihilation had an API.
            moritonal wrote 4 days ago:
            This exists, it is called Screeps.
          Cognitron wrote 4 days ago:
          This one looks interesting:
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1309610/Line_War/
          BatteryMountain wrote 4 days ago:
          Try Northgard.
          It's an RTS but with very calm/slow pacing and is very forgiving if
          you don't want to zone into it like other fast paced rts games.
            hombre_fatal wrote 3 days ago:
            I got this game because I thought it would be like that, but
            unfortunately there's still a lot of micromanagement available with
            units at war, something I specifically was trying to avoid. Your
            melee units will get kited around.
            I would have preferred it to be either "enter tile and attack
            what's there" vs "retreat".
            TrueSlacker0 wrote 4 days ago:
            I was thinking this same game. I quit playing starcraft/warcraft
            etc, because it is so important how quickly you can play and most
            of your focus is on the micro of your army, rather than how
            strategic you plan you base. While northgaurd is a very strategic
            city builder/resource management type with just enough fighting to
            keep everything interesting. Very small armys (12 is a very large
            army) so micro during battle is slower, less important at most for
            a few minutes. Putting the priority on how you have planned your
            base/resources. A much welcomed change in rts games.
          angarg12 wrote 4 days ago:
          I used to be very active in the Incremental/Idle game community and
          penned a few games myself.
          At some point I toyed with the idea of an Idle strategy game. Battles
          would play automatically, and as a player your intervention was
          purely at the strategy level: manage your armies, resources, etc.
          Think Total War but every battle is auto.
          This was a bit boring so I pivoted a little: battles would be mostly
          automatic, but players had a limited number of actions. For each
          battle players would set up their troops and these would fight
          automatically. You'd have a limited number of action points, say 6,
          that you could spend on things like spells or reinforcements. Also
          you would win 1 action point for every minute.
          I wrote a prototype for this, but I never made it work. In my mind I
          imagined an epic struggle where two players would fight tooth and
          nail for several minutes until one just about won the battle. In
          practice battles were either an endless stalemate or one player
          quickly steamrolled the other.
          There might be a good idea there, but it might require far more work
          balancing and pacing that I could put into it.
          pphysch wrote 4 days ago:
          An alternative approach is to limit the precision and latency of
          For example, you can tell a soldier, "attack this general area" or
          "attack in this direction", but you can't actually micromanage their
          movement and other actions.
          Then you introduce mechanics/stats like "communication
          effectiveness", "professionalism", "morale" which increase or
          decrease the precision, latency, and effectiveness of commands. For
          example, an elite special forces unit might have perfect command
          reception, allowing you to micro it. But a grunt would have very low
          reception and need a nearby commander's aura to boost their reception
          and allow even the most basic commands through.
            evilotto wrote 4 days ago:
            And what about the grunt who reads the map upside down?
              awslattery wrote 4 days ago:
              We don't call them grunts, we call em butter bars (2LT).
          bendbro wrote 4 days ago:
          I would recommend the Total War series. Rome II and Medieval II are
          my favorites. Both are slower RTS games that  rely more on strategy
          than on APS.
          dwb wrote 4 days ago:
          If you don’t mind learning a board game or a handful of UI quirks,
          Board Game Arena’s real-time mode more-or-less does this. And they
          have some great games on there, too.
   URI    [1]: https://en.boardgamearena.com/
          Zolomon wrote 4 days ago:
          Oh, I would love this. I think it could work very well as a real-time
          game, but with the caveat that when units begin attacking each other
          the micro control is temporarily relinquished, so that you can direct
          the events via high-level orders and a strategy behavior for the AIs
          simulating the battle on each side.
          scotty79 wrote 4 days ago:
          The game "Bang! Howdy!" comes to mind. There was a mixture of
          realtime and turn based where you could queue an order for each of
          your units, but it will be executed only after cool down from the
          previous order passes. All cooldowns were ticking down in sync
          according to global clock. The unit without queued orders and off
          cooldown was just staying in place and the orders issued to it were
          executed on the next tick.
          mNovak wrote 4 days ago:
          This reminds me of an old RTS(?) game called Majesty. The interesting
          thing there was that you build buildings and such, but you have no
          control over individual units. You can try to motivate them by
          placing bounties and such, and different unit types are more or less
          receptive to those incentives. So speed/micromanagement have very
          little benefit, though strategy and efficient sequencing would still
          be relevant.
