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        chgo1 wrote 3 days ago:
   URI  [1]: https://web.archive.org/web/20220525132442/https://f-droid.org...
        mid-kid wrote 3 days ago:
        This is great! I hope some of this work goes towards building a good
        free android sdk for debian. Last time I checked, the debian sdk was
        stuck on a really old android version, and the android rebuilds project
        relied on prebuilt compilers from google (hello ken thompson attack).
        Speaking of, how do they deal with java dependencies? Last I checked
        gradle there was simply no way to tell it to build things from source,
        instead pulling hundreds of prebuilt java binaries, with native
        libraries and all.
          pabs3 wrote 3 days ago:
          Some of the bits of the Android SDK are slowly getting packaged for
          Debian: [1] Also there is this project for rebuilding the Android SDK
          from source, but I'm not sure if it is active any more: [2] [3] The
          Bootstrappable Builds folks might have something about Android/Java
          bootstrap stuff:
   URI    [1]: https://wiki.debian.org/AndroidTools
   URI    [2]: https://gitlab.com/android-rebuilds
   URI    [3]: https://web.archive.org/web/20200807233126/http://android-re...
   URI    [4]: https://bootstrappable.org/
        Forbo wrote 3 days ago:
        The headline here seems strange. Literally two sentences about Calyx in
        the entire article. Why was the original headline not used?
        Edit: looks like it was changed between my read and my comment.
          folkrav wrote 3 days ago:
          Funny how the URL is
        bitxbitxbitcoin wrote 3 days ago:
        Been pretty happy with my yearly membership (5g hotspot) for vanlife.
        Glad that loot is going to F-Droid.
          thrownblown wrote 3 days ago:
          yeah joined for the perks, been pretty happy with the actual work
          they do as well.
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