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   URI   figlet – a program for making large letters out of ordinary text
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        brontosaurusrex wrote 2 days ago:
        I've 'ported' 3x3 and fakoo fonts to figlet/toilet format some time ago
   URI  [1]: https://brontosaurusrex.github.io/2021/05/18/3x3-typeface/
        silax wrote 3 days ago:
        Nice. I've used this for years. I love self-descriptive code so I use a
        `flowerbox` and `flowerpot` bash script daily, with flowerpot being
        just an alias of figlet.
        reportaman wrote 3 days ago:
        text art with functional value: [1] . It's displays your text
        art/figlet, while serving as a nifty clock/timer. No dependencies other
        than having zsh installed on your system, which exists on Mac by
   URI  [1]: https://github.com/reportaman/arttime
        alephnan wrote 3 days ago:
        Has anyone made a JavaScript port?
        Edit: ooh. There's this. But it's 6MB.
   URI  [1]: https://www.npmjs.com/package/figlet
        krnlpnc wrote 3 days ago:
        Ooh, do cowsay next!
        ghgr wrote 3 days ago:
        I love figlet! I use it to generate the ssh banner in every server I
        set up. Not just for the l33t factor ;) but also to quickly confirm
        visually which host I'm connecting to (specially when multi-hopping,
        where you can see the whole chain of hosts). It works not only with
        pure ssh, but also with tools working on top of it (scp, rsync, port
        forwarding... I'm not sure if even sshfs).
          outworlder wrote 3 days ago:
          I like to use cowsay for this - in non-work settings.
          neofetch > motd is also nice. [1] 'c.           
                     .OMMMMo         OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.7
          19H1519 x86_64
                     OMMM0,         Host: MacBookPro13,3
               .;loddo:' loolloddol;.      Kernel: 19.6.0
                 cKMMMMMMMMMMNWMMMMMMMMMM0:    Uptime: 5 days, 19 hours, 2 mins
               .KMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWd.    Packages: 38 (brew), 620
               XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMX.      Shell: zsh 5.7.1
              ;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:         Resolution: 3440x1440
              :MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM:         DE: Aqua
              .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMX.      WM: Quartz Compositor
               kMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWd.    WM Theme: Orange (Light)
               .XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMk   Terminal: iTerm2
                .XMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMK.   Terminal Font:
          Iosevka-Fixed-Slab-Medium 16
              kMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMd     CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ (8) @
               ;KMMMMMMMWXXWMMMMMMMk.      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 530, AMD
          Radeon Pro 450
                 .cooc,.    .,coo:.         Memory: 10974MiB / 16384MiB
   URI    [1]: https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch
            lathiat wrote 3 days ago:
            I always used to use both.
            figlet | cowsay -n
          lgvld wrote 3 days ago:
          Same here! I feel "at home" when I set a more personnal banner. ;-)
          Still I did not know figlet was a thing: I hitherto used the Text to
          ASCII Art Generator (from patorjk.com) to do so. So thank you for
          posting this. Obviously a CLI tool had to exist, but I never thought
          about it.
        sequoia wrote 3 days ago:
        Here’s an intro to toilet (similar tool) I wrote a while back:
   URI  [1]: https://sequoia.makes.software/fun-with-toilet/
        m463 wrote 3 days ago:
        I've use figlet, then later toilet for readable log messages.
           apt-get install toilet 
           toilet --filter border --font future compile starting
        Foomf wrote 3 days ago:
        There are so many web based ascii text generators out there. What sets
        this one apart?
        Edit: looks like all those web based ascii text generators are just
        using figlet under the hood.
          koolba wrote 3 days ago:
          Existing multiple decades ago and being available on just about every
          FOSS operating system.
            Foomf wrote 3 days ago:
            I just realized now that many of the web based ascii text
            generators use figlet under the hood. I wish I could delete my
            comment but I seem to be unable to.
              patorjk wrote 3 days ago:
              I have a popular web based ascii text generator ( [1] ), it uses
              FIGlet driver that I wrote ( [2] ). Many of the other ones out
              there also use their own drivers (I've seen some written in php
              and python). There are also different types of ASCII text fonts
              out there other than FIGlet (ex: my app compiles fonts that were
              made in the AOL days in the Arial font - which is interesting
              because it's a non-monospaced font).
