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   DIR  * Once highly professional mercenaries, the notorious Wagner group is buckling in Ukraine as Russia's war falters
   DIR  * Biden offers stark 'Armageddon' warning on the dangers of Putin's nuclear threats
   DIR  * Two Russians detained in Alaska were seeking asylum to avoid draft
   DIR  * Russia unleashes pre-dawn strikes on town, the first of which hit high-rise residential buildings as people slept, officials say
   DIR  * US believes elements within Ukraine's government authorized assassination near Moscow, sources say
   DIR  * Opinion: Putin's dream is headed towards an inglorious end
   DIR  * At least 2 dead, 6 others wounded in series of stabbings in front of Las Vegas casino, police say
   DIR  * Suspect in deaths of California family spent almost a decade in prison
   DIR  * Justice Department insists to Trump's attorneys that he return all documents marked classified
   DIR  * Analysis: Trump's latest delay tactic over Mar-a-Lago documents may not work for him at the Supreme Court
   DIR  * Trump goes to Supreme Court over Mar-a-Lago search and seizure of documents
   DIR  * Court filing reveals more details about what FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago
   DIR  * Biden's marijuana move could change lives -- and impact the midterms
   DIR  * Biden pardons federal offenses of simple marijuana possession
   DIR  * Biden administration fears North Korea building up to a new nuclear test, but hampered by lack of intelligence
   DIR  * Biden administration working to crack down on scams ahead of student loan forgiveness application process
   DIR  * Analysis: This is the bar Joe Biden will have to clear in 2024
   DIR  * Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse to resign his Senate seat to become University of Florida president, source tells CNN
   DIR  * What CNN polls reveal about key races for Senate control
   DIR  * US kills ISIS weapons smuggler in Syria
   DIR  * Opinion: The GOP should never have bet on Herschel Walker
   DIR  * Analysis: Newt Gingrich stepped in to defend Herschel Walker. It didn't go well.
   DIR  * First Proud Boys member pleads guilty to seditious conspiracy
   DIR  * Fulton County prosecutor investigating Trump aims for indictments as soon as December
   DIR  * Judge says Oath Keepers jury won't see 'death list'
   DIR  * Oath Keepers leader was in touch with US Secret Service in late 2020, former Oath Keeper testifies
   DIR  * January 6 committee announces October 13 public hearing
   DIR  * Federal prosecutors weighing charges on two fronts in Hunter Biden investigation
   DIR  * Sara Lee, former WWE wrestler and 'Tough Enough' winner, dead at 30
   DIR  * A man's last social media post read 'OK,,WE'RE TERRIFIED !' He is one of the victims of Hurricane Ian
   DIR  * Analysis: Ron DeSantis said the media wanted Hurricane Ian to hit Tampa. What?
   DIR  * Trial of Lori Vallow, who is accused of killing her 2 children, is delayed for new competency examination
   DIR  * Texas has executed John Ramirez. His pastor was with him when he died
   DIR  * A professor was shot dead on University of Arizona's main Tucson campus. A suspect is in custody, authorities say
   DIR  * Federal judge temporarily blocks parts of New York gun law
   DIR  * American tourist smashes two sculptures in the Vatican
   DIR  * This Italian region will pay you to visit
   DIR  * 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' teaser trailer shows first look at Chris Pratt as Mario
   DIR  * Justin Bieber's Justice World Tour has 'ended' until at least March 2023
   DIR  * Anna Sorokin, the real-life 'Inventing Anna,' may get out of jail soon
   DIR  * Hilary Swank is pregnant and expecting twins
   DIR  * In a first, Netflix's 'Knives Out' sequel will play in theaters for a week
   DIR  * Niecy Nash's wife has the wrong name tattooed on her neck after a misunderstanding
   DIR  * Michigan State Police 'actively negotiating' with suspected gunman at Hampton Inn in Dearborn
   DIR  * Uvalde school district fires officer after CNN identified her as trooper being investigated for her response to massacre
   DIR  * Why the White House warned OPEC cutting oil production could be taken as a 'hostile act'
   DIR  * GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley calls for OPEC collusion crackdown after production cut
   DIR  * Analysis: Rising gas prices is the October surprise Americans can't afford
   DIR  * Opinion: I'm not the only German office worker wearing a scarf inside
   DIR  * Dozens of children among at least 36 people killed in child care center massacre in Thailand
   DIR  * The pie that sparks lawsuits and more of America's best desserts
   DIR  * Indianapolis Colts RB Nyheim Hines stumbles after big hit in game against the Denver Broncos, undergoes concussion protocol
   DIR  * What petting a dog can do for your brain
   DIR  * When you eat may dictate how hungry you are, study says
   DIR  * More than 2.5 million US middle and high school students say they currently use e-cigarettes, research finds
   DIR  * Kevin Spacey's attorney takes aim at actor Anthony Rapp in trial opening statements
   DIR  * Annie Ernaux wins Nobel Prize in literature for her 'uncompromising' work on family, class and gender
   DIR  * Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers says it's 'more likely than not' US will enter recession
   DIR  * Big companies keep leaving Chicago. What's going on?
