Linux Presentation Day 2021 (DE)
       This year, I decided to take part in the linux presentation day (LPD).
       While I'm not really a Linux person (anymore), I think supporting people
       to switch to OpenSource software is a valuable thing.
       The event is supposed to be a European wide, but it looks like it's 
       mostly a German event. I recorded 3 Talks for it (in German).
       The Linux Presentation Day is on the 15th of May 2021, but the Videos
       will be online starting from the 7th.
   URI LPD-Online 2021 Fahrplan
       Once online, I'll add the videos to our Unix User Group Wiki as well.
   URI * Terminals verwalten mit TMUX
   URI * Shell Survival Guide I
   URI * Shell Survival Guide II
       I definitely have enough material for two more Shell Survival Guides,
       but I was not able to record them in time. Maybe I'll add them at a
       later point to our Unix User Group Wiki.
   URI Feel free to meet us at our Introduction Live Channel (DE) @ 15th of May
       # Changelog:
       # * 2021-05-05: Created
       # * 2021-05-05: Fixed URL