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   DIR  * State and local leaders are worried the current rate of infections has primed conditions for another surge, with or without new variants
   DIR  * The latest on the Omicron variant
   DIR  * Analysis: One thing Biden will not do to fight the Omicron variant
   DIR  * How Omicron got its name
   DIR  * Fauci says he doesn't expect more travel restrictions even if Omicron variant proves more contagious and deadly
   DIR  * Opinion: How to fight Covid-19 while scientists wait for answers on Omicron
   DIR  * Stocks and oil prices fall as Moderna CEO says vaccines will struggle with Omicron
   DIR  * Analysis: The new Republican conspiracy theory about the Omicron variant
   DIR  * Southern African nations join European favorites on CDC's list for 'very high' travel risk
   DIR  * Americans face at least 2 weeks of uncertainty as scientists work to answer 3 key questions about the new Omicron variant
   DIR  * All vaccinated adults should get a booster shot because of the Omicron variant, CDC says
   DIR  * Pentagon denies Oklahoma governor's request and insists National Guard members must be vaccinated
   DIR  * Analysis: Omicron news coverage is in overdrive, but there's still so much we don't know
   DIR  * World's first living robots can now reproduce, scientists say
   DIR  * USC issues apology after 'offensive chant' during football game
   DIR  * The 'backdoor Roth IRA' may be ending
   DIR  * Here's how your gas could hit $5 a gallon
   DIR  * Omicron poses 3 major threats to the US economy, says Jerome Powell
   DIR  * Sleeping in cars and teaching on Zoom: These travelers are stranded over restrictions tied to the Omicron variant
   DIR  * Biden meets with retailers and grocers to discuss supply chain as holiday season begins
   DIR  * Golf legend says his days of being a full-time golfer are over after months of grueling rehab
   DIR  * Americans deserve 'unvarnished' look at 'tumultuous' Trump administration, former defense secretary says
   DIR  * Atlantic hurricane season ends up as more costly than the record-breaking one in 2020
   DIR  * NASA astronauts prepare for spacewalk just weeks after Russian satellite strike created debris field
   DIR  * 1 in 100,000: The story of a fentanyl victim
   DIR  * Miss Kentucky Elle Smith takes the Miss USA crown
   DIR  * Billy Porter makes a dramatic red carpet entrance at The Fashion Awards 2021
   DIR  * Tony Bennett, 95, leaves his heart onstage in a moving final concert with Lady Gaga
   DIR  * It's a beacon of hope and it's a politicized issue. Merriam Webster's 2021 word of the year is ...
   DIR  * Elliot Page posts impressive six pack on Instagram
   DIR  * Death row inmate who survived a botched execution attempt dies of cancer
   DIR  * CNN to conduct 'thorough review' of documents showing Chris Cuomo's intimate role advising brother Andrew Cuomo
   DIR  * North Korean defector recaptured in China after more than 40 days on the run
   DIR  * First lady Jill Biden unveils her first White House holiday decorations
   DIR  * Boebert and Omar have contentious call amid backlash for anti-Muslim remarks
   DIR  * Analysis: Democrats' fight to keep control of the House just got harder
   DIR  * Biden offers words of encouragement to young girl with stutter
   DIR  * Defense secretary orders review of US airstrike that killed civilians in Syria in 2019
   DIR  * Expectant mothers with sexually transmitted infections are more likely to give birth prematurely, study finds
   DIR  * It hasn't been a lake for a century. An atmospheric river just made it one again
   DIR  * How long can Mitch McConnell ignore Donald Trump?