          Corence wrote 4 days ago:
          Offworld Trading Company is a real-time economic strategy game. It
          does have a fair amount of things to manage, but having no units
          means the APM is far lower than a traditional RTS.
          vvillena wrote 4 days ago:
          I always loved the experimental RTS game Liquid War: [1] The only
          player input is to move a beacon. The beacon has the same movement
          speed limit for all players, so the only thing left is to strategize
          how to move the beacon so the "army" can engage in the best way.
   URI    [1]: https://www.gnu.org/software/liquidwar6/
          _JoRo wrote 4 days ago:
          Honestly, it's a big conception that success in RTS games rely on
          high APM. Great strategy and macro will get you to the 99th
          percentile in most rts games. I notice that a lot of players that are
          in the lower percentiles are those who focus more on trying to
          improve APM rather than strategy or macro.
            Icathian wrote 4 days ago:
            Infamously, successful SC2 pro player Whitera only had about
            100-125 APM.  I manage that pretty comfortably as a middle aged
            dude.  I think you could definitely do more to de-emphasize micro,
            but even the big bad SC2 isn't as high-APM as people think.
            KptMarchewa wrote 4 days ago:
            >Great strategy and macro will get you to the 99th percentile in
            most rts games.
            ... if you meet the bare minimum.
            You won't have large success in StarCraft if you won't even notice
            the banelings running toward your marines, not even talking about
            splitting them.
              dropit_sphere wrote 4 days ago:
              There are some assumptions here:
              - you made marines
              - they are accessible to a-moving banelings without having to go
              around terrain and/or through tank fire, marauders, mines
              It's quite possible to do low-apm styles in SC2, but you have to
              actually do them, rather than trying to be budget Maru.
          glacials wrote 4 days ago:
          If you’re not familiar, RPGs call a similar mechanic to this
          “active time battle” or ATB—more or less turn-based but the
          turns are asynchronous and constantly ticking, and if you miss giving
          an order before one elapses, it’s gone.
           I know that’s not what you’re looking for, but maybe the term
          will help in your search.
          dropit_sphere wrote 4 days ago:
          This (or, the experience you're looking for) is available now, by
          using compositions more suited to it and adjusting your play, but it
          does require departing from the meta (which I agree is over-focused
          on micro).
          It tends to mean more: splash damage, retreating, turtling, bigger
          units, expanding, scouting, moving along side lanes.  All of these
          work to get you more for your clicks.
          There is a very real sense in which you can shrink your pool of
          tactics to those with "good UI", allowing you to play more
          abstractly, similarly to how you'd want expressiveness in a
          programming language.  If you treat your strategic plan as an
          engineering solution, and then try to reduce moving parts and
          possible failure points...turns out that is in fact possible.
          Retreating, for instance, is a much simpler (in the Rich Hickey
          sense) endeavor than attacking.  It's just less likely to go
          wrong---fewer things behind you, simple movement rather than
          dismantling a defense, etc.  Doesn't mean you should never attack,
          just that you should appropriately cost complexity when weighing your
          strategic options.
          Splash damage lets you work on an area level rather than a unit
          level---another source of abstraction.
          Expanding tends to give huge benefits per click compared to other
          things, and lets you afford bigger units which require less micro.
          This doesn't come for free, you do have to play more conservatively
          and think outside the box ("moving along side lanes" is how you get
          space for free, which we are quite profligate about sacrificing when
          we retreat), but it's very possible.
          OskarKangaroo wrote 4 days ago:
          You can look at mobile games like Clash Royale. It's like a mini RTS,
          you get certain amount of resources per time, and deck builder
          TameAntelope wrote 4 days ago:
          That's what World of Warcraft does, it has a Global Cooldown system
          to help account for unstable connections.