              FIGlet is the most popular spec for these types of fonts though
              (it's an app and a spec). The mailing list hasn't been active in
              a decade, but people used to submit fonts there. It was cool to
              see what people made.
   URI        [1]: https://patorjk.com/software/taag
   URI        [2]: https://github.com/patorjk/figlet.js/
        nine_k wrote 3 days ago:
        Wow, the page has a few ftp:// links. The infrastructure must be really
        dbacar wrote 3 days ago:
        i was using this tool with watch to see some headline metrics :)
        pvg wrote 3 days ago:
        Previous thread from 2020, 61 comments
   URI  [1]: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24926979
          guessmyname wrote 3 days ago:
          People re-post stuff like this all the time → [1] All the previous
          threads (plural) [1] have something interesting. [1]
   URI    [1]: https://xkcd.com/1053/
   URI    [2]: https://hn.algolia.com/?q=figlet
            pvg wrote 2 days ago:
            All the previous threads (plural) [1] have something interesting.
            That's the point of the previouslies-type comments
        kalleboo wrote 3 days ago:
        figlet, cowsay and tractorgen are the essentials on any UNIX machine
        benjaminwootton wrote 3 days ago:
        Frequently use figlet in shell scripts to demarcate sections.  Very
        handy tool!
        muppetman wrote 3 days ago:
        Similar to this, many years ago on HN there was a website shared that
        would convert an image into HTML. I used it to generate the 404 image
        on my personal website: [1] - Warning often causes older/slower
        browsers to really choke!
        If anyone remembers what that URL was, I'd love you to share it.  No
        amount of googling recently has been able to find it, I expect it's
        probably lost to the sands of time.  I've tried a few others I found on
        google but none produce anything like that quality.
   URI  [1]: https://micro.muppetz.com/404
          nigrioid wrote 3 days ago:
          I remember coming across this one a long time ago. Could this be it?
   URI    [1]: https://neil.fraser.name/software/img2html/
            nigrioid wrote 3 days ago:
            Sadly, it appears it doesn't work anymore. I remember it having
            very good quality.
          walrus01 wrote 3 days ago:
          Ffmpeg can work with aalib
          jdfellow wrote 3 days ago:
          libcaca [0] command img2txt can output html
   URI    [1]: http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/libcaca
            pmoriarty wrote 3 days ago:
            Though I've never tried it, I believe it can also be used by mpv to
            play videos in ascii.
              muppetman wrote 3 days ago:
              I remember back in the day watching videos using mplayer with its
              ascii output.  That was always a riot!
          tomjakubowski wrote 3 days ago:
          If you have some interest in image processing, and know a little bit
          of HTML, a program like that would be a great learning project!
            muppetman wrote 3 days ago:
            Sadly the only programming "language" I know is ircII and that's
            not exactly in demand :)
          CameronNemo wrote 3 days ago:
          Is there a point to converting an image to HTML? I can use various
          programs to convert an image to SVG.
            muppetman wrote 3 days ago:
            Purely for fun - I'd like to make some more 404 pages like the one
            I linked to, and other various bits.  I really like rendering
            images using text and the webapp I used did such a great job (IMHO)
            I don't think it has any practical purpose.
            kzrdude wrote 3 days ago:
            I think it's for fun
        Jaruzel wrote 3 days ago:
        # figlet $HOSTNAME > /etc/motd
        On every box I own.
          salzig wrote 3 days ago:
          + #-CPU-Core + RAM Size. That's me. :)
            merlincorey wrote 3 days ago:
            I gotta agree with someone named outworlder above -- you probably
            should look into `neofetch` as its output might please you.
        vogt wrote 3 days ago:
        I made use of a “for fun” type React module called
        react-rainbow-ascii (paraphrasing) that had figlet integration that
        worked really nicely just yesterday. If the author stumbles upon this
        comment, just know I appreciate the ability to leverage all of the
        figlet fonts!
        riidom wrote 3 days ago:
        I like to use the VSCode extension for this, ASCIIDecorator. It's good
        for having readable text in the Minimap.
          russellendicott wrote 3 days ago:
          > It's good for having readable text in the Minimap.