   DIR  * 'Patriots 45 MAGA Gang' planned violence on January 6, prosecutors say
   DIR  * Former DOJ official could be second person to face contempt charges for defying January 6 committee
   DIR  * 'Jesus Christ Superstar' actor, an accused Capitol rioter, claimed 'divine' authority in court hearing
   DIR  * DOJ moves to limit Bannon media circus over January 6 investigation
   DIR  * US intelligence community 'struggled' to brief Trump, CIA study says
   DIR  * Lululemon claims Peloton is a 'copycat'
   DIR  * Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly is leaving for LSU, according to reports
   DIR  * Elizabeth Holmes testifies she was abused by former Theranos COO
   DIR  * Prosecution links Ghislaine Maxwell to Jeffrey Epstein, while defense says she is being blamed for his actions
   DIR  * Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? Socialite and ex-girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein goes on trial
   DIR  * Trial of Jussie Smollett, accused of lying to police about an alleged hate crime, opens with jury selection
   DIR  * Prosecutors ask US Supreme Court to review Bill Cosby's overturned sexual assault conviction
   DIR  * Lee Elder, the first Black golfer to play at the Masters, dies at 87
   DIR  * Designer Virgil Abloh remembered at The Fashion Awards 2021
   DIR  * Carrie Meek, trailblazing Black former congresswoman, dies at 95
   DIR  * 110 years later, a book has finally been returned to Boise library
   DIR  * Tropical cyclones in Asia could have double the destructive power by the end of century, study finds
   DIR  * This could be the future of first class airplane travel
   DIR  * Travel restrictions by country following the Omicron variant outbreak
   DIR  * Thai monkey festival returns as tourists finally come back to the country
   DIR  * The 'betrayal' that could kill Britain's railway romance
   DIR  * Qatar 2022: Amid ongoing human rights concerns, World Cup chief promises host nation is 'tolerant' and 'welcoming'
   DIR  * China is mining much more coal again and that's boosting its factories
   DIR  * Pentagon to build up US bases in Guam and Australia to meet China challenge
   DIR  * Taiwan scrambles fighters to see off Chinese warplanes as Xi meets top brass
   DIR  * Fans noticed a Simpsons episode is missing from Disney+ in Hong Kong
   DIR  * Why wiping out Hong Kong's opposition may have cost China a whole generation in Taiwan
   DIR  * Opinion: Where Xi's China is heading
   DIR  * Woman wins lottery for third time in 3 years
   DIR  * Opinion: Deer are consuming the world's largest organism, killing off its opportunity for growth
   DIR  * Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for nearly 50 years. Will that matter?
   DIR  * Dayton mass shooter acted alone in 2019 attack and was fueled by an 'enduring fascination with mass violence,' FBI says
   DIR  * The trial of Ahmaud Arbery's killing may not have happened without this reporter
   DIR  * A man was killed by a stray bullet while eating Thanksgiving dinner with family, authorities say
   DIR  * How to build a habit in 5 steps, according to science
   DIR  * Why you can't find rapid at-home Covid tests in America
   DIR  * Jack Dorsey is stepping down as CEO of Twitter
   DIR  * Australian lender to likely pay $81 million for allegedly charging dead people, among other breaches
   DIR  * Here's how much the gifts from '12 Days of Christmas' would cost today
   DIR  * Casino stocks are looking like a big gamble
   DIR  * Get started on 'Giving Tuesday' with five high-impact charities you've probably never heard of
   DIR  * Sexual harassment rife inside Australian parliament, report finds
   DIR  * Nairobi's new chapter: These women are restoring and reclaiming Kenya's dilapidated, colonial-era libraries
   DIR  * For the second time, New Zealand politician cycles to give birth
   DIR  * Canada is tapping into its maple syrup reserves
   DIR  * Covid-struck Czech President appoints new Prime Minister from inside a glass box
   DIR  * Lionel Messi wins seventh Ballon d'Or, while Alexia Putellas wins her first women's title
   DIR  * Pub-goers snowed in for three days at UK's highest inn
   DIR  * A small-town mom wanted to help her community. And then the community took aim at her child
   DIR  * Family of UNLV student who died after a charity boxing match said his death 'could have been avoided'
   DIR  * Americans own the most guns in the world. But who stacks up next?
   DIR  * A stowaway was found in the landing gear of a plane at the Miami airport, authorities say
   DIR  * Jurors send a powerful message
   DIR  * I reported on Ahmaud Arbery's death last year. I finally exhaled last week.
   DIR  * Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are locked in a post-Brexit duel
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