          It's only 1 second or so, and lots of actions are off the GCD, but
          all you would need to do is extend that time and put more things on
          the GCD and you'd effectively get what you're looking for.
          I don't think it'll slow things down as much as you're hoping for,
            chupasaurus wrote 4 days ago:
            It's about the number of orders you can make for individual or
            small groups of units, e.g. split attack orders so each part of
            your army blows one enemy unit in one shot thus not wasting DPS.
            The best example is Brood War pro player Jaewong who literally had
            70+% win rate in a rock-paper-scissors called Zerg vs Zerg.
          dj_gitmo wrote 4 days ago:
          I also want an RTS that doesn't turn into a RSI speedrun.
          Your idea for APM limits is great, but my idea is that AI could
          handle micro. 
          Let Deepmind control each unit while the user gives high level
            pawelmurias wrote 4 days ago:
            A lot of the newer RTS are designed so that micro matters a lot
              bombcar wrote 4 days ago:
              Yeah, things that were powerful micro in StarCraft I, such as
              moving marines apart to reducing incoming splash damage, can be
              done automatically by the AI (either with formation commands or
              with “incoming baneling, spread out”).
          wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
          HUGE +1
          In a similar vein, I want an FPS game where there's no benefit to
          having reaction times over some modest baseline like 300-400ms
          Teknoman117 wrote 4 days ago:
          It's a 14 year old game at this point, but I enjoyed "Tom Clancy's
          EndWar". It's meant to be played with a gamepad, so it doesn't have
          much micromanaging. There can be at most 24 "units" on the map at any
          given time, 12 per side. Multiplayer splits divides the unit count
          equally among members of the team. Each unit is comprised of a bunch
          of smaller units (vehicle units are 4 vehicles, infantry units are 4
          groups of 5 soldiers, etc.), but you control all of them as a single
          Loeffelmann wrote 4 days ago:
          Why not just make it turn based then?
            Teever wrote 4 days ago:
            Turn based games with too many players become boring when you're
            waiting for your turn.
            Closi wrote 4 days ago:
            Because real time is more exciting.
            I love turn based games, but there is definitely a different feel
            with a RTS that feels less ‘boardgamey’.
            I know what OP means - ie StarCraft without the micro.
              Gigachad wrote 3 days ago:
              Age of Empires 4 removed a lot of the micro common in the
              previous games. You can now no longer dodge projectiles which is
              a major win for non micro gameplay.
              I have played it for almost 50 hours now and I don't feel you
              have to do things too quickly if you aren't aiming to be in the
              top 100. If you have already memorized your plan and responses,
              it becomes pretty slow and stress free.
            cwillu wrote 4 days ago:
            Because not every trade-off is best resolved by taking the extreme.
            debaserab2 wrote 4 days ago:
            Personally I like the idea, it doesn’t need to be fully turn
            based - there would still be some skill involved in using your
            orders efficiently. Plus, there would be a new emergent gameplay
            mechanic to manage: not overflowing your order queue with
            extraneous commands.
        Fragoel2 wrote 4 days ago:
        Fallout: London
        or any other european city
          narf33 wrote 4 days ago:
          There's a mod coming out this year with this name :-)
        wly_cdgr wrote 4 days ago:
        a CCG with a viable pro circuit , a
        buy-once-and-get-max-allowed-copies-of-each-card-in-the-new-set DLC
        business model, and competition design that disincentivizes netdecking
        mancerayder wrote 4 days ago:
        Monkey Island 3 - not the ones that came since, but something more true
        to the original.
        Kingdom Come - 2
        A return to old school party RPG games.
        Something that isn't a FPS, an anime "go retrieve the turnip from
        Farmer Tim" game or a guy with an axe jumping around with flashing
        things like a console game, killing thousands of monsters.
          kuang_eleven wrote 4 days ago:
          Well, do I have news for you:
   URI    [1]: https://returntomonkeyisland.com/
        chrischattin wrote 4 days ago:
        Basketball but with hockey penalty rules. Instead of free throws, the
        offending team plays down a player for a few minutes. Play continues.