          Nice. Good idea.
        milen wrote 3 days ago:
        If you have a Mac, Monodraw [1] includes figlet - just select a Font
        from the rect/text tool. It also supports custom/additional figlet
   URI  [1]: https://monodraw.helftone.com
        adamrezich wrote 3 days ago:
        anyone remember the web version at good ol'
        flamingtext.com/tools/figlet? rip
          carapace wrote 3 days ago:
          I use [1] It has a "Test All" button that's fun.
   URI    [1]: http://www.patorjk.com/software/taag/
        cubes wrote 3 days ago:
        Love Figlet, we used to use it frequently on the shared unix machine
        where members  of the Berkeley Computer Science Undergraduate
        Association (CSUA) would hang out:
   URI  [1]: https://www.csua.berkeley.edu/
          pvg wrote 3 days ago:
          It makes more sense if you mention that on soda, /etc/motd was used
          as a threaded forum and wall as realtime chat.
            rahimiali wrote 3 days ago:
            Also to mention soda’s kernel was patched to kprint() a rootcow
            at boot, before even the network driver was loaded. Dedication to
            cubes wrote 3 days ago:
            True. Is soda still a thing? IIRC, soda also allowed non-root users
            to use the wall utility?
              pvg wrote 3 days ago:
              I don't think it's been a thing for years and if you ask me, it
              stopped being a thing when the old Sequent Symmetry went. Not
              only non-root users could wall, remote users could wall. A
              smaller, sillier internet.
                cubes wrote 3 days ago:
                I respectfully disagree. There was a vibrant community on soda
                well into the early aughts, even if it was running FreeBSD on
                x86 vs. some older more esoteric hardware architecture.
                It's good to see that the CSUA encyclopedia still exists
                somewhere, even if it's not hosted on soda anymore: [1] I had
                the good fortune to meet and work with the primary author at a
                small games company called Skotos Tech during my later
                undergraduate years.
   URI          [1]: https://www.erzo.org/shannon/writing/csua/encyclopedia...
                  pvg wrote 3 days ago:
                  I mean, I'm not being entirely serious but it was kind of the
                  beginning of the end as shell accounts became increasingly
                  pointless. Although maybe my mental timeline is a bit off, I
                  remember a lottery scheduler getting implemented on the
                  FreeBSD soda and those writeups seem to be from the late 90s
                  not early 00s as I thought.
                  The t-shirts used to be a good way to run into strangers IRL
                  who would inform you that they too partied with Nick Weaver.
                    cubes wrote 3 days ago:
                    Yes, I partied with Nick Weaver. The lottery scheduler was
                    implemented in the late 90’s, but soda’s kernel ran
                    with the lottery schedule well into the aughts.
                    I agree that shell accounts weren’t as important by the
                    aughts, but the culture was still going strong in the early
              schoen wrote 3 days ago:
              Patched to say "Boredcast message", as I recall!
                cubes wrote 3 days ago:
                Yes, that is correct.
        mdtrooper wrote 3 days ago:
        Two useful links:
        - [1] : a figlet with vitamints
        - [2] : more fonts for figlet and toilet.
   URI  [1]: http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/toilet
   URI  [2]: https://github.com/xero/figlet-fonts
          syoc wrote 3 days ago:
          > TOIlet is in its very early development phase.
          Hrrmm, seems like last release was more than 10 years ago.
            merlincorey wrote 3 days ago:
            The `--filter=` values are pretty telling on that one.
              Noumenon72 wrote 3 days ago:
              I tried to Ctrl+F for these, but they're actually in the
          schroeding wrote 3 days ago:
          > [1] Amazing logos / mascots. I love the whole site :D
   URI    [1]: http://caca.zoy.org/wiki/toilet
        PaulHoule wrote 3 days ago:
        Figlet is so much fun.
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