LineageOS on Motorola Z2 Force
       Whenever there is a major LineageOS Update, chances are that I forgot
       the flashing process. So here are the notes.
       Disclaimer: Due to the missing tools to flash from OpenBSD, I use my
       work computer, which runs windows.
       Required Downloads:
       * Android Platform Tools (contains adb and fastboot)
       * Motorola Smart Assistant (contains USB drivers for fastboot)
       - Install motorola smart assistant
       - Extract  platform-tools  make  sure  you're  in  the  platform  tools
         directory or that they are in your $PATH.
       Update steps:
       - > Boot into bootloader (power+down)
       - $ fastboot flash boot_a <lineageos_recovery>.img
       - $ fastboot flash boot_b <lineageos_recovery>.img
       - > Boot into bootloader (power+down) -> Boot Recovery
       - > Factory Reset -> Wipe data / factory reset + Wipe System
       - > Apply update -> adb sideload
       - $ adb sideload <lineageos>.zip
       - $ adb sideload <addons>.zip
       - > Reboot
       $ == commandline activity
       > == phone activity
       * "adb devices" works without USB drivers
       * "fastboot devices" shows nothing if USB drivers are not installed
       * This phone has two boot areas and therefore "fastboot flash boot" will
         fail. The areas "boot_a" and "boot_b" must be used instead. If "boot_a"
         and "boot_b" are flashed differently, booting will fail.
       # Changelog:
       # * 2019-10-17: Created
       # * 2019-10-17: Added activity indicator and "Prepare"
       # * 2019-10-17: Clarify boot_a, boot_b situation