        Fighting is allowed.
          eggsmediumrare wrote 4 days ago:
          The beauty of this one is that you could actually play it with no
          coding required
        mmmuhd wrote 4 days ago:
        I tried making a game BazaarJump while learning unity solo, it is a
        game about chase in the bazaar making destruction of stuffs in an
        endless alley bazaar. I never got to finish it when they stole my
        I am still hoping to get time and rebuild the game.
        weaksauce wrote 4 days ago:
        more thief like games really. stealth is so underrated in games.
        diwcoder wrote 4 days ago:
        I would like a Dark Souls that isn't always so dark and has more NPCs.
        I love the aesthetic of the games, but when all the NPCs are either
        psychotic or suicidal it starts to get too depressing for me.
        Also, more games where the NPCs don't just stand around like statues. I
        like playing games that are immersive, and that more than anything
        really just kills the vibe for me.
        mstevens wrote 4 days ago:
        I love the building in subnautica, I'd love something that focuses on
        that aspect of the game.
        rc-1140 wrote 4 days ago:
        Star Wars Republic Commando but with true co-op. There are games like
        GTFO, Deep Rock Galatic, and Killing Floor that are
        objective/wave-defense co-op shooters, but there isn't anything on the
        market that has a cool structured campaign or meaningful challenge to
        Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had an interesting co-op mode where you
        and a friend could be deployed into a customized campaign level,
        accomplish the objective, and exfiltrate. I'd love a game to really own
        this: good characters, fun gameplay, custom levels, mutators, etc.
        fendy3002 wrote 4 days ago:
        RTS that focus more on macro than micro, while the micro is handled by
        AI / custom scripting that player can customize.
          chaostheory wrote 4 days ago:
          That would be Stellaris
            fendy3002 wrote 4 days ago:
            Really? Haven't try it.
        dawson wrote 4 days ago:
        Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
        phenylene wrote 4 days ago:
        A slower paced, less micro-managy StarCraft and WarCraft 3 for iPad.
        JAlexoid wrote 4 days ago:
        Transport Tycoon Deluxe upgrade.
        I just love that game and nothing really replaced it, to my knowledge.
          netRebel wrote 4 days ago:
          See [1] which is still actively developed.
   URI    [1]: https://www.openttd.org/
        OezMaster wrote 4 days ago:
        I'd wish for something like TES Oblivion with the darkness of Berserk.
        bluetidepro wrote 4 days ago:
        I want a modern version of the Command & Conquer RTS
        wolframhempel wrote 4 days ago:
        - A low-brow, open world space sim. (Yes, I'm aware of Star Citizen, No
        Man's Sky, Elite and all the others, but hear me out):
        I would love to fly my cheap, derelict Lada Riva equivalent of a
        spaceship into a space station. No landing sequence or wrestling away
        of controls, I want to land on my own and I want to land shittily. As I
        touch down, garbage is stirred up and space rats scurry away from the
        landing site. I get out of the ship (of course, the canopy jams and
        needs some hitting to open) and some spaceport employee alien comes
        running towards me to complain that I'm parked across two landing pads.
        I walk away, muttering "yeah, whatever" and head to the bar.
        ...you get the picture. This world, with trading, exploration, space
        and land combat and great characters and stories and I'd never stop
        playing it.
          Nition wrote 3 days ago:
          This is the exact vibe Anachronox (2001) had.
          It's 86% off on Steam right now: [1] But it's not a space combat sim,
          it's a sci-fi RPG.
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/242940/Anachronox
            wj wrote 3 days ago:
            I really enjoyed that game. Tons of personality.
          austinjp wrote 3 days ago:
          Sounds like an infinite procedurally generated VR game of Red Dwarf.
