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   URI   MicroFLENG – concurrent logic programming for CP/M, C64 and the “uxn” VM
        Avshalom wrote 3 days ago:
        absolutely love his level documentation for such a niche project.
        Also love FGHC on a theoretical level but I've never had anything to
        use it for that Prolog wasn't a better choice from a library
        eterps wrote 3 days ago:
        There are some really clever tricks applied here to include uxn as a
        platform target. Still trying to wrap my head around it (also because I
        am not too familiar yet with uxn itself).
        jstanley wrote 3 days ago:
        Sounds interesting. I think the web page would benefit from some
        examples of what code in this language looks like.
        From scanning the user manual[1] it looks a lot like Prolog, but I
        can't see any complete example programs.
   URI  [1]: http://www.call-with-current-continuation.org/microfleng/MANUA...
          eterps wrote 3 days ago:
          There is a larger example withinin the provided archive, I can't link
          to that, so I put it in a gist over here:
   URI    [1]: https://gist.github.com/eterps/8019b0d78fe3bdf2c412534440289...
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