   DIR  * Ford raises price on the electric F-150 again
   DIR  * Why the new Dunkin' rewards program has sparked a backlash
   DIR  * Chess grandmaster Hans Niemann 'not going to back down' amid cheating allegations
   DIR  * UN rights council rejects debate on China's abuses in Xinjiang
   DIR  * A young woman's death in Iran has sparked an uprising. News organizations are grappling with how to cover it
   DIR  * Scenes previously believed to be unthinkable are playing out in Iran amid nationwide protest
   DIR  * Opinion: From Iran to Ukraine, David is staring down Goliath
   DIR  * Barnard College will offer abortion pills starting next fall
   DIR  * 'Larger than life': Unearthed Hercules statue is nearly 2,000 years old
   DIR  * Liberal SCOTUS justices attempt to dismantle the narrative of a colorblind US from conservatives who dominate the bench
   DIR  * Hear Ye! No See Ye! Why the Supreme Court is so afraid of cameras
   DIR  * Opinion: The Onion is right about the future of democracy
   DIR  * Analysis: Supreme Court case on Alabama's voting maps is a 'pivotal moment in history'
   DIR  * Here are the cases the Supreme Court will look at this term
   DIR  * Juno mission spies feature looking like a musical note on Europa's icy surface
   DIR  * Dozens of CIA officers accuse intel agency of soft-pedaling its 'Havana Syndrome' investigation
   DIR  * SpaceX capsule to dock with space station carrying international astronauts — and 1 cosmonaut
   DIR  * California offers to cut 130 billion gallons a year to save Colorado River; expert says it's not enough
   DIR  * More than 400 people won the lotto in the Philippines. Some people just can't believe it
   DIR  * The family of Hae Min Lee requests Maryland court to halt legal proceedings in Adnan Syed's case
   DIR  * NFL, players union aim to release new concussion protocols before Thursday's game, source says
   DIR  * Soccer star Megan Rapinoe urges accountability after investigation finds systemic abuse and misconduct in women's game
   DIR  * Federal appeals court rules 2012 DACA memo unlawful and sends case back to consider Biden administration version
   DIR  * Bolsonaro speeds up payments to the poor as election looms
   DIR  * Airline passengers arriving to the US from Uganda will be routed through five airports for Ebola screening
   DIR  * UK PM Truss's leadership campaign partly funded by donors who stood to benefit from tax cuts
   DIR  * Some Chinese cities break October heat records as others shiver
   DIR  * Sydney smashes rainfall record as Australia braces for more floods
   DIR  * Cholera returns to Haiti as nation lurches from one crisis to the next
   DIR  * Hong Kong offers 500,000 free air tickets to tempt tourists back
   DIR  * Northern Hemisphere's extreme summer drought was made 20 times more likely by climate change
   DIR  * Asia Pacific set to lose title as the world's largest travel region
   DIR  * This fired chemistry professor's example shows what's wrong with academia
   DIR  * Where the hurricane risk is growing
   DIR  * It's time to close Guantanamo
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