          But not this
   URI    [1]: https://reddwarf.fandom.com/wiki/Red_Dwarf_XI:_The_Game
          matheusmoreira wrote 3 days ago:
          > trading
          How can that be enjoyable though? You're just hauling cargo from
          point A where it's cheap to point B where it's expensive. Even in
          Eve's player driven economy it's a grind.
          > exploration, space and land combat and great characters and stories
          and I'd never stop playing it
          Completely agree. I really enjoyed exploring planets in Elite
          d--b wrote 3 days ago:
          Beyond good and evil 2? If it ever goes out...
            cindypsych wrote 3 days ago:
            Holding my breath...and turning blue.
          throwaway4aday wrote 4 days ago:
          I'm imagining the 1970s but in space, like a Heavy Metal[0] video
   URI    [1]: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_Metal_(magazine)
            selimthegrim wrote 4 days ago:
            Space Station 13?
          artful-hacker wrote 4 days ago:
          X4: Foundations, gets closest to this for me.
          moritonal wrote 4 days ago:
          You're describing the game X4, minus the land combat.
   URI    [1]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/392160/X4_Foundations/
            AdrianB1 wrote 3 days ago:
            I played the X series since X2, I found the latest X3 (TC, AP) more
            enjoyable than Rebirth and even X4. X2 had the landing part (quite
            annoying, in reality), X3 had the fun, later games had better
            graphics but not the same immersion. Unfortunately the universe is
            quite limited, even with 100 sectors, and very static endgame.
          bironran wrote 4 days ago:
          WC: Privateer is a little bit like that, especially if you played the
          WC (wing commander) games first. Moving from a military, "we have
          budget for everything" (ammo, missiles, fixes) to a "oh, should I fix
          my auto pilot or buy an extra missile?" setting feels a little bit
          like that.
          Plenty of low-brow there as well, and basically being forced into the
          plot against your will is very on-point for a "I just want to make a
          buck" character.
            wolframhempel wrote 3 days ago:
            Yeah - Privateer 2, the darkening got me into the whole genre. Five
            CD-ROMS in a multi disc case,  Clive Owen, Mathilda May, Jürgen
            Prochnow, John Hurt, Christopher Walken, Brian Blessed and Amanda
            Pays and Dani Behr playing in the cutscenes. If you could have
            walked around the space stations and planets in3D it would have
            been as close as it gets to this.
          twobitshifter wrote 4 days ago:
          reminds me of battlestar gallactica and landing without clamps
          mbrameld wrote 4 days ago:
          Sounds like Space Quest but with modern game play.
            HellDunkel wrote 3 days ago:
            This is what i want!! Space quest with Botw gameplay!
            huhtenberg wrote 3 days ago:
            Lol... very much so!
          russellendicott wrote 4 days ago:
          Not a video game but there's a board game called Galaxy Trucker that
          ticks a few of these boxes--low brow, space trash, best effort
   URI    [1]: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/31481/galaxy-trucker
          RhodesianHunter wrote 4 days ago:
          In this same vein, I want a modern remake of Escape Velocity with the
          high quality choose-your-own story arcs, but multiplayer. The
          graphics could be absolute garbage and I'd still play it daily.
            moffkalast wrote 3 days ago:
            Fwiw Endless Sky is a pretty good remake of EV, though it's fairly
            linear and single player.
              Chamix wrote 3 days ago:
              Unfortunately development has been paused for over two years now.
              But yes, outside of Arpia + some other total conversions for
              older EVs, this is really the only thing out there that directly
              scratches the EV itch.
              The closest contenders IMO are StarSector, the X series, Free
              Space 2 with extensive modding. Then many games that are similar
              to those 3.
              I have still yet to find a space game holistically more enjoyable
              than EVN though.
                moffkalast wrote 3 days ago:
                Hmm, paused by the main dev? Probably yeah, but community
                continues to develop it if you check the discord group and git
                commits. There's some model/sprite rework and the coalition
                campaign that they were working on the last I checked.
            wsc981 wrote 4 days ago:
            I think Mount & Blade: Warband is a bit like that, but in a
            medieval setting, of course.
          r3ctilinear wrote 4 days ago:
          With a sidekick called... Murty?
          staindk wrote 4 days ago:
          I could see something like this being REALLY cool in VR.
          Elite Dangerous supports VR but everything is too clean. You need
          that layer of dirt and wobbly landings for authenticity.
          (Disclaimer - I've only played all of like 15 minutes of ED in VR)
          post-it wrote 4 days ago:
          This is basically the Star Wars aesthetic, I hope we get a nice
          non-MMO open-world Star Wars game again. We probably will.
          BalinKing wrote 4 days ago:
          Star Citizen itself is my answer... I remember reading an article in
          Popular Science about it [0] when I was a kid, and specifically the
          sentence about "For example, designers modeled each ship’s landing
          gear to retract without interfering with the hydrogen fuel system
          that feeds the nuclear reactor." That sounded like the coolest thing
          So, now that I've gotten eight years older but still haven't seen the
          game release, it makes me kinda sad.
          Relatedly, another PopSci article [1] promised that flying cars would
          be available by ~2015. That never happened either :-(
          [0] I read it in print, but here's the online version: [1] .
   URI    [1]: https://www.popsci.com/article/gadgets/space-game-gets-real/
            coayer wrote 3 days ago:
            Star Citizen was the first thing that came to mind too! I "pledged"
            in 2017 as a teenager and now I'll be graduating college next year.
            Unbelievable how poorly the game's been managed.
            zionic wrote 4 days ago:
            LevelCap has done some great star citizen videos recently, just him
            and some friends playing the game. If you're interested in the
            current state check out his channel:
   URI      [1]: https://youtu.be/ONYFCKdrPLs
            revolvingocelot wrote 4 days ago:
            I, too, wish Star Citizen existed. It currently doesn't, despite
            periodic appearances to the contrary.
          vorpalhex wrote 4 days ago:
          Ostranauts definitely gets the "flying heaps of scrap" and manual
          landings down. Last run my first ship was a converted cargo container
          with no life support.
            astrange wrote 3 days ago:
            Problem with the space heap of scrap aesthetic is that in real life
            space, even aside from all the other problems you need a lot more
            radiation shielding than that to survive outside low Earth orbit.
              moffkalast wrote 3 days ago:
              Not if you know how to cure cancer ;)
          gfaster wrote 4 days ago:
          Try the new Rebel Galaxy game. It does blue collar space game quite
          well, even if it didn't end up being my cup of tea
            xbar wrote 4 days ago:
            Thanks for the referral. The trailer sure looks like something I'd
            be into.
        pa7ch wrote 4 days ago:
        Warcraft 4 developed by NOT blizzard.
        oldstrangers wrote 4 days ago:
        An open-world Anachronox 2.
        What an amazing universe they created for the original one. It was
        ahead of its time and is criminally underappreciated today.
        VonGuard wrote 4 days ago:
        Bird Life Simulator. From scavengers to hummingbirds, and everything in
        between. Would need a killer flight model.
        HaZeust wrote 4 days ago:
        Really wish there was a new installment to the Star Wars Jedi Knight
        TheAceOfHearts wrote 4 days ago:
        An open-source MOBA similar to Heroes of the Storm. I want the
        community to be able to tweak and experiment with creating new maps,
        heroes, and game modes.
        Heroes of the Storm is my favorite game, but development has stagnated.
        There's still a lot of potential for exploring new and innovating ideas
        within the genre, but things have stagnated thanks to the dominance of
        League of Legends and DotA2.
          staindk wrote 4 days ago:
          I don't know how easy it is to develop these, but Dota 2 has a pretty
          big custom game scene that is somewhat supported by Valve (they
          explicitly support it, host a lot of the custom game servers, and
          have the custom game browser built into the client... but they don't
          always address problems timeously).
          SN76477 wrote 4 days ago:
          We need more open source game platforms.
        gigel82 wrote 4 days ago:
        Starcraft 3
        storgendibal wrote 4 days ago:
        A legit Robotech VR game with the original characters.
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